1. avatar RattzUk
    My first post!
    Reet we've had best lyrics and best backing vocals, best song, most underrated, most been paid for playing, so try this one.

    What's the worse gig you've ever played, for whatever reason, you just wish you'd never done it.

    Ours has to be Giro's. Nobody's fault it was just that anything that could go wrong did.
  2. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    We've only had two gigs where I came off stage knowing I didn't give 100%.

    1) Supporting the Damned last year in Derry. We were mentally exausted due to many things.

    2) That bleedin' ATL "Stars in ewer Ears Thing". Who needs lyrics anywho?

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  3. avatar Andrew
    The worst DF's gigs I can remember were:-

    1) The Dee Dee Ramone tribute night - bit off more than we could chew Ramones covers-wise, plus I was completely exhausted mentally & physically and could barely speak, let alone sing, let alone remember lyrics to ten Ramones songs.

    2) The fastfude gig - we were all over the place, the onstage sound was horrible, and it was clear to us that our days with Cormak were coming to an end.

    3) An FP gig with Goatboy, back when he was guitarist - he was totally bolloxed and couldn't play at all. Then he fell over and unplugged himself. Then he fell over and unplugged Jar. Plus the sound was atrocious. He was told never to play drunk again, yet turned up for the following night's Derry gig completely wrote off, having been drinking with spaniel since 10am. Unbelievably, we let him back in the band some time later, on bass - and, even more unbelievably, he's still with us!!

    The other 217 gigs have all been cool.
  4. avatar Rodantherockband
    Thankfully most of our 2002 gigs have been pretty successful, but back in April we played Katy Dalys with Tank24. When we began our set there were about 40 people in the room - which wasn't too great for a start. But with every song we played more and more people started leaving. By our 5th song there was only Tank24, and the barstaff left in the building. It was utterly humiliating yet hilarious. Then, to complete our humiliation to a biblical proportion, everyone came back in when we finished playing. Why must you mock me O Lord??!!
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  5. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Don't take the Katy Daly's thing personally, they all go next door to that School Disco disgrace. The same happened to us and we rated it our worst gig. Funny thing though is, that we got offered back by KD's.
  6. avatar Kes Carew
    My first post!
    See what happens when you get rid of Paul Brannagh and drop 'sad is the day' from your set.
  7. avatar Andrew
    And change that frickin' drummer. Marcy Simmons is a disgrace.
  8. avatar Kenny jasper
    My first post!
    Too many jasper ones to recall them all... but the KDs stories reminded me of the March 18th gig we did a few years ago in Morrison's where Superskin supported us and were the only people there - and they left as soon as their set finished. I ended up going to the bar while we were playing to get some pints in for the band and a crowd actually arrived while I was doing this - leaving Daithi to sing and then request over the mic could the singer please return to the stage
  9. avatar Rodantherockband
    That's reassuring Smitty
    - a few people said that to us on the night, but I thought they were just trying to make us feel better. To be honest I found it funny more than anything else. If you're in a band you've gotta be thick skinned.

    We actually asked Paul Branagh to rejoin as an erotic stage dancer. Paul if you're reading this - the offer still stands. Edited by: Rodantherockband at: 9/10/02 3:40:35 pm
  10. avatar Captain Anomie
    My first post!
    I would definitly agree about the damned gig being a bit of a mishap. Think all the other gigs were grand.
    There was that time we played with yakuza way way back (the gweedore I think) where I was too drunk and I cant remember playing. It was also freezin.
  11. avatar Rodantherockband
    Marcy Simmons is a genius, especially in the songwriting department.
  12. avatar Andrew
    Quote: We actually asked Paul Branagh to rejoin as an erotic stage dancer. Paul if you're reading this - the offer still stands.

    Luckily for you (and him), he's not online. I think he's one of the few people on Earth who has
    never used the internet!!

    You're right about having to be "thick-skinned" though. A total pre-requisite of being in a band.

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  13. avatar RattzUk
    Not a bad gig, we played well, but when we played the Rosetta (which is a class venue) the only people we played to were Grit, the bouncer, Andy(wot a sound god) the sound man and the barstaff. All we did was basically a 2 hour practice, but with the best sound we've ever had.
  14. avatar Camp XRay
    This really wasn't a 'gig' as such... April 2001 I was 'singing' in this novelty act called Uranium City- self styled worst band in Belfast (but we liked to think of it as one of the most entertaining). Somehow our drummer knew these Dire Straits fans who called themselves The Brent Flood- possibly the most arrogant, dull covers band ever concieved.

    They'd booked Robinsons upstairs for a weeknight and we were told each band had to pay £25 to hire out PA etc. We'd make it back off the door so to pull more of a crowd I said Geisha would play too. When we got there they hadn't hired a thing- they assumed somehow that they could plug into the DJ's PA which is hardwired into the decks. Hm.

    Geisha got to play second (some sort of ego war thing) after these 13 year old kids (I swear to God, their parents were there to watch) and then halfway through our set their drummer came up, mid song, lifted off a crash cymbal, and took his stand home cos it was getting near nine o'clock or some @#%$.

    Then one of The Brent Flood (I think it was the one in the RUC reserves tshirt) asked us to cut our set short cos, like, they had loads of Pearl Jam songs to get through.
    Despite the PA going through a bass amp, our singer Jake managed to get enough people pissed off for us to feed off and it went seriously crazy. Broken sticks were thrown, Chris threw his guitar at Jake, Jake threw Chris at Anto, and at the end the kit was violently dis-assembled. We never got paid although the hi hats guillotined some guy's footswitch, which made it all worthwhile for me.

    Then later they tried to tell Uranium City that we couldn't play at all. But what happened next is another story...
  15. avatar Comrade Luke
    i thought the dangerfields set at the fastfude gig was class...perhaps i was just very drunk...

    as for us...worst gig i think we've played so far (of all 4 gigs we've played lol) and it didn't really go bad, it was just that we were all pretty nervous cause it was the first time we'd played our own stuff live, was in Giro's for the Undead gig...no real @#%$ ups....just lots of nervousness

    i've played FAR worse gigs in other bands, but they don't need to be mentioned lol
  16. avatar RattzUk
    comrade that can't be classsed as a bad gig cos of who u were playing with, the Undead are the best so don't feel down ok
  17. avatar EPK
    Playing with a cover band when a posse of "Travelling People" arrived, got snattered in about half an hour, and proceeded to have the biggest John Wayne saloon fight I've ever seen, with about 50,people having a free for all...bodies sliding along the bar etc.
    The RUC then showed up, and everyone turned on them.
    I hit behind my stack, and tried to get to the door by sliding it along whilst keeping behind it, whilst glases and bottles hit it and flew over it.
    Oh aye, and being threatened with death in Taughmonagh, where we got the gear down in 5 mins and escaped out the back door as the crowd waited at the front.
  18. avatar James Flumox
    The Pit, Bessbrook, Circa 1996. The locals arrived, and it was like 1990 onwards had never happened - one half of the room were The Mettlers (Maiden back patches with tricolours, etc) and the other half were the Dance kids. Raw testosterone and too few unique genes filled the air. 'The Trooper' was our Rawhide. On the way out, Craig Flumox referred to sheepshaggers, someone threw a glass. No idea how we got out alive.

    And about a week later, Newry council threatned us with legal action unless we came down and pulled down all the posters we had put up, which is another (dull) story in itself...
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    What about the time your Christian thrash band Redeemer played to Romanian refugees? They wanted food - you brought them metal and The Lord.

    Sorry, wrong thread - that was your *best* gig.
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  20. avatar Wasp Boy
    Holidays In The Sun 2001.

    Without a doubt, a frickin' farce. 8 minutes on stage, no soundcheck, horrible.

    One of the main reasons that I decided my Dangerfields tour of duty was over.

    Most of the other 60-odd gigs were great.

    Lurgan park was the best. Along with the Castlewellan all-nighter.
  21. avatar Andrew
    Oh yeah, forgot about that one!! HITS was indeed horrible, but hardly a valid reason for quitting?! I never knew that.

    Needless to say, tho - you were back mere weeks later. ;)

    Funny thing about HITS was, I met a few people on that last UK tour (the one with Roxy) who'd seen us at it and thought we were great!! There was one particular loon in Manchester who thought we were one of the best bands of the whole event...!!!
  22. avatar Wasp Boy
    That scares me.
  23. avatar Andrew
    You didn't have to look into his eyes as he said it.
  24. avatar Wasp Boy
    Did Roxy look into his Jap's eye?
  25. avatar Andrew
    Roxy was too busy 'chasing tail' to talk to wretched old punks.
  26. avatar Wasp Boy
    And by 'chasing tail', you mean.........
  27. avatar Andrew
    ...chasing wretched old punks.
  28. avatar decibelrebel002
    My first post!
    worst gig ever.

    Megadeth : Ulster Hall 1995

    without doubt.

  29. avatar Phobic Sting
    My first post!
    worst gig?.....................playing whats the frequency kenneth about 12 times( badly) to a bunch of drunk elvis fans in the middle of nowhere and being chased by said inebriates.....my worst playing was at a covers gig with my old band when i was on bass....my right index finger exploded, my bass broke two strings i then broke the other bands bass and finaly my amp blew up......well it fizzed...
    it didnt matter tho as i was pissed and we got 100 quid to buy me a new bass....which we drank...
  30. avatar T Entertainment
    The Rock Garden, London, July 1992. After an agonising drive down from Stranraer, ended up in hospital with Thunderbird-induced duodenal bleeding hours before the gig. By the time I got back three quarters of the crowd had left and our singer was so p'ssed he could barely see, let alone play. Then retiring to our Uxbridge digs where he downed a bottle of whiskey and proceeded to smash up our host's house and try to fight everyone in the whole word at once.
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  31. avatar Andrew
    Yes, I remember that. I sought sanctuary from his random mania by sleeping in the car. Stainer wasn't so lucky.

    At least we got paid for the gig. Oh sorry wait...
  32. avatar Alternative Ulster
    My first post!
    Was that the Megadeth gig where Pantera supported? If so i thought it was fantastic, although this had nothing to do with Megadeth, who were quite frankly boring, but had everything to do with Pantera's fabulous intensity. Cowboys from hell indeed.
  33. avatar T Entertainment
    Nah, that was 1992 and Pantera were indeed great. They dedicated 'F*cking Hostile' to yours truly, which followed a drunken conversation with Phil Anselmo at the back of the Ulster Hall in the afternoon. I can't remember a thing about it except he nearly broke my fingers with his handshake.