1. avatar argymiskelly
    Gibson Standard SG with Gibson hardcase (wine red colour) REDUCED to £400

    Hughes & Kettner Tuebman II - 3 channel valve preamp with lines out into mixer or power section of amp (via effects loop) - REDUCED to £160 (with power supply!)

    Faith Jupiter accoustic with LR Baggs micro ribbon pickup and eq system complete with Faith "leatherette" gig bag - REDUCED to £250

    Marshall DSL 50 and 4x12 1960av cab with footswitch REDUCED £600. Head immaculate, cab scuffy but working perfectly Sorry, can't split.

    PM for details etc.
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    if you have a blue square in the bottom right hand coner of your screen with us or uk on it, click on it and make sure uk is selected or set as default. maybe the us setting can be removed.

    otherwise, click [url=http://forums.devshed.com/windows-help-34/changing-keyboard-layout-to-uk-english-424342.html]here[/url] for another thing to try.
  3. avatar argymiskelly
    thanks dude, got it sorted!