1. avatar Future Real
    I am sorry to have to post that , Bass player in Clearshot died yesterday morning at his home in Derry. My thoughts are with Marty's family, his friends and his bandmates. Goodbye Marty. We'll miss you. R.I.P


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  2. avatar Niall Harden
    aye, heard about that yesterday :-(

    what's happening tonight then? it'll put a bit of a downer on things..
  3. avatar garry zt
    My first post!
    that's terrible, what happened??
  4. avatar Future Real
    To be honest i dont really know the full story so its best that i say nothing, but the guy was a sound man who had a massive future a head of him. Its a bit weird cos i was chatting with him a week or two ago, R.I.P
  5. avatar garry zt
    yeah, he lent us his bass amp when we recorded in the blast furnace once.

    very sorry to hear that.
  6. avatar Future Real
    Yeah they were supposed to going to all move to London at the end of the year to record with the guy that produced the Foo Fighters album, the colour and the shape. He was telling me him self, i still cant believe it.
  7. avatar barafundlebumbler
    My first post!
    My thoughts are with his family and clearshot
  8. avatar Future Real
    Just a wee page i found a while back
  9. avatar albert einstyle
    I am shocked!!!

    He was a really sound bloke, i met him a few times when i was talking to Cahir at gigs and around derry!! He was always bubbly and sound to talk to!!
    He will be missed!!
  10. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    That's terrible news.
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  11. avatar whosbainejakey
    That fĂșcking sucks. So many people I met last night said the last song they heard on ATL before leaving the house was Clearshot.

    Any chance of changing the name of this thread to "Marty McCafferty RIP" or summat?

    RIP that man.

  12. avatar RJ Linus
    My first post!
    My condolences to his family.
  13. avatar EPK
    Absolutely tragic.
    An immense loss to the band and to us all.
    After Dexter Kelly's sad demise, I'd never have believed we'd lose another excellent musician so soon.
  14. avatar HelenToland
    My first post!
    Yeah, we obviously had no idea yesterday when we played Clearshot on the show. We're as saddened as everybody else. Hope his family, mates and band mates are okay.
  15. avatar gshep
    Tonight's belFEST show (Thu 5 Dec) at Katy Dalys, which was to have included Clearshot on the bill, will not take place, following the sudden death of Clearshot's Marty McCafferty.

    This decision is the only appropriate one in the circumstances, and follows discussion with all the parties to the intended show.

    All concerned are shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Edited by: gshep at: 12/5/02 1:44:41 pm
  16. avatar T Entertainment
    Only noticed this thread now.
    Very sad indeed. Great band.
  17. avatar Rodantherockband
    Very sad day for local music. Thanks to Goatboy I heard Clearshot for the 1st time a few months ago and thought they
    were amazing. My thoughts are with his family, mates and the band.
  18. avatar Pete
    I know what it is like to lose a band member like that, having lost a drummer to sudden death in a previous band. My thoughts are with them.
  19. avatar nonlogic liam
    yeah i heard that yesterday and i didnt believe it. Clearshot are a great band and martys death is just tragic.R.I.P Edited by: nonlogic liam at: 12/5/02 3:39:16 pm
  20. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Truely dreadful news. Im very saddened by this. Maybe some of the bands who were close to Clearshot could do sth at some point as a mark of respect/ to raise some money for a good cause or sth?
  21. avatar STONE POET
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    Sorry to hear about this, Clearshot were one of the best local bands i've seen and he was a big part of that. On behalf of the bev lads our condolences go to all his family, band members and everyone who knew him well.
  22. avatar Captain Anomie
    Sad news, sympathy for his family, friends and bandmates.
  23. avatar Cheeses Christ
  24. avatar Camp XRay
  25. avatar Pete Holstein
    My first post!
    Condolences to Marty's fellow band members, friends and family from all the Holsteins.
  26. avatar Suki Monster
    Thats terrible news, clearshot are a great band to which he added quite a lot.
  27. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I am very upset to hear about this. Sympathies to Martys family friends and the other guys in Clearshot
  28. avatar Future Real
    Marty doing what he did best



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  29. avatar Alan drummerguy
    Very sorry to hear about this loss to the music scene. My thoughts are with everyone who knew him.
  30. avatar Future Real
    I cant even start to think what the people who really knew Marty well feel now, There is a lot of people who Marty touched. We played with Clearshot a few times and i have chatted with him a few times but alough i didnt really know him very well, i feel a great loss.

    Clearshot were my fav local band since the first time i saw them and Marty was a major reason why i thought they rocked.

    The whole of N.Ireland music scene has lossed one of its great bass players. And other people have lost more importantly their friend, brother,band member and son.

    Marty once again R.I.P
  31. avatar stashus mute
    My first post!
    very sorry to about that . RIP . Condolences to Clearshot .
  32. avatar albert einstyle
    Clearshot dont have a website, but their good friends Jet Plane Landing have, for whom which Cahir also plays. I found this little thread of condolence for him on their message board.


    i didnt really know him but i have been feeling really sad all day, i have always had the greatest belief in where clearshot could go and marty was part of the energy which made me think that every time i seen them.
    I hope when the smoke clears from this loss they can find a way ahead and take clearshot where they deserve to be.
  33. avatar Future Real
    Just read the messages on the Jet plane landings message board, i think everyone can see by what has been wrote here and on other message boards around that Marty was a very well liked guy who touched everyone that he met.
  34. avatar Wasp Boy
    Only met Clearshot once, on a trip down to Limerick, so I didn't really know them too well.

    Any death is sad news.

  35. avatar Andrew
    Didn't know them at all, but this is a sad waste of a young life.

    Rock in peace.
  36. avatar Gripper Magee
    Sad News...RIP
  37. avatar smittennn
    this news devastated me as i was offline all together this week as home pc was servicing itself and interweb down at work.
    i missed all sorts of happenings this week and a death in our extended family is tragic.
    deepest condolences to family, friends, and us.
  38. avatar toasty panda
    My first post!
    i was shocked when i heard.i still cant believe it.i was really looking 4ward to meeting the guys on thurs.this is a tragic loss.
  39. avatar Chris Misfit
    My first post!
  40. avatar moorso
    A tragedy, from all in Pop Machine
    Rest In Peace
  41. avatar Future Real
    Marty was layed to rest on Saturday morning past,he will be missed greatly.
  42. avatar REALelectricNo9
    rest in peace
  43. avatar fastfude
    While we're on the subject of anniversaries, it's worth sparing a moment of thought for Marty.
  44. avatar Strong Reaction
    I can't believe it's been 5 years.
  45. avatar goatboy
    It's really hard to believe it has been 10 years now since Marty's death.

    I stuck up a load of Clearshot stuff on Soundcloud (with their permission, of course) earlier in the year if anyone wants to reminisce. They really were a great band.

    [url=https://soundcloud.com/clearshot]Here you are.....[/url]
  46. avatar ohnoes
    Nice touch Johnny.
  47. avatar deftone_drone
    Thanks for this, I didn't know of the band when they were around but I listened to the songs you put up and they sounded awesome. The drumming and arrangements are really something special.
    Deepest condolences to the family of Marty.