1. avatar The Black Tokens

    Wednesday 21st March Belfast

    The Limelight/Katy Daly's
    Doors: 7:30pm

    The Black Tokens
    John D'Arcy
    The Jane Bradfords
    Paddy McKeown
    Stagger Lee
    Trip Fontane

    first band onstage at approx 8pm
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  2. avatar The Black Tokens
  3. avatar splitscreen
    Great line up!
  4. avatar splitscreen
    [quote:f2353e3fb3="The Black Tokens"]

    Wednesday 21st March Belfast

    Spring & Airbrake/Katy Daly's
    Doors: 7:30pm[/quote:f2353e3fb3]

    Apparently the showcases are in Limelight & Katy Daly's now.

    We're playing in Limelight showcase on the nite...who else is playing in that one?
  5. avatar The Black Tokens
    really looking forward to TJB's and Patiosounds!

    TBT are playing The Limelight show. Stagetimes to follow...

    NB this showcase is £3 in
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  6. avatar Elms
    The line up for Katy Dalys is :

    Trip fontane
    John Darcy

    ..so The Black Tokens, Jane Bradfords, Splitscreen and Stagger Lee are in the Limelight (not sure of the LL running order though)
  7. avatar thesacredhearts
    Looking forward to playing this as ive only seen 3 of the other acts. If the Trip Fontane boys are as on form as they were when played with them in Derry for the electric mainline show, people will be in for a treat.

    Again not sure what the running order is for LL but i think we are on before 10 as Deci has to go DJ.

    Are the set times staggered to allow movement between rooms for different acts? Anyone know?
  8. avatar Elms
    Stage Times :


    8.30-9.00 The Jane Bradfords
    9.15-9.45 Splitscreen
    10.00-10.30 Paddy McKeown
    10.45-11.15 Stagger Lee
    11.30-12.00 The Black Tokens

    Katy Daly’s

    8.45-9.15 John Darcy
    9.30-10.00 Trip Fontane
    10.15-10.45 Cutaways
    11.00-11.30 Patiosounds
  9. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  10. avatar The Black Tokens
    8.30-9.00 The Jane Bradfords (The Limelight)
    8.45-9.15 John Darcy (Katy Daly's)
    9.15-9.45 Splitscreen (The Limelight)
    9.30-10.00 Trip Fontane (Katy Daly's)
    10.00-10.30 Paddy McKeown (The Limelight)
    10.15-10.45 Cutaways (Katy Daly's)
    10.45-11.15 Stagger Lee (The Limelight)
    11.00-11.30 Patiosounds (Katy Daly's)
    11.30-12.00 The Black Tokens (The Limelight)

    Doors 8pm £3 admission


    TBT will have copies of our new EP for sale on Wednesday night
  11. avatar GrahamSmith
    Some cool bands on that bill, looking forward to this
  12. avatar TheJaneBradfords
  13. avatar The Black Tokens
    and stay LATE!!
  14. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    May be a stupid question but will the doors be unlocked or do ya have to constantly walk in and out of each one?
  15. avatar Elms
    Last year the door between Katy Dalys and The Limelight was open so you can just walk through the two venues.
  16. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Nice one I'll have to check this out then.
  17. avatar The Weaver
    My first post!
    lookin foward to this!!!!! :D
  18. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    Is this free in? I'm trying to persuade people and they is a whinin'...
  20. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    it "was"...now its £3

    Still grrrrrrreat value :roll:

  21. avatar T Entertainment
    Sadly missed it. Is this still a 'competition' type thing in that one or two of the bands go on an IMRO tour?
    If so, who won?
  22. avatar thesneakybandit
    no idea if it was a "competition" or not.
    it wasn't mentioned at any stage that i heard of.

    one of the best sets of the night was from cutaways.
    people seemed to be impressed by the songwriting charm of john d'arcy.
    kowalski filled in at the 11th hour for trip fontaine and played some great sounding new tunes.

    i reckon a lot of the limelight performances were hampered by the sound which wasn't as good as it was in katy's.
  23. avatar Elms
    [quote:062f4985b3]Sadly missed it. Is this still a 'competition' type thing in that one or two of the bands go on an IMRO tour?
    If so, who won?[/quote:062f4985b3]

    They pick two bands from each of the gigs to play a 'Best of Tour' show in Dublin, I think its on the 14th April this year.
  24. avatar The Weaver
    kowalski were class,and i agree,the sound in katy's was far better,john Darcy went down really well to.In the Limelight the sound is always hit or miss,thought the Black Tokens were the best band on the night in there,good energy,different line up from i last seen them,but a vast improvement.Enjoyed the jane bradfords also,real good sound they have going on.Pity it stopped so early though :x
  25. avatar thesneakybandit
    from the three or four songs i heard by the jane bradfords they were probably the best band to play on the limelight stage. it's just a shame there weren't more people there to see them.
  26. avatar rigsyATL
    in katy dalys the sound was the best i've heard in a long time :-D

    cutaways were great!
  27. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    I personally had a stinker of a gig cos I was in cold flu-sweats halfway through and my voice was goin... I also kicked my pint over a power adapter at one stage and was surprised I didn't cause a building black out.
  28. avatar Dr Zoidberg
    was a great night all round.
    really enjoyed patiosounds, total shame pete was having so much trouble with his guitar. any idea who won??
  29. avatar thesacredhearts
    "Say you want more" is probably one of my favourite songs by a local band so it is. Bit miffed that i couldn't stick around for the evening and that it was such an early start, but someone has to kick it off. Enjoyed what i briefly heard of John D'Arcy.

    I don't think anyone "wins" at this. Its a showcase like, not a BOTB.
  30. avatar pauldoherty
    i think they pick the best of all the showcases for a gig in dublin or somethin?
  31. avatar Shanghai 5
    why thank you thesacredhearts :D . I had a few technical problems with my guitar, but sure these things happen.

    Cheers El tel.
    Good luck to whoever gets the Dublin slots.
  32. avatar splitscreen
    Heres the link to the photos of the showcase:

  33. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    some great pics there

  34. avatar TheJaneBradfords