1. avatar Belle
    My first post!
    I'm giiging about twice a week and another electro acoustic - something half decent and in Belfast. if you are selling - give me a shout.
  2. avatar GBrown
    Depends how serious you are about your instrument, but I would advise a Lowden for any acoustic work ... oh, and I just so happen to be selling one, if your interested??
  3. avatar Belle
    Thanks buddy, but i already have a o25 Lowden.

    I'm kinda looking for the old'secind' guitar - i have a turner to back up the lowden but it got a bit 'broke' recently.

    So anyone with a turner or similar shout me.

    Bt, thanks for the interest anyway.
  4. avatar unplugged
    i have an epiphone hummingbird for sale. abalone inlays, fishman classic 4 preamp, cherry sunburst, gold hardware, grover tuners. quality guitar. for £200
  5. avatar wannywan
    Dude, I might have to buy my second guitar off you in the space of a month.
  6. avatar Belle
    Bump - thanks guys