1. avatar kennedyrass
    My first post!
    anyone else on ntl in the belfast area finding it impossible to access their inbox? i cant get in for love nor intercourse, and theres tonnes of mail piling up. anyone know what the crack is? do i phone ntl or is there something simpler i can do to fix it meself? if anyone knows anything about computers, some help would be much appreciated.

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  2. avatar garfonline
    My first post!
    im guessing your on about hotmail not working on ntl since last tuesday... its a total @#%$, i rang ntl last week and apparently theyr oblivious to it.

    Until its sorted, id recommend you get yourself a copy of outlook xp form somewhere, as it has a hotmail option, and im able to access my mail fine using this. (older verions might work, i dont have them to check)
  3. avatar Eamonn BASIC
    Yeah, Outlook has solved this for me too, on XP and ME. But it's still a ballbeg.
  4. avatar fastfude
    both my hotmail and ntl inboxes are working fine?

    I did have grief with NTL's mail for about a fortnight, and when I phoned up the call centre chap told they were essentially oversubscribed and the mail servers were struggling under the weight. Apparently the backlog of undownloaded mail was to blame, so they were cutting the max holding period in half...
  5. avatar albert einstyle
    anything after outlook express has got hotmail support incase anyone finds that useful.
  6. avatar Pete
    I can get my hotmail via the web interface but NOT via outlook express...

    I'm also having difficulty with Ebay, as are several other people I know with NTL Broadband.

    I've had difficulty editing posts on here as well.

    It all works 100% fine from my connection in work (QUB)
  7. avatar Terri the Temp
    My first post!
    Aye, I haven't been able to log on to ebay since the same time the hotmail problems started. Wick.
  8. avatar Eamonn BASIC
    Those buttplugs won't sell themselves.
  9. avatar Terri the Temp
    I buy mine [url="http://www.divine-interventions.com/baby.html"]elsewhere[/url].
  10. avatar Pete
    Oh good lord.... literally!!
  11. avatar Rodantherockband
    I've been having similar problems with NTL for about a month now. Loads of sites seem to be affected including ebay and yahoo mail. There also seems to be a big problem with web caching.

    This is their current response :

    [quote]Thankyou for bringing this to our attention, there maybe a server
    outage causing this fault but we will look into this further,[/quote]

    Let's all keep on at them until they fix whatever's wrong - help@ntlworld.com. FIGHT THE POWER.
  12. avatar exportsimsie
    ayeits working on an off for me
  13. avatar polyblast
    hey i can t acess my inbox either,can anyone help? :
  14. avatar Pete
    [quote]can anyone help?[/quote]

    Not NTL anyway, I just phoned them and they suggested I reboot my computer!!

    Its abysmal service like this that makes me wish we could have stayed with an ADSL provider...
  15. avatar Bentsonic
    My first post!
    Ok i had this problem - you have to do this to fix the problem.

    The reason you cant access your mail accounts is becasue ntl changed the LAN address which is used with your 8080 port.

    To fix this problem and stop it from happening again follow these steps. (Only for Belfast users)

    1. Open Internet explorer
    2. Go to tools
    3. Select internet options
    4. Sellect Connections
    5. Select LAN settings
    6. tick the proxy service box and make sure the automatic service boxes arent ticked.
    7. enter this address in the proxy server address box

    8. type 8080 in the port box

    9. problem fixed now surf the net and check your mail.

    If only life was as easy as that to fix,........ Edited by: Bentsonic at: 18/7/03 3:50 pm
  16. avatar garfonline
    ..well this just sorted my problem anyway, and according to the folks at ntl should sort out everyone elses issues.

    After hassling them for long enough, and pretending i knew what i was talking about, it turns out that ntl have a caching problem in northern ireland, and this is affecting sites such as msn, ebay, real, and for some people yahoo.

    The solution is to by-pass their local exchange/server/whatever by altering your lan settings.

    Go to your internet options window, and click on the connections tab... then at the bottom of that screen click on lan settings.

    At the bottom of that window... put a tick in "use a proxy setting for your lan"

    In the address box... type in

    In the port box... type in 8080

    hit ok a few times, and it should work. MY hotmail is now working fine anyway.

    Bloke on the phone stressed this is only a temp cure, and of course ntl will be offering their usual wonderful service soon, and if what i typed above dont work, give them a call. (good luck with that though)
  17. avatar garfonline
    i knew i shouldnt have went for a piss while typing all that in...
  18. avatar Bentsonic
    Follow my step - its a complete fix not temp. With my method you actually increase the speed of access to your web mail accounts. What you were suggesting is logging onto an ip address of a single server. NTL have dynamic servers which means the ip address vary every day.
    Use this following address in your LAN - Proxy address for port 8080, you willbe able to access your mail always.

    This address lets you access multiple servers if one is busy or sluggish.

    inktomi2-cdf.server.ntl.com Edited by: Bentsonic at: 18/7/03 4:01 pm
  19. avatar Pete
    see, why couldn't they have told me that rather than saying they'll "look into it" ... grrrrr!

    Suppose this means I'll keep having to change my internet settings everytime I move my laptop from here to the office though... Edited by: morphsville at: 18/7/03 4:27 pm
  20. avatar Bentsonic
    Anyhooo I hope that helps you's all out, if anyone has any further problems please dont hesitate to contact someone who cares

    NTL provide a very good internet service, I have never had any problem with them. At least they dont F**k you over like BT. BT are abismal, cost too much and charge you for calls they told you were free or at cheap rate. I would rather chew my arms off and feed them to my dog than go back to BT or give them a penny. BT got what the deserved.
    They over charged people for years and people left them. You would have to be lacking basic inteligence to go back to them. As for their internet package on super conducted standard phone lines, it would be quicker to send a mail by pigeon post than use freeserve. BT were earning millions a second yet they gave it to all their fat-cats than reinvest in the infrastructure or upgrade their phonelines to digital cable. Their so called broadband package is nothing better than a supped up ISDN and slower than a retard tryin to say the alphabet.

    rant over.........
    Edited by: Bentsonic at: 18/7/03 4:39 pm
  21. avatar Pete
    I had an ADSL connection through Pipex and didn't have a single bit of trouble. Download times were great and upload times were twice as fast as NTL.

    But the landlord at our new place insists we use NTL for some reason. The actual product is great, its just knowing that there will be occassions when I have to beat my head of a brick wall whilst trying to talk to one of their nice customer service agents...
  22. avatar Floorswine
    Ntl are a load of welts.
  23. avatar kennedyrass
    excellent! cheers to bentsonic, i was actually about to put my foot through the monitor.
    i knew one of you fastfude computer geeks would know the score

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  24. avatar polyblast
    hey bentsonic,give us a bell i still cant get the forker to work!!
    i need yer help!! :x

  25. avatar polyblast
    i got the short term address to work, but your address is still giving me problems,what am i doing wrong? :x
  26. avatar Bentsonic
    The address i posted is for a dynamic server which I have heard only works for belfast users. However, you might wanna fart about with the server number if your placed outside belfast - i.e. whereas it says 2 in the address, try replacing it with a 3 or 4 or so on. Also this proxy server does not strictly work for dial up connections.
  27. avatar Terri the Temp
    Wickness cured. Thanks Bentsonic, you're a wee star.
  28. avatar Bentsonic
    no probs - glad i could help
  29. avatar Niall Harden
    thank you so so so so so so much.

    you have made my day.

    what a useful thread
  30. avatar muttlee
    this really is a most helpful trick.
    problems solved.
  31. avatar KillerAli
    My first post!
    mine's a dial up connection...in lisburn...will that ting still work or am i up @#%$ creek without a paddle?!
  32. avatar Bentsonic
    I hope you can swim!!!!

    I am almost sure it will not work for a dial up. However, if your having serious trouble, theres no harm in trying to go through a proxy server.

  33. avatar polyblast
    bentsonic,you are a star!! ;)

  34. avatar Bentsonic
    I did not realize that the problem was so widespread. If i had have known that, I would have posted the fix ages ago. I thought It was just my connection since I am constantly messing about with this PC and tryin to squeez more bandwith outta my connection.....

    Anyways everyone on NTL should bookmark this site as its very helpful with your internet settings.


    Polyblast did u get the mail i sent ya on how to get into your mail? Exactly it was a stupid thing, cart before the horse and all..........

    "Hes not the messiah, hes a very naughty boy"

    cheers all the same Edited by: Bentsonic at: 20/7/03 5:15 pm
  35. avatar fastfude
    is it me or is this worse today? even with the fix, I'm having grief accessing loads of stuff...
  36. avatar feline1
    Basically y'all,
    NTL's proxy servers / cache-ing are BALLEX.

    I recently had the same problem in Brighton.

    After ringing up for about an HOUR and speaking to muppets
    who just told me crap like "try rebooting your set top box"
    and "try being sick into a bin" and suchlike,
    I finally got through to a prapper engineer who went
    "oh! hmmm yes your local proxy *is* knackered, innit?
    well here, use this one in Cardiff in the meantime" and gave
    me an IP address.

    This is no long term solution though -
    the whole point is ewe should be able to just check the
    "automatically detect settings" bax in Internet Explorer,
    and it'll route ewe through the correct proxy wot NTL tells it -
    if ewe type in ad hoc IPs, it'll just screw up in a few weeks when
    their config gets changed.

    NTL = spastics
  37. avatar feline1
    PS - their USENET news server is utter ballex also