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    This arrived in my inbox over the weekend - it might interest some people here.

    2nd March 2007

    Belfast City Council is asking for your opinion on a new strategy to develop culture and arts in the city over the next few years. An eight week long public consultation on ‘An Integrated Cultural Strategy for Belfast’ starts today, 2nd March.

    In development since 2005, the Council has been working with its culture and arts partners across the city to set out a framework for the next three years to create a joined-up approach to the develoment of Belfast’s cultural sectors.

    David Boyd, Director of The Beat Initiative, a Belfast based community and carnival arts company, comments:

    “This strategy is very welcome. It is the result of much hard work, discussion and debate. It has been built from the experience of the arts sector in Belfast, and reflects significant changes that have been forged in our city and community life".

    Suzanne Wylie, Head of Urban Development, Belfast City Council, explains that the strategy demonstrates a strong commitment from the city’s major cultural organisations and public bodies, to work towards a shared vision for the development of the cultural offer life of the city, emphaising the part that culture and arts plays in regeneration and improving quality of life:

    ”In the context of the Review of Public Administration, this strategy takes a proactive step in looking to the future with a shared vision for cultural development in Belfast and a framework of joint actions for taking this vision forward within available structures and resources”.

    We are inviting everyone to take a look at this significant document, and to give us their opinions on it and what it represents. YOU can have a say in the future development of culture in our city. The document can be downloaded from [URL]http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/culture[/URL], or telephone Belfast City Council Culture and Arts, 02890 270461. It is also available in other formats on request.

    Cecil Ward Building,
    4-10 Linenhall Street,
    Belfast BT2 9BP
    Tel: 02890 270461
    Fax: 02890 270325

    Email: cultureandartsadmin@belfastcity.gov.uk
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    may as well give it a shot...
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    BCC should just take a leaf out of Rog's book, and allow 10 posts per 24 hour period!
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    shut it, sock puppet boy!
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    Anto is right.
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    This document looks interesting so far (Haven't finished it yet). It deals with some similar issues brought up at the creative industries seminar and workshops I attended in the Odyssey a few years ago.

    Having David Boyd's approval is a good start. I'm a big fan of his work.

    "Cultural activity is a basic human and developmental need"

    Anyone who is thinking about a career in any creative industry in Northern Ireland should take the time to read this, or the completed version when the consultation is finished (but then it'll also be too late to register your opinion/criticism).
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    The section on music from "The Cultural Landscape" chapter
    [quote:241d56083b]Belfast has come a long way from the days when gigs were few and far between. The arrival of the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey; the growth in local festivals, and a proliferation of venues hosting intimate live music gigs and open mic nights (including the Spring & Airbrake, the Spaniard, Limelight, Black Box, the Live Lounge at the King’s Head and the Errigle) means that audiences are often spoiled for choice. It is now possible to catch great artists at the Empire Music Hall, the Mandela Hall at Queen’s University, the Black Box and at the Ulster Hall.

    The Northern Ireland Music Commission, Moving On Music, Fortune Cookie and BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Across the Line’, are making great strides in nurturing and promoting musical talent in the city, most notably through the BelFEST showcase event. Snow Patrol enjoyed enormous success in 2006, selling the most CDs of any UK band, and rising stars, Foy Vance, Iain Archer, Duke Special and Eilidh Patterson, are set to follow suit with their wonderful voices and quirky lyrics.

    There has been a real revival of traditional Irish music, and sessions are widely enjoyed in city centre venues such as the John Hewitt, Kelly’s Cellars, Madden’s, White’s Tavern and the Rotterdam. The Open House Festival has become a major draw for lovers of ‘trad’ and folk, whilst the McPeake International Traditional Music School fosters the performers of the future and attracts students from as far as America and Japan to learn the art. Piping and drumming are also attracting new audiences and musicians through recent championship and festival events. Belfast has a strong track record of producing pipe bands at world champion level, and there is a large grass roots membership of local bands, including flute, accordion, silver and brass bands, which meet regularly in local venues throughout the city.

    The Ulster Orchestra continues to give world class standard performances at home and Abroad, and the Sonic Arts Research Centre is a welcome addition to new music. Talented DJ and Hollywood screen composer, David Holmes, regularly works from his studio in Belfast, whilst Sonic DJ Academy, established by ex-Divine Comedy member Kevin Trainor, enjoys enormous popularity with young people and community based groups. [/quote:241d56083b]