1. avatar catheamigo
    My first post!
    I am selling an iPod shuffle 1 gig which comes with the box. I am also selling a sharp MD recorder which is an MDSR505 with 9 blank mini discs. It has some scratches but works perfectly. Also selling a Sony ECM-DS70P stereo microphone with cost me £45 and is like new.

    iPod Shuffle - £40
    MD Recorder -£15
    ECM-DS70P - £20

  2. avatar j0j0
    PM'd you re the MD recorder and mic
  3. avatar catheamigo
    Hi I have not got a message yet.

  4. avatar j0j0
    must be something wrong with PMs tonight, you can email me: joanna.c.mason AT gmail DOT com

    I'd be interested in the MD recorder and the mic, how long have you had them for?

    I'll not be online again tonight though, so I'll get back to you tomorrow.
  5. avatar j0j0
    I haven't heard from you yet, are you still selling?
  6. avatar j0j0