1. avatar fastfude
    Holy crap! Unless I'm seeing imaginary numbers in my mind, I calculate that we'll be passing the [b:6ed4c5e6ff]3 million[/b:6ed4c5e6ff] visits mark on the forums later this week! It's not even [url=][i:6ed4c5e6ff]six months[/i:6ed4c5e6ff][/url] since we passed the 2 million mark.

    No wonder the bleedin' ezBoard subscription is so expensive!
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  2. avatar Charlie King
    My first post!
    ...500,000 hits were from me.

    Do refresh/reloads count as hits?

    Congrats on a very successful site, dude.

    Any interest from advertisers?
  3. avatar Kes Carew
    Nice one Rog, your genius speaks volumes!
  4. avatar Future Real
    If 3 people visited my board id be happy :lol
    but seriously thats pretty amazing, keep up the good work ;)
  5. avatar Davy Cho
    Keep her lit folks.
    Yee ha.
  6. avatar fastfude
    There have been various ideas kicked about regarding advertising, but none that have really appealed to me.
    Although I'm not completely against the concept, I'm a bit of a lefty tree-hugging comrade when it comes to that kinda thing, so I imagine the only advertising I'd be comfortable taking would be from people who probably can't afford to do it anyway :/
  7. avatar EPK
    Holy frick. It is scary......but I'd agree with Roger on the advertising thing. Unless it's something you could believe in that'd help make a difference, let's stay off that bandwagon.
  8. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Maybe slightly more regular fundraising gigs is a better road to go down than advertising...

    Well done, Rog. You probably know already how much I love the site...

    (The music charts haven't changed much in about 2 months, though!)

    [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]www.pandakopanda.com[/url] | [url=""]guestlist giveaway![/url]
  9. avatar Charlie King
    ...charge a "courtesy fee" in the gig listings page.

    It'll never work, but you could make it a hell of alot cheaper than photocopying tons of posters that will only get ripped down.

    Kill me, all of a sudden I'm a gig Nazi.
  10. avatar fastfude
    Aye, an annual birthday fundraiser might be a good way to keep costs covered, if this year's was anything to go by...

    The six month timer on the "recent" votes should kick in in the next few weeks, so the recent and all-time lists should start taking different routes soon!
  11. avatar another ginger
    My first post!
    ever thought of doing anything like t-shirts?

    could make a little bit of money and advertise the site (if thats even needed)
  12. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Jesus, the landmarks are dropping like flies round here, if you'll allow me to mix my metaphors.

    Well done Rog.
  13. avatar feline1
    Roger, ewe forget that 6 months ago,
    ewe unbanned me from the forum.....

    ...hence the extra million hits.

  14. avatar fastfude
    so can I invoice you for the extra ~$100 that cost me then?
  15. avatar feline1
    Actually though, in all seriousness,
    do my "Gold Community Member" hits not count for free or sthg?
  16. avatar fastfude
    actually, yis, good point. Anyone with thon gold CSC badge doesn't add to the running costs with their page views. What I'm mostly irate about today though is that within a week of renewing the CSC on this board, the estimated cost dropped by about $100!

    Daily Averages: [b]5212[/b] (visits) [b]448[/b] (CSC visits) [b]138[/b] (posts) [b]142.229[/b] (Mb o' bandwidth)

    That bandwidth figure is clearly ahine. I wish they'd sort out the code on the frontend, it could be WAY smaller and save truckloads of bandwidth.
  17. avatar Portadown News Editor
    This is hardly brain surgery. Either:

    (1) Roger stops paying for Gold Community membership, and we all down-load Pop-Up Killer.


    (2) Every registered user goes to the Community Chest and donates US$2. Yes, that's just two of your finest United States dollars (about 13p). And just to make a smug point about how tight the rest of youse are, that's just what I've just done, so I did.

    So there.
  18. avatar Portadown News Editor
    Gosh, hasn't it gone quiet.
  19. avatar Eamonn BASIC
    Gosh, haven't we all not got no credit cards.
  20. avatar fastfude
    Now that ezBoard allow for annual subscriptions, instead of the old 6-monthly set up, I'm thinking an annual fundraiser might just solve the problem of no-one having credit cards.
    Certainly, the Fastfude is 5 gig this year worked a treat, with many, many board users coughing up the funds on the door, which I plugged into the community chest in one lump.
    Of course if anyone does have the means and the desire to pop a few scoops into the community chest of their own accord, by all means do!
    Also, I'll be gradually transferring as much of the board's functions as possible over to the database during the year, where I have much more spare bandwidth to play with.
  21. avatar feline1
    If you'd stop wasting bandwidth on those frankly SCARY self portraits, Roger!
  22. avatar Portadown News Editor
    I'm sure those without credit cards can borrow their mum's just this once. After all, she coughed up for the guitar, now didn't she?
  23. avatar feline1
    yes but why is Roger wearing a turban?
    He's not become one of them mohammedans has he? :-O
  24. avatar EPK
    Hope so. With a few dusky maidens around Drat Towers would be worth visiting.
  25. avatar Meerium
    This money business has been bothering me periodically for a while, because I'm quite sure that even with the fundraising gigs you fund far more of Fastfude's running costs than you should, Rog. I'd be more than happy to contribute money on a monthly basis, but I am yet another person without credit card (sorry portadown news editor, but i'm self funding my way through a phd and my mother ain't that interested. can you please take your smug self-satisfaction elsewhere?)

    I don't want to propose anything that'll give you yet more work, but how could i (and perhaps anyone else who feels like this) give you money in a plastic free way? Edited by: Meerium at: 3/3/03 7:27:53 pm
  26. avatar T Entertainment
    Well, if Roger publishes his address, you could send a cheque or postal order, innit?
    Indeed, everyone else without credit cards could do the same.

    Also, we can then all go round to Roger's secret bunker and look through the window at him. In silence. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 3/4/03 12:10:06 pm
  27. avatar zebulon
    And if it was raining and he happened to be kissing a schoolgirl at the time, it'd be just like that T.A.T.U. video.
    Or something.
    If he was a girl.
  28. avatar EPK
  29. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes: Roger is played by Malcolm McDowell. In drag.
  30. avatar fastfude
    Look, it's Lily Savage, or I'm not doing it, ok?
  31. avatar fastfude
  32. avatar Ronan Yakuza

    nice one
  33. avatar rudedoodle
    Yes but watching Rog play with the FF database for 3 hours is not fun.
    Even if you have tea and mint tray bakes.

    Edit- oh yes, and congrats and yay local music!!! Edited by: rudedoodle at: 3/5/03 3:57:08 pm
  34. avatar T Entertainment
    He sure knows how to show a girl a good time.
    Didn't he share the crack pipe (which makes FF possible) round?
  35. avatar rudedoodle
    To be fair, I did invite myself round, and he was busy.
  36. avatar Future Real
    Seriously well done Roger, bet you didnt think that the site would take off so well, when you first began ;)
  37. avatar Future Real
    Just under 17hours after the 3million hits, another 4211 visits, this is getting abit crazy.