1. avatar rocky raccoon
    can someone help me get my head around keyboards?

    i dont have a clue about any of them, but i would like one to play about with. so what would be the best to start with? a full size keyboard? or one of those little ones?

    i would quite like one to make some effects and loops with but i really dont know where to start.

    any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  2. avatar JTM
    Get a little MIDI controller keyboard (about £100) and some free software from the Net if all you want to do is make and trigger loops, and maybe have some basic sounds or something. I'm a bit out of touch with the models available, can anyone else name me a good wee board?

    Don't buy anything marketed as a home keyboard, unless you're going for the Casio Pre-Set Rhythm Band approach.
  3. avatar Danny McCormack
    Any of the Yamaha PSR series keyboards should do the job, personally I prefer the keyboards with inbuilt speakers as opposed to the MIDI controller boards because you have your basic monitoring sorted for recording loops. The keyboard player in my band prefers Yamaha to Casio for onboard sounds, if that's any help.

    A few suggested models -

    Yamaha PSR 175
    Yamaha PSR A300
    Yamaha PSR E303
  4. avatar rocky raccoon
    what does the midi bit mean? if the keyboard has no speakers can it be plugged into the aux of a cd player to get sound?
  5. avatar rocky raccoon
    ive just found the psr175 for £50.99 - seems a good price!

    im planning on buying a new amp and i can save £37 by buying it off the internet, which means in my head i get the ketboard for £14 :)