1. avatar Craig
    Just out of curiousty has anyone ever done it? I see biotex offer it but it seems you have to pay to find out about the jobs available sounds like a con.

    Anyone able to help me out?
  2. avatar j0j0
    MDS pharma services on the Lisburn Road and Bio-Kinetic opposite the Grand Opera house both pay people to take part in trials. Neither asks for money to register, that does sound like a con. They are the only companies I know of that do it locally, I may be wrong though.
  3. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Bio Kinetic 02890818385
    MDS 02890554000

    I've done more than a few. What do you need to know?
  4. avatar Craig
    Numbers was a great start thanks. Basically what are the risks. What did you have to do? How much do you get paid?
  5. avatar Rezo
    There are usually stacks of different trials taking different amounts of time and obviously the greater the perceived risk and time involved the more they'll pay out. Ring them, tell them you are interested and ask what trials are in the pipeline.

    You might get lucky and land on a placebo stream so you'll get to keep all your fingers and toes :D
  6. avatar I'mDead

  7. avatar j0j0
    You are always told exactly what it is that will be tested on you, giving you the chance to go do your own research. I personally have taken part in a trial for strong painkillers that were already approved, licensed and used regularly, they were just testing different strengths. When I was still a smoker I also took part in a trial for a new kind of cigarettes that had some bizarre tar-reducing filter on them. However, as I was in the control group, I got paid over £2000 for simply NOT smoking for 11 days.

    I would have to seriously think about whether I would take part in a trial for a totally new drug, and drugs for certain conditions. Everything I have done so far has been, in my (totally non-medically qualified) opinion, fairly low risk.

    If you are a fussy eater or have a problem with blood/needles, you should think long and hard about it. You will have to have blood taken fairly frequently, and you will be required to eat EVERYTHING put in front of you, unless you find some greedy & sneaky friends.

    But other than that, a pretty good way to make a decent amount of money, fast.[/i]
  8. avatar Tele
    I think I'll try this as long as there is something relatively low-risk on the cards - I hate the idea of selling my body, as cliché as that sounds. Still, it's all about the Lincolns in your bank account etc.
  9. avatar Craig
    Which company is better?

    I cant imagine being made to eat food a bad thing. How much blood do they take. I tend to get light headed after 2 or 3 units but that was once and i hadnt eaten
  10. avatar Rezo
    I reckon they are relatively safe in MDS etc. as I'm sure any of the nasties are tested in places like Eastern Europe and Asia (as perverse as that sounds!).

    MDS/MD Pharma or whatever they're called lay on square meals, pool tables, PS2s, books etc. so it's not exactly a hardship! Money for old rope provided you don't die or are left permanently disfigured ;-)
  11. avatar j0j0
    When I was in MDS we had to get someone to bring in their own DVD player, and there was certainly no sign of playstations, pool tables and the rest. I think that might have been because it was such a large study though, and we had to be isolated, as we were the the non-smokers.

    There isn't much difference between them tbh. I'd say the food was marginally better in MDS, I didn't get any fruit or veg in Bio Kinetic, apart from maybe a single apple. That's grand if you are only in for a night or two, but you wouldn't want to go longer! The food was fairlt school dinner-ish in both places. Basically just register with both and take whatever comes up first, as long as it sounds reasonable.

    As for the blood, it depends on the study. They tell you beforehad exactly how many blood draws are required. The last one I was on needed a small vial of blood every 15 mins of for an hour after dosing, then it trailed off. Sometimes they need blood every few minutes, but usually it is less.

    I'd be suprised if they took more than a unit or 2 over the entire course of a study, and I doubt they would ever take that much in one day.