1. avatar infidelityJP
    Link to the new song.


    Should have let sleeping dogs lie. "The Dio Years" ? No thanks...
  2. avatar Wd-adam
    Well it's certainly loud enough.
  3. avatar The Fires of Hell
    [quote:57645e7c91] "The Dio Years" ? No thanks... [/quote:57645e7c91]


    'Sign Of The Southern Cross' mean anything to you?
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    Er, Dehumanizer?
  5. avatar The Ronster
    I was under the impression that Sabbath fans LOVE the Dio years.

    And rightly so - they were awesome!
  6. avatar Andrew
    Sabbath with Ozzy was great. Sabbath with Dio was - and is! - the best. This new song is awesome. Can't wait for the tour.
  7. avatar feline1
    Yes but as wretched Brummie bands go,
    Black Sabbath are no Slade at Home,

    who in turn were no Duran Duran in their 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' period.

  8. avatar feline1
    MOREOVER, Ozzy Ozbourne is no Kevin Rowland, and nor will he ever be
  9. avatar whosbainejakey
    Sabbath with a singer who can actually sing? We wouldn't want that now!

    Oh wait, it sounds amazing.
  10. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Fuck me I remember the first time I saw that Kevn Rowland in a record store. I couldnt quite believe my eyes, and still cant ten years later. There's something so... wrong.

    Anyway. Dio conclusively proved on his awesome tour last year why he still has pipes to kill for. This rules.
  11. avatar feline1
    If Black Sabbath reformed, staffed by members of Duran Duran and Slade, with Kevin Rowland on vocals, then THAT would rule.

    Otherwise, I do not accept they rule. They have no mandate, no jurisdiction, no authority. And no nice women's pants.