1. avatar daffie
    right, I've had enough of going to the limelight on a saturday or worse still going to a 'club night' where you walk in to find you and your friends are the only people silly enough to pay in! is there anything half decent on a saturday night!? (thats cheap!) cheers!
  2. avatar kingbowski
    You know it makes sense:

  3. avatar daffie
    couldn't be arsed goin to lisburn! even for the mighty dangerfields
  4. avatar Crackity_jones
    Skibunny at Auntie Annies (fiver in, always rammed, great atmosphere and DJs)
    Radio K at McHugh's (fiver in, always busy though not as much as Skibunny)
    Bunker Club at Lavery's (£3 in or free if you add DJ Gregz on Myspace and RSVP to his invitations, good drinks offers)

    My mates and I usually rotate these three on a Saturday night. All play a mix of indie, pop, hip-hop and dance, all are well worth a visit.
  5. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    The Venue has it's rock night on a Saturday - You get a meal voucher as well should you get peckish during the night.
  6. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    I recommend the Venue too - Drinks voucher for 2 quid - buy one vodka get another one free! Although - I havent been in about 5 years - Does it still work that way? Is Kenny still the DJ? There's no friday night no more? Are there doors in the toilets? Does everyone still go nuts for Disconnect by Megadeth?
  7. avatar rentaghost
    Club NI:NG at Lavery's once a month
    £3 in. All the good music you can handle, and possibly more of the Twilight Singers than any one person should ever be made to hear.
  8. avatar daffie
    i havn't been to the venue in about 3years, last time i was there i upgraded my meal voucher by a quid so i could get a cheese burger, classy times.

    might give ski bunny a shot.
  9. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    (Let's not cut out ALL the possibilites here) - You could get a carryout and go to the park! Or get a DVD from Xtravision. Go to your Grannys.. Go to the cinema - Go bowling - Go to the IceBowl..

    The best idea I can think of - (since you're broke - as you're looking for somewhere cheap) is to go to your Grannys first - She'll probably give you money - then you'll have enough money hopefully to go into town and play a few games of pool. Then 3 litres of Cider - Then Botanic Gardens.


    Hmmm.. it's a bit late for THIS Saturday - but you could do this next week if you're still broke and want fun - get up early on Friday - go to the "Job Center" and apply for a crisis loan - you'll probably just get about 15 quid off them - so.. once you've gone to the post office and got your money - go call at your Grannys - she'll hopefully give you a tenner or something - that's a good 25 quid you have now... - If you got up at about 8 o'clock - it should be around 2 o'clock by now (you gotta wait ages for your crisis loan by the way - thats why you gotta get up early - tell them you need money for living expenses - that's the easiest way - you don't even need to sign on that day - all you need is your NI No. and an innocent face)

    OK - now go and buy your all day metro ticket for 2.50 - and call in at Winners and put a tenner on Red on the Roulette Table - then you have 32.50 if you successfully won the gamble, If not, You quit with your 12.50 - and save it for saturday night. Alternatively, with your new 32.50 - you can continue gambling on Red if you feel lucky - If not.. you turned your No money Friday into 32.50 Friday. Anyway... You now have the guts of 30 quid for Saturday night - You can even treat a Quarry to a drink if you meet one - But make sure it's cheap - You want money for a taxi home don't forget.
  10. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    Actually - Forget about the money for a Taxi home - Just wait by the cinema on the Dublin Road - and pick a taxi man who is either :

    1. Fat
    2. Old
    3. Preferebly both

    Get in his taxi - get him to drop you off down the street a bit from your house - Tell him you need to go in and get money (no matter how many times someone has done a runner on a Taxi man - he will [i:307726ede8]always[/i:307726ede8] let you go in for money as long as you strike up a conversation with him on the journey) and then just hide in the bushes 'round the back of the house you got dropped off at and wait for him to drive off! - If you live in an area where the houses are back to back - you can get dropped off in the other street parallel to yours and then go round the back - jump over the fence and then you're lying in bed smiling with your hot chocolate whilst Mr Taximan is still out there waiting on you comin back! You obviously know all the houses with Dogs in the back garden to avoid. Don't make silly mistakes.
  11. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    Oh! Whilst you're in the back garden of the decoy house - check to see if their garage is open. Many houses have freezers in the garage - the perfect place to get a frozen goodfellas pizza to eat later. (You only had 30 quid - you obviously didn't call into the Emerald for a special - you'll be hungry - treat yourself)

    Also... Check their back door - it might be open - people tend to leave purses, handbags and money in drawers and stuff in the kitchen!

    And there you are - your complete guide to "God! I'm Bored this Saturday! What will I do?"
  12. avatar feline1
    Are Saturday nights still going?

    I remember having Saturday nights like right back in the 80s!

    I thought they'd be all gone by now. Here in Brighton it's mostly Tuesdays left.
  13. avatar churchwarden
    Crescent Arts Centre - New Moon Showcase
    The Edge - Homespun
    Black Box - Hydrophonic Sound System
    Bop Yestrum - Pavilion

    that's just this weekend, not every saturday
  14. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    think there's a great choice in belfast on saturdays compared to 3/4 years ago.

    skibunny is a much better alternative to the limelight because the music is way better imo.

    i do mchughs on saturdays, and it sells out most weeks. i'm told its good fun too. playlists + so on at myspace.com/radiokclub.
  15. avatar rigsyATL
    skibunny is still awesome, after, what, 8 years?
    mark and tanya are pretty talanted djs technically (mark especially - amazing turntabilist) but it's all about the tunes. their playlists are very brave - it's a genuinely alternative club.
  16. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    [quote:a4d4f05e7c="tingtatingtingtingtating"]I recommend the Venue too - Drinks voucher for 2 quid - buy one vodka get another one free! Although - I havent been in about 5 years - Does it still work that way? Is Kenny still the DJ? There's no friday night no more? Are there doors in the toilets? Does everyone still go nuts for Disconnect by Megadeth?[/quote:a4d4f05e7c]

    happily the venue has not changed in about ten years - its still freezing, still plays mad metal, still has kenny djing, there are no toilet doors, stinking vodka is still buy one get one free, drinks vouchers (!!!) are still going strong and the chefs special is as evil as ever (except when really drunk where there is a strange mental metamorphosis that makes it feel like a banquet). its like stepping back into your childhood but its a laugh