1. avatar Pete
    We're heading up to Einstein Studios in october to record our album. We're probably going to get it mastered elsewhere though, even Frankie thinks its a good idea.

    Any suggestions on where to get it done? Possibly over in mainland UK?? We've heard bad reports of Mid-Atlantic which was our first idea....
  2. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I've never heard of anything bad from Mid-Atlantic before. Trent Studios, in Dublin are also supposed to be good.
  3. avatar zebulon
    Neal Calderwood at Manor Park did a good job for us twice, and one set of recordings was from Frankie's.
  4. avatar die the flu
    Does proper mastering not cost thousands?

    Did I imagine that?

    Is God a gas?
  5. avatar Pete
    Well, really top quality mastering yes... You can get a decent album master done for between £500 and £1000 apparently, and that's good enough to really bring the best out of your tracks. Luckily we've been able to empty our piggy banks for the up coming album project.

    A load of the recording studios over here are great, I've have first hand experience of Einstein, have heard loads about Manor Park and have heard good rumours about EPK's place.

    But often the final step to make it sound just right is just skimmed over here, and you end up with a really good sounding demo, not a really good sounding release... but I realise this is a gross generalisation, I have heard some excellent stuff in recent times
  6. avatar Logansrunners
    I'll do it for £50, for the experience, and sure if you don't like it, you've only wasted £50 and you'll help me be a better masterer in the future. Unless it's on ADAT or Pro Tools format, in which case I can't touch it.
  7. avatar eskimos
    I think you can get a decent master from various software, and it means you can control variables yourself. For example, there's t-racks, which I've used in the past, and I think Mudd from homestead studios uses regularly. You'd maybe do well to give it a go first.
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    yes but what *exactly* is mastering?

    and since when were we on pub110 and not pub38?

    mad, i tell you.
  9. avatar Pete
    There's more to it than running it through a bit of software on a PC. Sure that will help to an extent, and everything should at least be normalised and given a final EQ tweek. But some places have entire studios dedicated to mastering and can charge thousands per album.

    Mastering is a bit of a black art. I'm not 100% certain of the technical stuff, but basically it means going through the recording and making sure the mix sounds the same at different volumes and different media (vinyl, cassette, CD etc). It's especially important for radio. When broadcasting most radio producers will compress the audio quite heavily to assure constant levels. If a track hasn't been properly mastered it will sound very thin and lack depth because of overcompression. But the mastered track won't be affected. Hence why you hear a difference between demos being played and "professional" albums and singles.

    At the mastering stage things like EQ can be fixed as well, to help give the bass a bit of a kick in a certain track, or really help the cymbals sparkle on another. If any of this is technically wrong, I apologise, I'm new to the area and have only started to do a bit of research.

    Frankie let us hear the difference between one of his masters of a track (done for Clay) then the track after they had it properly mastered. It certainly opened my eyes.