1. avatar Gandalf
    a few weeks ago there was a guitar stolen from the guitar emporium,this was the first time this has ever happend and the nature of the theft has left a bitter taste.the guitar was a martin D28 vintage reissue,it has an aged top butter bean tuners and the old square headstock...you know the type.they have video footage but cant put a name to the face....so heres the deal.
    anyone who can supply any information that leads to the recovery of the guitar will recieve £500.00 and their identity not be disclosed.even if the guitar is returned no questions will be asked.im posting this on fastfude at the emporiums request...the guys have enough on their plate with out this.....thanks....neil
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    hope you get it sorted. hopefully its not been had by some spide who wont appreciate what they've got their hands on.
  3. avatar spirit of division
    put the video up...name and get a prize?
  4. avatar chris1984_99_99
    I would hate to think this was done by someone in the music community, We all know how close we came to loosing the Guitar Emporium not so long ago.

    Hope the culprit is caught and brought to justice!
  5. avatar unplugged
    so the GE didnt close after all? How come?
  6. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    One of the partners decided to try keep it going.

    It would be very interesting to see the footage but you should ask a few people that work with a lot of musos first before putting it on-line. If the person that swiped it reads this site you better get on the phone to the Emporium now and start grovelling.
  7. avatar unplugged
    neil put the footage on youtube and post us the link. soneone will know them. seriously. the bastard that stole it lost his/her rights there and then. if their caught which is most likely happy days.


    sleep well and dont have nightmares :lol:
  8. avatar Cannycanizares
    Fecking hell Neil

    sticking it on youtube sounds like a good idea to me too. Somebody is bound to know who they are pretty sharpish!!
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    I think appealing to this gent's better nature is probably not a runner...get Keith Burnside's Police 6 on his thieving ass!
  10. avatar JTM
    I would pay £500 of my own money just to hear the Police 6 theme music one more time.

    Hope the guitar turns up...
  11. avatar Mexico
    [quote:f4badfda50="unplugged"]neil put the footage on youtube and post us the link. soneone will know them. :[/quote:f4badfda50]

    Agreed stick the link up

    and hope you get the geetar back always sad to hear of tealeafing scumbags
  12. avatar Shane
    All right. This has been at the top of Forums for too long. What cu/t nuck it? Give it back. Unless of course you've found that the acquirement of this wood and string object is of great benefit to your playing. Therefore the joy that you will bring to us all will infinitely outweigh the loss to all concerned - just like the ole classic story about how Jimi Hendrix got his first guitar. Heh-heh, that's an outrageous tale of Keith Moon proportions!!!! Jimi stole it from a shop (only maybe he didn't really and there's no outrageous story) and then got famaous through thrilling everyone with his unusual approach to playing an instrument that was was before largly used for rhythm in a band, and what he did was use it as more expressive and some would even say vocal musical tool. I hope that's what you are doing with your looot. If not, then please return wood+string to emporium shop you THIEVING SPIDE FU@KING CUNNT.
  13. avatar unplugged
    01:49am Sunday morning. Always the good time to post. :lol:
  14. avatar gary gates
    how much is the geetar worth?
  15. avatar confetti
    a whole lot
  16. avatar mcclurg
    how the fu<k can you manage to get out of the shop with a guitar? it's not like you can hide it up your shirt ffs!?! if it were that easy, the guitar emporium would have lost several ibanez's to me :P