1. avatar dodgi stereo
    Mixes of some Irish artists music available at www.Noclarity.co.uk Thanks to Matt Hazley.

    "Belfast student station has given us at No Clarity ‘The Attic’ show sessions to make available to download- It’s electronic/IDM that lots of people are quite into these days, and when we talk of ‘alternative’ music, this is probably what we should mean to be talking about.

    Anyway, first up is one from The Geek and then one from The Banker, both of which are from Kaboogie in Dublin. Lastly we’ve a session from BEW, (Barry’s Electric Workshop) aka Dodgey Stereo from Belfast who recently released Dark Wheeze EP on Acroplane netlabel."
  2. avatar Eddie
    Cheers DS.

    [url=http://noclaritymag.wordpress.com/2007/03/03/the-attic-sessions-the-geek-the-banker-bew/]direct post link here[/url]