1. avatar Jonny Hi Five

    On our new website we were going to have a downloadable *.doc press release, for journalists who come across the site and need info on the band (with picture for printing in whatever publication they write for).

    Is this a good idea? And if so, how do you go about writing a press-release? You know what it's like when you try to say stuff about your own band - you sound cocky and full of crap. Should we get someone else to write something for us? Or what?

    Help apreciated...
  2. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Could someone help us also in that area please. The new demo is nearly done and we are trying to be modest about it (although being modest is a pain in the behind).
  3. avatar Camp XRay
    My first post!
    I'm trying to compile all the reviews of Los Cabras that I can get my hands on for a kinda portfolio thingy.

    Who was it wrote that big plug for themselves a coupla weeks back? I don't think anyone really resents someone blowing their own trumpet, and while it can seem pretty cring-worthy, it's better than nothing. But once someone else writes anything good about you, I'd roll with that.
  4. avatar shanemacgowan
    My first post!
    Straight from the hood and into your stereo. Dirty Stevie,
    who have somewhat burst onto the NI music scene in the past year are set to unleash their self-proclaimed "Spide Rock" onto the wider community. No matter what creed, skin colour or even if you're a hippy, expect to be walloped in the face with the best thing to come off the streets since Johnny Adair last year.

    Full of confidence and charisma, the bad boys of NI rock are to give a new meaning to "F*ck Off" when their new EP comes out in a few weeks.

    Apparently, they shifted thousands of their last cd but failed to make the charts as records that are shop-lifted don't count.
  5. avatar Invinyl Wayne
    My first post!
  6. avatar Cheeses Christ
    There's quite a lot of opinion, and more than a little fact about what should go in a band press release here:


    And if any bands have something and are wondering if it's any good feel free to e-mail it to me and I'll take a look if you like.

    No charge
  7. avatar soulfluff
    My first post!
    camp xray, do you have an email account where I can send some high res photos? they'll take up about 1.5 MB don't want to nuke anyone's hotmail account
  8. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Somebody print this:

    WWW.FASTFUDE.COM, the website that has been credited with bringing the Northern Irish music scene more closer than it’s ever been, is to have musical extravaganza involving no less than 6 bands & 5 DJs on Saturday the 24th of August in The Nerve Centre, Derry.
    The eagerly anticipated gig, will include a mixed bag of genres from the heavy punk rockin’ noise of Belfast’s LOS CABROS, fresh from their blistering set at this year’s Witnness, to the funky beats of Praise resident, PAUL DUFFY.

    Fastfude.com, a website which originally started as a simple university project by it’s founder, Roger Herbert, in 1997 has developed into a flourishing networking tool for young bands who hope to make their name known within the music community. On the site you’ll find an up-to-date gig listing, a news page and a discussion board, which, as it stands, has over 1,500 registered members.
    The site is purely essential if you want to be a part of the local music scene in Northern Ireland.

    The bands & Djs, who hail from all over Ulster, will certainly widen your eyes to the sheer amount of talent that there currently is. ÄUREL, who are on the night’s line-up, are a prime example of this. The 3-piece band, who’ve recently won the Budweiser Premier Band Competition in Ballina were likened to Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies by Jackie Hayden when they got “Demo of the Fortnight” in Hotpress. They will be complemented perfectly by Portadown bravadoes TORINO. The buckfast-fuelled outfit play a mixture of metal and punk that has already proved to be a crowd-pleasing set. Their feisty onstage presence has earned them numerous fans and has earned the repect of their musical peers. The guys also shone in the Gweedore Bar last month when they supported legendary act, The Undead.

    POCKET PROMISE, from Tyrone, are also a must see.
    John O’Neill of The Undertones has already recognised their potential by including them in one his now infamous “Energy Fields” CDs.
    The group are constantly gigging both here and across the Irish Sea and have are still reaming from winning Radio Ulster’s Demo Derby competion.
    BLIND EYE VIEW take on the task of representing co. Down.
    The band, who have performed in venues all across the north, take their influences from acts such as The Wildhearts and Stiff Little Fingers. INVINYL, complete the line-up. The lads, who about to release their fourth demo entitled “Takin’ in the City”, are sure to entertain. Their recent tour of the UK included dates in the prestigious Liverpool venue “The Cavern”, which home to The Beatles in their early years.

    Other Djs on the night come in the form of Alternative Ulster’s Johnny Tiernan, Dodgy Stereo (Belfast) and Derry’s own goth club Hybrid.

    Admission to the gig is £3 and doors open at 9pm.
    If you are travelling from Belfast you may be interested in a bus that has been organised to leave from the Limelight on Ormeau Avenue.
    The bus departs at 7pm, costs only £8 (this includes admission) and returns to Belfast again straight after the gig at approximately 1am. For more details on how to book your seat on the bus visit www.fastfude.com or email fastfude@hotmail.com
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  9. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Y'see that's a thing of beauty.
  10. avatar whosbainejakey
    My first post!
    bringing the Northern Irish music scene more closer than it’s ever been


    Ok, try this instead:

    WWW.FASTFUDE.COM, the premier online resource for Northern Ireland's fast moving music scene, is proud to announce a musical extravaganza involving some of the best local bands and DJs currently in existence.

    On Saturday the 24th of August in The Nerve Centre, Derry, this eagerly anticipated gig will take place, bringing together a mixed goodie bag of genres; from the heavy post-punkin’ noise of Belfast’s LOS CABRAS - fresh from their blistering set at this year’s Witnness - to the funky beats of Praise resident, PAUL DUFFY.

    I'll twiddle the rest for you later if you want, but right now I've got to interview Mundy...

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  11. avatar Blind Eye View


    WEDNESDAY 28th AUGUST 2002


    The Evangelist’s bands new 6-track EP perfectly captures the high-energy factor for which the band have become so renowned for.
    Previous releases have left people astounded at the sheer eccentricity and innovativeness in their song writing and this new release is no different.
    “Circus”, the first song on the cd, instantly lets the listener know what they’re in for, i.e. bizarreness! Hooks are present throughout and live favourites like “Microwave Man” and “Ganjii” are bound to evoke all sorts of thoughts to the listener. They’ve proven themselves as one of the most frequent performing bands by amassing gigs all over Ireland and the UK and have won a large fan base by doing so.
    Among their high-profile gigs include playing alongside punk legends The Damned, Ska-masters “Bad Manners” and American group “The Ikarus Line”.
    They regularly receive airplay and currently are favourites with Across The Line, Radio Ulster’s nightly show and John Peel.

    The new “This Is A Real Rabbit” EP will be available from August 19th in local music stores. With a lot of work to be done in the next few months to promote their new record, The Evangelists have announced the first stage of their tour to coincide with the release (SEE BELOW)

    Following the addition of Simon Kelly to the band in February (as lead vocalist / guitarist),
    Blind Eye View have been busy amassing new material and gigging extensively throughout Ireland, playing to packed crowds in venues such as The Empire Music Hall and Menagerie in Belfast. As well as winning the BBC Radio Ulster ‘Stars In Their Ears’ competition and a recent ‘Battle of the bands’ in Downpatrick, the band have been busy in the studio, recording for tracks for their upcoming debut single ‘Perfume’, release on November 13th 2002. A comprehensive, Ireland wide round of gigs is planned for the CD’s release, many already detailed on the bands' site.

    BEV were one of only six bands chosen to take part in the second ‘Fastfude.com’ Showcase, at Derry’s 600 capacity Nerve Centre venue on Saturday 24th August, full details of which can be found at
    www.fastfude.com . Tracks from a recent acoustic radio session are currently available for download from the bands' site, and a completely new website will be online prior to the release of the bands new single.

    Aurel have a delicate built in sense of dynamics and can build a veritable tornado from the merest whisper" --- Jackie Hayden (Hotpress) Aurel are a three piece Alternative rock Band from Donegal with a huge rock sound that can retreat in an instant to the quietest most fragile places. A sound that is distinctly their own but firmly rooted in the spirit of bands such as The Jesus lizard, Tool, Therapy?, and The Pixies .Winners of the Budweiser recent
    Band challenge in Ballina , they also received an
    enthusiastic review of the bands Demo by Jackie Hayden in Hotpress magazine,
    earning them the coveted "Demo of the fortnight" accolade in April , leading to airplay on John Walshes’ Going Underground show on Dublin’s FM104 and BBC Radio Ulster. Live, is where this band really thrives and have to be seen to be believed. A mixture of the doors potent live unpredictability, Therapy's visceral strength and the songwriting sensibilities of Nirvana and smashing pumpkins. The debut EP is now finished and will be available in the coming weeks on the bands own Drive By Banjo record label.

    Other Evangelists Shows :

    Wednesday 21st August - The Fort, Dungannon
    Thursday 22nd August - The Gweedore, Derry
    Friday 23rd August - The Nucleus, Derry
    Wednesday 28th August - Katy Daly's, Belfast
    Thursday 29th August - Dicey Riley’s, Strabane
    Friday 30th August - Rudden's, Buncrana

    Other Blind Eye View Shows :

    Saturday 24th August - Nerve Centre, Derry
    Friday 6th September - Lower Deck, Dublin
    Thursday 3rd October - The Forge, Downpatrick
    Wednesday 13th October - Katy Dalys, Belfast
    Friday 29th November - Lower Deck, Dublin
    Wednesday 13th December - Katy dalys, Belfast

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  12. avatar T Entertainment
    Yeah, that's not a bad stab but it could be a bit sharper.
    Less repetition of words for a start. "Essential" would suffice, "purely essential" doesn't quite work.... Whosbainejakey's re-draught is very much on the right lines.
    My God! Press releases by committee online. We-are-family, etc.
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  13. avatar The Evangelists
    Yes but Im just a little boy with long hair.
  14. avatar whosbainejakey
    It was dead-on anyway Eamonn, just needed a bit of verbal air-brushing. You can have a gold star and be let off homework tonight...

  15. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Notice how all the journalists are editing their posts. We just can't leave stuff alone.

    Yes, the press release may be a bit rough round the edges.
    But as regards the correct information and enthusiasm for what's actually happening I think it's spot on.

    Anyway, if it was perfect there'd be no need for us reporters.
  16. avatar EPK
    Congrats all round.
    That's the way it should be, with people who know and care sharing. Brought a tear to my eye, before I adjusted my underwear.
  17. avatar koyo66
    "...if it was perfect there'd be no need for us reporters...."
    When I managed Amadan years ago we always wrote press releases in such a way that John O'Doe from the Ballygobackwards Gazette could just use them word for word as finished pieces. And they always did. Edited by: koyo66 at: 8/13/02 10:59:07 pm
  18. avatar Camp XRay
    cabRAS. lOs cabrAs. 'kay? 'mkay.

    iona: i just set this up specially:


    cheers, i love you.
  19. avatar Geekster
    Two of the most common faults of press releases are

    1) Information overkill.
    2) Grossly unsubstantiable claims.

    Bands should also make a clear distinction between Press Release types. A band should have at least two press release / press pack formats to hand. A "Press Ready" format for distribution to publications announcing gigs, releases etc and one for the purposes of marketing to A&R personnel, Radio Stations etc.

    There is NOTHING WORSE than a blatently transparent tissue of lies and hip terminology to put someone off a new band!!

    Avoid cliches at all times. Only draw comparisons where appropriate / evident. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can fool others.

    The secret of good press ready releases is, as Koyo has pointed out, that they should be informative, factual and written in a simple linguistic style in order that they might be reproduced with the minimum of editorial effort on the part of the journalist in question.

    If you are going to use quotes then be sure that you can substantiate their point of origin. Never "invent" quotes about your band, you will be caught out, eventually. Never make bold statements or predictions as these can regrettably backfire (if you make a "next big thing" statement and you're not within six months then why should any journalist take your word on anything the next time you want coverage? In such circumstances it is not just the band who end up with egg on their faces).

    Always target the demographic / readership most likely to be influenced by printed medium exposure. There is no point in blanket mailing every publication in a 200 mile radius of where you are doing a gig. Find out which local newspaper has the biggest or best distribution / readership in the area and put a call into the relevant journalist. Making a personal call can work wonders. The journalists see that they are being treated as an ally and, as such you have the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

    From an A&R perspective, if you're going via the self represented route, always always research your target!!

    Many labels / publishers no longer accept unsolicited works. I've seen A&R depts with boxes of unopened demos / submissions which, since they were unsolicited, will NEVER be listened to.

    If you feel that your music is particularly suited to a certain genre or label or has been likened to a particular band then get the contact name of the relevant A&R person. This will often be included on sleeve notes. Find out as many of the acts that the A&R person has handled, or who are on the label roster, that you can and do your homework on them. This way you can at least strike up a half decent conversation with him / her on a matter of (supposedly) mutual interest. If he / she agrees to accept your demo always remember to thank him / her accordingly. Always state that you'll give them a week or so to digest your material before you make a return call (there are two main reasons for this).

    If all has gone well you'll have imparted information such as the bandname, number of members, number / style of tracks and a broad overview of the band background during the course of the conversation. As such you need only supply minimised info (tel nos / email / web / contact name) as you've already done the groundwork. Once you've mailed the package sit for about a week after your anticipated delivery time. (Reason one) Don't, realistically, expect to hear anything sooner!

    If the A&R really likes your stuff then they'll make the first move by phone, email or whatever. (Reason two) If after two weeks you've heard nothing then make the call.

    This call is perhaps one of the most important contact calls you'll ever make!! If The A&R takes your call be polite and thank him / her for having done so. Don't fly off the handle if you're not his / her cup of tea. Ask if they'd like to be kept up to date with future developments. If they say yes, then well and good, you've made a valuable contact that you can build on. If they say no then thank them for their time and feedback.

    Remember..."Be nice to everyone on your way up...you'll need them all on your way back down". Edited by: Geekster at: 8/14/02 1:14:12 am
  20. avatar fastfude
    eh, I tweaked that release yesterday before I saw half of this, but anyhoo:

  21. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Shane, do you want a job in our PR department once we become fukin huge?

    PS: I love the way BEV played to a packed out crowd at the Empire, it was mostly all our hoods at it, and Answer's farmers.
  22. avatar Blind Eye View
    Besides the point Smitty
    I could also point out that 104 people paid into our last headline show at Katy's while the Dirty Stevie shows in the Menagerie and Mandella pulled in about 40 each .

    And I reckon you can no longer call yourself a hood now that you live in posh BT9, South Belfast !
  23. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    40 punters at the Mandela, fair enough. But we only got the gig one week in advance.

    Take the boy out of the hood, can't take the hood out of the boy! Now do you want to a car radio?
  24. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Girls, put the handbags away.

    Anyway, Answer's crowd weren't just farmers, there were fishermen there as well i think.....
  25. avatar shanemacgowan
    I'll write a full Dirty Stevie Biog/Press thing for a pint of Bailey's.

    Email me via my profile.
  26. avatar Geekster
    Note to Shane MacGowan:

    Remember to write the biog first before engaging your required reimbursement!!!
  27. avatar shanemacgowan
    I hate you mostly because you have teeth and leastly because your name reminds me of Tina Turner.
  28. avatar Geekster
    Sorry, it can't be helped.
  29. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Right, I've finally finished my Fastfude gig preview.

    Like the new front page Rog.

    I've just realised, I need band pics. I'll check the websites, but anyone in a position to e-mail me publicicty shots please do. It'll be much appreciated. Edited by: Cheeses Christ at: 8/15/02 7:43:33 pm
  30. avatar traviswastherain
    My first post!
    Just sent you a couple of Aurel pictures from the site cheeses to your noisegate address. Let me know if you need anything else.