1. avatar rigsyATL
    this is on bbc 2 right now. apologies for lack of warning once again. loads of local content in tonights coverage so check i out...it's already started :-/
  2. avatar 3cigarettes
    Was good to see Duke Special's set at Vital at last!

    I ended up having to walk from work (city centre at the time) because every road in town was blocked - and I missed him :(

    Thanks for that!

    Although the "you looked like a rock star" bit was a bit :oops: , I still liked your "figure out what to do with the rest of your life" bit :D
  3. avatar ShowYourBones
    The drummer in The Tides tries too hard.
  4. avatar fastfude
    I thought he was the most interesting of the three.
  5. avatar ShowYourBones
    I meant in the interview.
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    Lovely hair though.
    Nearly as nice as Simsie's beard.
  7. avatar fastfude
    [quote:c9845418e9="ShowYourBones"]I meant in the interview.[/quote:c9845418e9]So did I.
  8. avatar Speed Demon
    I could have done with less Tides and more of any of the other acts, but that's my only complaint.
    I thought the camerawork/direction and sound were good -- better than many outdoor gigs I've seen on TV.
  9. avatar rigsyATL
    [quote:fd1f00ed20]Although the "you looked like a rock star" bit was a bit

    ha, yeah i cringed a wee bit myself when i saw that, but it was meant to be a question about how he carries himself and his his eccentric, theatrical side, which luckily enough he totally picked up on.
  10. avatar Andrew
    Any sign of this surfacing on youtube yet?
  11. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
  12. avatar exportsimsie
    Christ. i had to click on that in work didn't i.
  13. avatar T Entertainment
    That gag never, EVER gets tired... :lol: