1. avatar whosbainejakey
    Anyone else as excited as me- and not just for Therapy? Remember the last time Yakuza played the Mandela was pure genius, and Somedaysbetter are the most intense live show in town. Mr Cairns and co have their work cut out for them!

    If you haven't got a ticket yet, what the fúck are you waiting for?!


    "You want danger huh? I'll show you what danger is baby!"
  2. avatar Captain Anomie
    I'll see ye's at 8.30. no party in liams tonight.
  3. avatar T Entertainment

    That will be all

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  4. avatar k1ngm0b
    My first post!
    Virgin are still seeling tickets at £13

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  5. avatar Cheeses Christ
    I'm excited. But I don't know if I count or not.

    Yeah, there should be some tickets floating about there (Virgin and Backbeat should still have a couple).

    Dunno about availability at the door yet, I'll post once I find out. Edited by: Cheeses Christ at: 6/6/03 12:07 pm
  6. avatar Captain Anomie
    [quote]I'm excited. But I don't know if I count or not.[/quote]

    ...hmmm.. (x3)

  7. avatar Captain Anomie
    anyways I'm off, see ya's....

  8. avatar rudedoodle
    I'm ready.
    I have my outfit ready.
    I have my camera ready.
    I'm stressed though - I get that about seeing bands I really, really love. I worry something will go wrong and I won't get to see them.
  9. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    My first post!
    There is a pre-gig party going on in Lavery'd back bar from 5pm. All the people who have travelled from places like Glasgow, Chester, Yorkshire, Nottingham are going to be there so it should rock.

    There is also an after-party in a secret location, ask around on the night and I'm sure you'll get wind of it.
  10. avatar rudedoodle
    I've made other plans, cheaper, carry-out style plans

    After party sounds good.

    Jonny, I've no money in my phone to text you later, so this is a reminder - CLAIRE NEEDS PHOTO PASS OR CLAIRE WILL DIE.
  11. avatar s00z
    after party?
    only after party will be in belfast city hospital A&E department at 5am. kill me.
    claire is ur photo pass to actually take pictures.. or just perv?
  12. avatar rudedoodle
  13. avatar s00z
    oh god.. your going to make them kiss each other arnt you!
  14. avatar mikey fusz
    is the liquor gonna be a cheap as usual?
  15. avatar Blind Eye View
    Cheeses, do you know if there's any tickets available on the door at all ???
  16. avatar rudedoodle
    S00z... I hadn't thought of that.
    Yes. Yes I will.
  17. avatar s00z
    if u get mike to kiss a boy.. i will pay u money for the foto.. just so i can show his mummy next time i see her in the co-op.
  18. avatar whosbainejakey
    I'm nearly 83% sure there will be tickets on the door. Only Mr Tiernan knows for sure though!


    edit - actually, never mind the bloody gig, I just can't wait to see the magazine in the flesh, as it were...
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  19. avatar rudedoodle
    I know. Me too.
    Magazine - excited
    Seeing Therapy? - excited
    Taking photos of Therapy? - excited
    Possible meeting with Therapy? - excited

    I had to take sleeping pills last night, it was like Christmas eve when I was 5.
  20. avatar Andrew
    I last saw Therapy? in the Mandela Hall in 1992 - that's [i]eleven[/i] years ago for f*ck sake!!! KILL ME!!!! I remember very little about it except it was packed, they played Innocent X and it was f*cking kickass. Here's hoping tonight is just as good... and I think it will be. Jonny & Phil - despite being a pair of rank deviants - have put a lot of
    hard work & energy into this and it looks like it's gonna pay off bigtime!!! Well done those men!!! ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!!!!!
  21. avatar mikey fusz
    [quote]is the liquor gonna be a cheap as usual? [/quote]

  22. avatar edwin mcfee
    judging by last night's performance in dublin, tonight is gonna kickass.andy,michael and martin all have snazzy new hair-cuts.andy's got the cold and neil's drumming on stories is kickass!

    will they play teethgrinder??

    will they play a lot of old stuff???

    show up tonight and find out!
  23. avatar Kes Carew
    Anyone know times for each band?
  24. avatar Handsome Gaz
    My first post!
    i wasnt really looking forward to it, but now ive actually done the hard bit and parted with my lovely money im started 2 feel some anticipation..

    Theyre still has beens tho :P
  25. avatar nonlogic liam
    i cant fu*cking wait, this is my last gig before crete (proably).
    Just add
    1. a kickass pre-party pi*ss up
    2. 3 kickass bands
    3. A fu*cked up sports themed after show party
    tonnes of buckfast and sexist jokes

    and you have a fu*cking great nite. only 1 hour 20mins until mayhems commense. bring it on.
  26. avatar Handsome Gaz
    ok, but this doesnt mean we're having sticky bum sex later.
  27. avatar rudedoodle
    I'm no longer stressed. I am now delirious.
    I want to get drunk, and I will soon, but also I'm thinking I don't want to 'forget' Therapy?'s set bar brief flashes of my favourite songs (like I did when they played the Empire.. I also don't recall co.uk playing that night either).

    T? minus 5 hours!
  28. avatar nonlogic liam
    What gaz im I you. (insert "dial a cliche)
  29. avatar cyclone 772
    My first post!
    cool, really can't wait for this gig!!!! have seen them 7 times before and they never once played a duff show.
    if you haven't got a ticket yet, don't miss out!!!
  30. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    There will be a couple of tickets available at the door...
  31. avatar Andrew
    Therapy? really are a f*cking kickass live band! Hey Satan - You Rock is a million times better live than on record, and Nowhere, Die Laughing, Trigger Inside, Potato Junkie, Teethgrinder and Screamager are cast-iron classics. It would've been cool to hear some old, [i]old[/i] material (Meat Abstract? Innocent X?) but what the f*ck, Cairns & Co rocked my wretched wee world!!
  32. avatar soulfluff
    I am so f*cking deliriously happy! sorry to anyone who I spoke to earlier in the night, was dead stressed out cos me and Graeme Gigmonkey were doing the dvd stills photography and shitting ourselves! One of the best nights EVER! The best magazine EVER! The best band from Belfast EVER! Cheesy as it may sound but tonight made me really proud to be a part of this place
    Thanks Jonny, Phil and THERAPY?!


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  33. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    well, that rocked just a little, didnt it?

    i would imagine last night could be considered a "success", and i think i offered the AU team my rambling congratulations last night/this morning, but once again very well done!
  34. avatar JenniferLoveWabsnazm
    My first post!
    On a personal note, I'd like to thank AU for briefly taking me back to the best two years of my life. It has been a long time since I experienced such euphoria in the Mandela Hall. Manics in '94 maybe? My Bloody Valentine? Therapy were just magnificent. It felt like an historic occassion, but there's no reason why this can't be the start of a renaissance now we know what happens when we lend our support to something worthwhile.

    I didn't realise how much we needed this magazine until I saw it in its slick, finished glory. It's a great @#%$ read and the best development in local politics since pretty much ever. Go to Easons, buy it, then decide what you're going to write/photograph/draw/pierce for the next issue. Now that there's no doubt about the quality of the publication, Phil shouldn't have to be chasing people for copy, he should be in a position where he has to act like a fussy editor and turn down contributions because there are too many to choose from.

    I sincerely hope AU doesn't drop the ball on this one. The Dark Side in this town is strong and too many potentially great things have been lost to apathy or neutered and assimilated by the Belfast Borg. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN. Otherwise all the gushing about last night that's (deservedly) going to happen will look really @#%$ stupid in a month's time, and will give [i]them[/i] ammo for years.
  35. avatar s00z

    i love it.
  36. avatar fastfude

    It really was a @#%$ great night.

    The bands rawked like b*astards, and oh may gawit, the magazine is a thing of beauty.

    Messrs Tiernan and Crossey take a well-deserved bow, gents. You done good.
  37. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    What can I say? Thanks to EVERYONE who was a part of last night, for once in my life I wouldn't change a thing.

    My mind blown, my heart filled, thanks again.
  38. avatar baby doll xoxo
  39. avatar cyclone 772
    what a night!!!! i am sooooooooo sick now though - hungover big time, and i can't move my neck, and i've lost my voice....................i'm going back to bed.

    one of the few times a gig in the mandela has had real atmosphere.
    can't wait for the dvd.
  40. avatar Pete
    Therapy? rocked my world, Somedaysbetter were brilliant and I have a new found respect for Yakuza, they rocked!!

    Just sitting flicking through the magazine I feel uber proud to have played even my tiny part in AU. And with the number of times Andy said "Alternative Ulster" from the stage its bound
    to make it onto the DVD!!

    But the best part of the whole night probably won't make it onto the DVD. The best part was talking to Phil and Jonny and seeing the grins firmly stuck on their little faces... cheers guys!!
  41. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Great night...all 3 bands were excellent and Therapy looked genuinely pleased and proud to be playing the gig.

    The magazine is f*cking brilliant! Great photos and for once a magazine that I actually WANT to read the articles rather than feel I should do because I paid for it (if that makes sense!).
    Congrats to Jonny, Phil and everyone else involved!
  42. avatar Niall Harden
    anyone else not go?

    thought not.. :-/

    glad it went well!

    i couldn't really afford it - and when a friend phoned and offered me a ticket it was too late to get down there! nightmare! anyway, i'd spent all day listening to the new metallica album, so my head was fried and i was riffed out.
    i'll have to see this magazine though!
  43. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Overwhelming. Thanks everyone.
  44. avatar whosbainejakey
    If there was ever a gig they should have finished off by playing Alternative Ulster, it was last night's!

    Innocent X and Dancin' With Manson would have made it the best therapy? gig ever pour moi, as it stands, it was merely fanfúckingtastic.

    Roll on issue 2!


    "Losing his mind and he feels it going..."
  45. avatar um david
    Altogether a "Fandabbyspecular" evening. Muchos props to all concerned. Yakuza were rockin, Somedaysbetter have developed into one helluva band and of course Therapy?...well, you've all said it for me.

    Oh, yeah, and the magazine kicks @#%$ big stylee.
  46. avatar fastfude
    I assume they couldn't play the AU cover because the gig was going on the DVD and hefty royalties would ensue?

    Would've been nice, but the gig was first rate even without it.
  47. avatar New European
    Somedaysbetter were a highlight for me. The magazine is nice, especially all the lovely comments about Valid.Pop - come down on Thursday for what will probably be the last one ever.
  48. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    that was a great show. i can hardly move now + attended 3 house partys after too. loving it.

    did anyone find a grey shirt with a steve badge? it was removed during crowd-surfing magic.
  49. avatar soulfluff
    heh I was in heaven, I swear to god about 300 semi naked boys landed in the pit during the set. apart from getting kicked in the head a few times, I was loving it
    can't wait to see the DVD, there were 4 camera people in the pit and one was exclusively taking photos of crowd action, it's gonna be mental! I think they should do a screening of the dvd in Belfast right before it's released, re live the magic and all that!
  50. avatar JenniferLoveWabsnazm
    That's a @#%$ great idea. Can we get DJ Turks to look into a pre-release screening at Project Mayhem or sthg?
  51. avatar soulfluff
    I can suggest it to the director and therapy? though Lucy is probably the one in the know about all this. the band might even come over for the screening, would be fantastic!
  52. avatar fastfude
    That would indeed be rawktacular. Gets my vote.
  53. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Some pics from the night:
    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.co.uk/BandPhotos/Yakuza/Yakuza.htm"]Yakuza Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.co.uk/BandPhotos/Somedaysbetter/somedaysbetter.htm"]Somedaysbetter Live[/url]

    [url="http://www.grahamsmithphotography.co.uk/BandPhotos/Therapy/therapy.htm"]Therapy? Live[/url]

    (congrats again to alt ulster on the mag and putting on a great show)
  54. avatar Hairy Joe Bob
    My first post!
    @#%$ amazing!

    @#%$ amazing!

    @#%$ amazing!

    That is all...

    @#%$ AMAZING.

  55. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    That had to be one of the best gigs of the year to date. Therapy? were on top form and played brilliantly. Congrats to Alternative Ulster for organising it all.
  56. avatar Hairy Joe Bob
    The sheer energy was amazing.
    It astounded me how much power they put into the performance.
    then agan I've never seen them live before.
    But it did take me aback.
  57. avatar rudedoodle
    Too much to say.
    It was the best gig of my life.

    Thanks to Compracio & Jonny for helping me get in the pit & backstage.
    Everyone from here on in for the rest of the year, will be told my story of Andy Cairns saying,
    "Thank you Claire" and hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

    And Jonny's mum is so sweet!

    And the magazine is fantastic, the designer is a genius.

    I'm only online today as I was stuck in bed with a massive hangover yesterday.
    So many photos to do, upload and drool at.

    Thanks Jonny, Phil & Cathy!!
  58. avatar rudedoodle

  59. avatar soulfluff

    how f*ucking great does that make you feel!!
  60. avatar fastfude
  61. avatar Cheeses Christ
    I'll feel even better when they're all gone.

    Everyone go buy it, then get all your friends and family to buy it.
  62. avatar comprachio
    twas a night of mum's and dads... I ended up chatting to Andy, Michael, and Jonny's mums!!! great night, well done. :smokin

    Sorry if anyone got annoyed with me not letting them backstage or if I was a wee bit rude... I was running on empty and trying to do two jobs at once. Very stressful nite.
    This will probably not be seconded by anyone but I feel the security in the pit did an amazin job stoppin all the folks with cameras from being killed and allowing a sensible amount of surfing and moshing...
  63. avatar soulfluff
    cheers Deci for your help! I was a wee bit stressed myself though you might have noticed that
    seriously if it wasn't for you though, the director would have skinned us alive!
  64. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    Deci, you were a legend! Thanks for being so great.

    I agree about the security as well, I think the guys in the pit did an absolutely amazing job.
  65. avatar Pete Holstein
    Graham - your photos are absolutely fantastic!
  66. avatar GrahamSmithNI
    Yeah i forgot to add that: the security were f*cking fantastic that night. No complaints at all.
    And yeah, cheers decci for your help at the pit!

    Thanks Pete, maybe some day I will get to photograph the holsteins...i have been trying for the past 6 months but something always comes up with either of us!

    (btw claire, that top pic is feckin great!)
  67. avatar rudedoodle
    Thanks Graham, checked out yours too, I like your work from the balcony!
    I didn't see you too much on the night. Iona & Graeme were running about like headless chickens, but the result of all their stress is fantastic.
  68. avatar Captain Anomie
    2 days later...I can now walk unassisted again.
    gig - super
    magazine - V. Nice

    Now stop back slapping and get back to work... :evil
  69. avatar fastfude
    I still am recovering. I still feel hung over and still have mild tinnitus. The cold I have been fending off all week has seized its chance and rendered me useless. Worth it though.
  70. avatar rudedoodle
    Here's me:
    Next Friday lets do it all again!
  71. avatar Niall Harden
    PARTY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. avatar bigdumbr0cket
    My first post!
    fukin ell. that was the best gig ive been to in ages! it totally fukin rawked! all night!

    respect to all.
  73. avatar T Entertainment
    Best night of the year - and one of the best of any year.
    Mssrs Crossey and Tiernan - take a bow. Then, with the help of anyone who possibly can, [i]make this work[/i], lads.
    At last we have something which doesn't smack of typical NI shoddiness, which is sussed, sophisticated, open-minded, non-exclusionary and looks bloody great. Hurrah!
  74. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    What everyone already said I agree with, what a mental and amazing night and the end of a ridiculously stressful week for a lot of people I'm sure, I think everyone involved deserves a big pat on the back and the magazine is looking and amazing and is full of quality writing and 99.9
    about local stuff. Fan-@#%$ tastic...

  75. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I had to be at The Nucleus in Derry for 12.30 to open the doors for the bands.

    I woke up at 12.10 in Belfast.

    I arrived in Derry at 2.20 still utterly bolloxed.
    The kids were amused.
  76. avatar Wasp Boy
    I woke up at 8am still over the limit. A phone call to work was made.

    I feel proud to have contributed to the magazine. Thanks for a great night, even though I ended up drinking whisky with the Wooden Donkey Club and screaming lyrics from early Therapy? songs.


    They are selling the mag in the spar next to my house. Hurrah.
  77. avatar Hairy Joe Bob
    They're sellin' the feckin' mag in Markethill.
    It's not often we get any decent stuff out here in beastieland, mm-hmm *grunt* ah reckon.
  78. avatar foolrock
    My first post!
    big respect till the bouncers, they were brilliant

    they created no hassle 4 themselves that i saw

    nad one of them was winding up the crowd durin the encore break bit 2 get us 2 call them back
    Just what a gig needs

    Hey Bouncer, You Rock!!!
  79. avatar comprachio
    One of the guys in the pit was probably the biggest Therapy? fan in the place.. he'd been in workin from 10am and finished at about 3 in the morning (i did an 18hr shift starting at 9am!).
    It makes a difference when the bouncers are all rockers....

    I hear that Jonny's got Radiohead playing at the launch of the second mag..... wouldn't surprise me at this rate :b