1. avatar The Fires of Hell
    On the eve of their Belfast and Dublin shows, MI catches up with drumming sensation BRANN DAILOR to talk about life on the road, the band's incredible music, and why they arent influenced by Marillion.

    Read it now before we kill ourselves at the gig.

  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes but when Brent Hinds was cheekily cribbing the riff from Neverland for Sleeping Giant, he probably didn't immediately let his drummer know that he was doing so.
    I f*cking knew it about the Gabriel thing tho. 8)
  3. avatar whosbainejakey
    Good readin'!
  4. avatar Orzo
    It kind of makes you think what percentages management are scooping for themselves....making a band slave constantly and after 2 fantastic albums and $20k a night sell-outs {SIC}, ending up with no money at all.
  5. avatar RAAP Management
    Brent Hinds was wandering Botanic earlier, totally out of it, hassling people for fags and denying being him! Last seen disappearing into Holiday Inn.
    Source: Ron.
  6. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Like he says, everyone gets their generous and often dubious slice of the pie. Which is indeed kind of maddening, but which is mirrored across any other business you can think of. People scooping big rewards for the work of others being nothing new and all.
  7. avatar RAAP Management
    "Then its like no: we owe money. We get ten, twenty thousand dollars for one show, and it’s all gone. Spent on who knows what."

    Ah, there's where I lose a wee bit of sympathy. Find out what. The band are not utterly powerless in this process.

    As for complaining about shelling out hundreds of thousands for big supports (I imagine he's referring to Slayer), well management and the label and one would assume THE BAND have decided it's an investment which will ultimately bring in more money than is outlaid. Kinda obviously?
    If it hadn't been demonstrated that such an expense pays off then Slayer INC wouldn't be able to charge that sort of moolah.
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  8. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    Can't access metal ireland at work and would love to read this, any chance it could be posted here?

    Edit: Got it there. Nice piece.
  9. avatar The Fires of Hell
    I cant say I sympathise for investing the consolidation of a gargantuan fanbase that much either, but whatever floats your boat.
  10. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    [quote:1b61c699fa="RAAP Management"]
    As for complaining about shelling out hundreds of thousands for big supports (I imagine he's referring to Slayer), [/quote:1b61c699fa]
    I'm assuming its the Tool Euro tour they got. That would've been hella more expensive than Slayer.