1. avatar fastfude
    [url]http://www.fastfude.com/newsDetail.asp?newsID=242[/url] Edited by: fastfude at: 12/10/02 5:48:45 pm
  2. avatar Kes Carew
    Congrats there boss, here's to the next 5!
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    Perhaps a celebratory gig/party is in order?
    Eh, Roger? EH? Edited by: T Entertainment at: 12/10/02 1:48:50 pm
  4. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Yeah, what happened to that?

    Congrats by the way.
  5. avatar feline1
    Flip me, 5 solid years of destroying the Northern Ireland Music Scene, eh?

    I'm frankly amazed there's any of it left by now!

    Still, at least NIMIC will presently be rescueing us all...
  6. avatar fastfude
    Crappy timing unfortunately, couldn't get finger out quick enough. Some manner of Big Night Out in the new year shall be planned though...
  7. avatar EPK
    Fastfude's crap. It's not as funny as it used to be.
  8. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Roger, you're supposed to say:

    "I revolutionise the whole freekin music scene here, put Northern Ireland on the electronic map, and give you work-shy cretins something to pass your miserable day, and you people want more? Hows about I open a vein you ungrateful shits?"
  9. avatar Andrew
    I heard Terri Hooley invented Fastfude, along with punk and Northern Ireland itself.
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    Cheeses has a point.
    Often copied, never bettered - not even close. Well done, you maniac.
  11. avatar Wasp Boy
    Bring back the trolls.
  12. avatar rudedoodle
    I went to my first ever gig 5 years ago, co-incidence?
  13. avatar rigsy
    My first post!
    yeah, nice one roger.
    i'm usually very late when it comes to bandwagons, but i do remember fastfude right at the start.
    when nobody needed to register, everybody rowed about EVERYTHING and 'the savior of local music' was the feline 1 of his day.

  14. avatar feline1
    NONCESENSE, feline1 was always the feline1 of his day.

    Search the Kraftwerk Sweedish Trainspotters Lazlo list archive
    and ewe'll find me there in the archives in 1995! Mailing from PINE, keeping it AHINE. Yesh.
  15. avatar rigsy
    nah, feline 1, you were a blow in. yer nu-skool.

  16. avatar whosbainejakey
    Walk on big man, walk on.

    Sorry, I just love saying that!

  17. avatar feline1
    Y'all, I was on-line before ewes ever learnt tae type!
    Frikkin Natscaype 2-DAT-zero leek!
  18. avatar rigsy
    not here you weren't.
    blow in.
  19. avatar whosbainejakey
    Take your oil,leek!

  20. avatar feline1
    OH ALL RIGHT, no, nat in here I wazzn't,
    instead I was mostly on the John Foxx Metamatic forum and
    the Kraftwerk mailing list and the Imperialist American Stereolab T-Shirt Spotters board.

    UP YEES!
  21. avatar EPK
    Heh...I remember Netscape 2.0 being introduced.
    New fangled stuff....
  22. avatar Chico dV
    My first post!
    5 years?! There could be something to this whole internet thing after all.
  23. avatar Captain Anomie
    Happy birthday you bunch of *0((%&*&ts@~ with computers!!!!!! I'm off to the cyberpub.
  24. avatar the dirty weed
    nice wan
  25. avatar Portadown News Editor
    My first post!
    Congratulations Roger.
    There's an 'Iron Law of the Internet' which says websites only last about two years. But some men are made of steel...
  26. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    very well done rog..
  27. avatar smittennn
    896. Congratulation.
    N. congratulation, gratulation[obs3]; felicitation; salute &c. 894; condolence &c. 915; compliments of the season.
    V. congratulate, gratulate[obs3]; felicitate; give one joy, wish one joy; compliment; tender one's congratulations, offer one's congratulations; wish many happy returns of the day, wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    praise,laud (commendation) 931.
    congratulate oneself &c. (rejoice) 838.
    Adj. congratulatory, gratulatory[obs3].
    Phr. " I wish you all the joy that you can wish " [Merchant of Venice]; best wishes.
    Edited by: smittennn at: 12/11/02 8:08:28 am
  28. avatar whosbainejakey
    Er, ditto?

  29. avatar Barry Green
    My first post!
    How about some pics of what the site was like back in the early days?
    I can't remember it (or maybe that's a good thing)... :p
  30. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    5 years eh? Its gone by like a slow train to Bangor. I remember it then, it was pretty viscious reading, I read it but rarely posted in them days cos it was riddled with opinionated loudmouths with little or no tolerance of other peoples views. Its good to see time has washed all that away. Well done Roger.
  31. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Yay You!
  32. avatar moorso
    Well what can be said excapt well done

    Although the people in work have taken away my fast computer and given me this piece of @#%$....you can almost hear the dwarf inside cranking the gear lever....so now fastfude takes an age to load.
  33. avatar feline1
    Use [url]http://lynx.broswer.org[/url] instead,
    then the board will appear in an instant through
    the sheer power of DOS.
  34. avatar fastfude
    ekshually, Fastfude loads really bloody fast these days, [i]Fastfude's ezBoard[/i] takes forever. So nyer
  35. avatar feline1
    There's still an old locked Fastfude EZboard in existence,
    I have it in my favourites!
  36. avatar Kes Carew
    The only thing you have *in* your *favourites* is......
  37. avatar exmagician
    this new site is really good. works like a dream. pats on backs.
  38. avatar fastfude

    Good news rumbling for early Jan y'all, stay tuned...
  39. avatar whosbainejakey
    Would that be...

    A fundraising party for the NI music website
    Empire Music Hall, Belfast
    Saturday 4 January
    Bands and DJs - Details to follow
    Admission will be £5 at the door.

    Party! Party! Paaaarty!

  40. avatar fastfude
    That would indeed be it

    It's also the day before my 25th, so y'know, party [i]squared[/i], wa? Edited by: fastfude at: 12/12/02 2:26:27 pm
  41. avatar whosbainejakey
    Spooky... it's ten days exactly before *my* 25th birthday.
    Party cubed?

  42. avatar fastfude
    it's a deal!
  43. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Any hints for whos to play?
    Or am I just pushing open a large pair of floodgates by asking?

    BTW, the [url="http://www.thingsyouremissing.com"]THiNGS[/url] stall is [b]GO[/b] for this one! Edited by: Ronan Yakuza at: 12/12/02 3:55:44 pm
  44. avatar whosbainejakey

  45. avatar fastfude
    Lineup is being composed in secret, TBA whenever I'm happy with it.

    This is primarily a fundraiser gig for the site's various costs, as opposed to a showcase event like previous FF gigs, so hence the £5 door tax (although that's still fairly decent for an Empire show). And pleas of "pick me! pick me!" won't getcha far

    There will, of course, be other events later in the year for the showcasing and the promotion and the rain of blood and so on...
  46. avatar Meerium
    ooh how exciting! For once I'm going to be at home for a ff gig!
  47. avatar nonlogic liam
    yeah fuc yeah, five years of fastfude, god i thought it was only 3 years old. Fastfude gig-always good-but this time noone is cuming to my house.
  48. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Party at Liams after the gig.
  49. avatar whosbainejakey
    I demand Yakuza, Dirty Stevie, Clone Quartet, Evangelists, Dangerfields, Go Commando, Los Cabras, the Embers, Morph, Killing Spree, Your New Friend, Best Before End and Corrigan, or else I'm staying in, watching my Family Guy videos and having a few off the wrist.

  50. avatar Captain Anomie
    Cheers liam, nice of you to offer.
    does anyone want liams address?
    send an email to angelelectric@hotmail.com
  51. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    5 years old, and today (the infamous BelFEST CD review day) must be one of the most active on the message board.

    Jolly good show.

    Yay Controversy!
  52. avatar Pete
    [quote]I demand Yakuza, Dirty Stevie, Clone Quartet, Evangelists, Dangerfields, Go Commando, Los Cabras, the Embers, Morph, Killing Spree, Your New Friend, Best Before End and Corrigan, or else I'm staying in, watching my Family Guy videos and having a few off the wrist.[/quote]

    Sod it, lets have a festival!! We have access to a big field behind our studio in Donaghadee. Should be nice weather that time of year!?

    Oh, then back to Liam's place of course.
  53. avatar nonlogic liam
    well in the immortal words of one freddie mercury "no no no no no no NO"
  54. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    If you don't want to go to a party in your own flat that's OK.

    I'll organise the vodka-jelly. Eoghan, you make sure there's a good supply of party poppers.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.tk"]The Evangelists[/url]
  55. avatar fastfude
    surely you mean "2 Untalented"?
  56. avatar stashus mute
    i always held a candle to Ray Sligngaard . That man WAS 1993 .
  57. avatar Iso9
    My first post!
    Site looks great Rog.......many happy returns and all that cal..

  58. avatar fastfude
    cheers! oh crap, I meant to phone you today. bugger, will do tomorrow...
  59. avatar Wasp Boy
    Should be good.

    So should Liam's party. I've already invited 20 people.
  60. avatar comprachio
    There's posters for liam's party up about town and we've issued a few press releases too... think there's at least 1,293 people going now.
  61. avatar retropunk
    make that 1,295 im heading too.

    pick me pick me pick me.
  62. avatar Future Real
    So whos the 1,294 person going???
  63. avatar retropunk
    of corse everyone knows by now i dont travel or party without my best mate, zubizaretta, my teddybear. he can party the best ever ya seen.
  64. avatar muttlee
    congratulations roger.
    that monitor tan is really looking great these days.
  65. avatar goatboy
    So Fastfude turns 10 this year.

    That's a bit mental, innit?

    Shall we start planning the celebrations now?
  66. avatar fastfude
    Well, at the end of the year really, but feel free to start now.
  67. avatar goatboy
    OK - Cool.

    Party at Liam's house?
  68. avatar T Entertainment
    ONly if I am allowed to knock all of Eoin's teeth out this time.
  69. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    Happy 5th birthday. Still a mental age of 6 months though.
  70. avatar thebatgranny
    10 years and I must have posted maybe 500 times despite coming here at the very least once per week since 1999. I think that makes me the anti-Feline 1 :).
  71. avatar nonlogic liam
    Party at mine? That must mean, buckfast fights, rudedoodle sleeping in my
    bed, broken teeth, defaced teddy bear lights, blocked toilets, mustard
    covered kitchens, destroyed nic naks,Griswold chasing girls, ruairi hitting
    me with my couch, mark J attempting to destroy all my flat mates prized
    possessions, Goatboy, Waspboy, Ian the beard and the other members of the Evangelists all staying over until 3 or 4 the next day and a contempt for my very life. Those were the days, eh eh!
  72. avatar Ratoot
    Ach Liam... yir such a scenester....

  73. avatar rudedoodle
    fuck... the 5 year empire gig seems like yesterday
  74. avatar greensleevesisgod
    that's because after it, you became involved in a flight of the navigator type plot and missed a few years. Remember that ditch you fell into after playing frisbee with your dog?
  75. avatar Strong Reaction
    Ah, sweet memories.
  76. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I demand a "Fastfude Goes To Eleven" gig.