1. avatar gerard
    Hi my name is gerard, I am a 24year old singer/songwriter from Belfast. I have been playing around belfast recently, doing open mic nights etc and want to get a band together..

    i write upbeat rock n roll songs...im looking a guitarist, bass player and a drummer...check my demos out on www.myspace.com/gerardmccartan

    if u like like what u hear then get in touch!


  2. avatar byrnet
    Hi Gerard - hows is going?

    Just replying to the ad you posted. Im a 24 yr old guitarist from Belfast and I have pretty similar influences to you. I listened to your stuff on myspace and it sounds good.

    Check out www.myspace.com/northernvibe and you can hear some of my playing. If it sounds like the kinda sound you have in mind you can give me a shout at tompb9@hotmail.com.