1. avatar xfirefishx
    Wjere's the best place in Belfast to go to buy a chea (but decent) second hand or new mini disk player? I have a low budget and very little time. Don't recommend the internet, I need to buy this thing tomorrow. So if anyone has any advice, thanks.
  2. avatar Baelmammon
    You could try Cash Converters High Street, Smithfield or depending on budget RicherSounds back of Castlecourt (dont know if thats still there tho).
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Okay thanks!
  4. avatar rocky raccoon
    if i can find mine you can have it for a cheap price. its a decent sony one...
  5. avatar Speed Demon
    The Sony centre is in High Street, although Sony don't seem to be making new Minidisc machines any more. (Thus nobody else is either.)

    Richer Sounds is in Smithfield, right opposite the back door of Castle Court.

    (I have an old one I use for recoding gigs and rehearsals. It's excellent for that, but I wouldn't be bothered with it as a general music player.)
  6. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    you can tell when your getting old when you can remember the mini disc ad with reef trying to get a recording contract only for some skateboarder make off with their demo after the exec throws it out the window!
  7. avatar xfirefishx
    Thanks everyone. It's sorted. I should have known that Richer Sounds would be fruitless and incredibly patronising. I started to get a chat about how they hadn't had any for years cos no one listens to music on MD anymore and that I should think of going for mp3... Smug wee git. he suggested Sony centre but I stopped off at Cash Converters along the way. I got almost the exact model I was looking for, with charger etc and it works. For now.