1. avatar purerockfury
    My first post!
    some of you may have changed email addresses etc so here you go


    Unit 2, Northern Whig House

    Bridge St.

    Belfast BT1 1LU

    Tel: 029 90923488

    e-mail: info@nimusic .com

    28 August 2001

    Dear Members

    RE: NIMIC members meeting September 19, 2001.

    I am writing to request your attendance at a members meeting of NIMIC scheduled for 6:00pm on Wednesday, 19 September at the following address:

    The Atrium
    Clanmil Housing
    Northern Whig Building
    Waring Street

    This meeting will provide an opportunity to meet the new Chief Executive and Development Coordinator who have recently joined the organisation and also give these new personnel a chance to present an outline of the action plan for the coming year.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding NIMIC, this meeting will also provide a forum. This meeting will be for members only.

    I would ask you to confirm your attendance either by phone (028 92348 8)
    or email(paul@nimusic.com) and I look forward to meeting you soon.

    Kind Regards

    Paul Clegg
    Development Coordinator
  2. avatar feline1

    At long last, the fabled "public meeting"!

    Will chicken chow mein be on the menu?
    Will Bill Guinney be sick in a bin?
    Will the entire Steering Wheel committe suffer a motion of 'No Confidence' at the wrathful hands of the assembled membership?
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    I personally know the development co-ordinator. NI music is about to get the kick up the hole it needs.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]IVE WORKED ALL DAY TO RE-VAMP THE EVANGELISTS SITE SO BLOODY CLICK ON THIS!!![/url]
  4. avatar feline1
    Ewe personally know him?
    Is that a veiled nepotistic threat? ;-)

    Who is he, this pure'rawk'(shudder)fury, with his paul 'midge' clegg alterego?
    Insectoid testosterone furore? Eee gadd, fly, my puntastic pretties!

    I mean, to coin a pythonism, "*I* didn't vote for 'im!",
    and neither was I allowed to vote for those who appointed him....

    But I trust this will not preclude him from acting in my best interests,
    and those other my fellow musleitechnicians of nornirond.

    I mean, ewe've got to admire the present committee, so dedicated
    were they to representing our best interests, that they even stuck
    tirelessly at it, even 6 months past their elected period, even
    when we submitted a vote of no confidence in them! *That's* what
    I call dedication y'all!
    I mean even when wee zebulon (and I'd be grateful if he'd correct me if I err here), but even when wee zebulon feared that he might not be best able to represent our interests when he, like Heater Panel before him, was on a motorbike in Africa, this great committee, so intent were they in having these interests of ours represented, they wouldn't let him stop representing them for a second y'all, not even from darkest Mozambique. Or sthg.

  5. avatar Cormcolash
    @#%$, I din't know Paul Clegg was on the NIMIC!
  6. avatar feline1
    Well I believe this is his telling us for the first time.

    Your board have appointed him to the salaried role of Development Co-ordinator.
    Or sthg.

    But then, aren't ewe the one who sings that ewe "dont' give a f*ck about the N.I.M.I.C."...?
  7. avatar Cormcolash
    Aye and I don't, I'm just surprised Paul Clegg is on it, considering I don't remember seeing anything about him being on it before.
  8. avatar feline1
    Ewe HAVEN'T seen anything about him being on it before,
    he this is the first public announcement to the NIMIC membership
    of who it was got the salaried job of Development Co-ordinator,
    and the announcement is being made by no less than the successful candidate himself.

    Presumeably he filled in the application form, sent in his CV,
    attended an interview, and, being clearly the best candidate
    according to the stringent criterea applied (decided upon carefully
    by the NIMIC committee whom we elected to represent us) got,
    as it were, the job.
  9. avatar Aidor
    My first post!

    the last time i heard anything aboot these crazy kids was shep shepard, money for musicans and all round marvellousness for northern ireland music!

    that was about two years ago, are they going to finally do something or have they already done something and i just missed it????
  10. avatar Andrew
    Paul Clegg?

    Head honcho of NIMIC??

    WHAT THE...?!?!?!?!?!
  11. avatar Blind Eye View
    do you have to be a member already to attend or can prospective members attend ??
  12. avatar The Evangelists
    Tony Talbot is the co-ordinator i believe

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]The Evangelists[/url]
  13. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    why shouldnt prospective member attend, since the original members memberships have expired have they not?
  14. avatar zebulon
    Yes you have to be a member - it's a members' meeting.

    There will be an official launch later this year, during which prospective members will get all the information they need to decide whether NIMIC can do anything for them or not.
  15. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    yes, its a members meeting, but if the original memberships have expired then there are no actual members left.

    it should be a meeting for those who were members
  16. avatar The Evangelists
    did i spoil the surprise...ooops!
  17. avatar fastfude
    Can people join NIMIC between now and the meeting date in order to attend, or is there a fixed, annual sign-up date?
  18. avatar The Evangelists
    dunno, suppose I should join some day...
  19. avatar No31online
    I'll be pleasantly suprised if they dont sit around getting fat pay cheques whilst organising nice gigs that they want to see and hence getting free tickets for all their mates!!

    I really hope they do something different and worthwhile!!!!
  20. avatar The Evangelists
    then why not forward Ideas to the commiteee. I want them to give money to fastfude for the upkeep of the site and other things.
  21. avatar fastfude
    I doubt NIMIC will be organising gigs directly, they're not promoters.
    They'll be more involved with industry machinations than handing out flyers for gigs.
    At least I think that's the plan. We'll know fo' sho' after the meeting I s'pose
  22. avatar feline1
    Yes but how can a committee whose elected term has expired and who have had a vote of 'No Confidence' submitted against them decide that there will be a 'members only' meeting when the 1 year memberships have expired also?

    In view of this constitutional limbo, I can't see how any interested person could be prevented from attending.

    If we followed the 'rules' to the letter, none of us could attend cos all our memberships have expired :-)
  23. avatar zebulon
    Rog you're right.

    As for membership, anyone can join anytime, but I'm thinking "Why?" - right now there is no point for collective definitive information, so prospective members would be much better to come to the launch where they can find out exactly what it is they're joining and decide in an informed way.
  24. avatar No31online
    I was refering more to the political wranglings that usually end up being the main focus of such *organisations*.
    As long as it aint run like a students union it'll be ok.
    If the people doing it really care about it, and dont just see it as a cushy wee number on the side, the scene might get some where.

    I've seen to many committees full of @#%$ and promise go down that road.
    I live in hope..............
  25. avatar feline1
    Zeb, it's more a question of *what* it is they're joining
    - does it represent their best interests?
    - who decides NIMIC policy?
    - who decides how these 5-figure-sum budgets get spent?
    etc etc

    The constitutional set-up of the organisation is already divided into 'Industry Members' and 'Unpolishable Turds™', and the committee numbers stacked in favpour of the 'industry' lot.

    I have misgivings that this set-up is best able to represent the best interests of musicians (especially since they elected committee have taken all their policy decisions in secret so far and declined to publish any minutes whatsoever despite repeated requests).

    So, thank goodness we can at last have a member's meeting where such issues can be raised and we can all vote and stuff. Yay! :-)
  26. avatar The Fires of Hell
    After the talk of benefit gigs to support FF, would there not be some way of harrassing the NIMIC funding people into donating a paltry amount from the 5 figure budget to the upkeep and maintenance of FF, being as it is the focal point of the movers and the shakers in NI music?

    Have you approached NIMIC before about this and if so what kind of stuff did they say? Im greatly interested for my own board where though the chest has been up two months now and traffic has grown immensely compared to what it was, noone has sought to contribute
  27. avatar The Evangelists
    I've been told that NIMIC want to give some $$ to NI music websites this year so it'll definately worth mentioning Fastfude at the meeting.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]ThE eVaNgElIsTs[/url]
  28. avatar Andrew
    If NIMIC is donating money to 'NI music websites' and it doesn't give some to fastfude, it will be more than a tad farcical...
  29. avatar The Evangelists
    here here
  30. avatar feline1
    Well if y'all turn up at the meeting perhaps there'll be an opportunity to discuss such things?

    I presume that they are taking suggestions now for the meeting's agenda, and that the agenda will be available in advance so as we can prepare items we with to raise?
  31. avatar The Evangelists
    besides not being a member of NIMIC I might be doing the unthinkable on the 19th...Playing a gig.
    So its up to whoevers going to the thing should make sure the proper issues are raised.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]The Evangelists[/url]
  32. avatar Mad Simon
    Maybe the money going to websites should be given to bands inorder for them to set up their own website.

    Fastfude could easily raise money through that whole gig idea, whilst bands maybe do not have that opportunity.
  33. avatar fastfude
    Quote: This meeting will provide an opportunity to meet the new Chief Executive and Development Coordinator who have recently joined the organisation and also give these new personnel a chance to present an outline of the action plan for the coming year.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding NIMIC, this meeting will also provide a forum. This meeting will be for members only.I'd say the specifics of who gets what and why will not be dealt with at this meeting, and more basic introductory stuff will be dealt with first...
  34. avatar feline1
    Yes, they'll be "presenting" the action plan.

    Let's just hope we all like what they present :0)
    I mean I know none of us got to have any input to it, but why should that concern us? :0)
  35. avatar Blind Eye View
    besides not being a member of NIMIC I might be doing the unthinkable on the 19th...Playing a gig.

    Indeed for anyone not able to go to the meeting you could always go to ....

    BEV Promotion Presents ...


    The Front Page, Wed 19th September
    Door : 8.30 pm Admission £3
    Late Bar

  36. avatar The Evangelists
    give money to bands to build websites?? But but it costs next to nothing to build one using things like freeserve and geocities.And theyre just as effective as a "bandname.com". It really does only take a few days to learn basic html. And Frontpage makes things even more basic.

    any other ideas?
  37. avatar fastfude
    although I've seen the source code for the evangelists site made by Frontpage, and had to go lie down for a bit...

    anyway, if I were building a site I'd prefer to get funding assistance in buying a good hosting package with no advertising and cookie-tracking hell hidden in the background, a-la Geocities & Freeserve to name but a few...
  38. avatar No31online
    Is an apache server any use to you???

    Which reminds me, who did i tell i was going to host mp3's for????
    I've lost yer email address!!
  39. avatar Blind Eye View
    that would be me..

  40. avatar Aidor
    i'm sorry! even after reading this thread and other nimic related threads i still haven't got a clear idea what nimic is about!
    can anyone tell me what they basically plan to do!?
    (without saying : go to the meeting, ask after the meeting or any other pish like that! i just want to know the craic!)

  41. avatar feline1
    Maybe they'll knit ewe a new hat? :-)
  42. avatar fastfude
    they haven't said what they plan to do yet, that's what this meeting is for!
  43. avatar feline1
    my point is that they a presumeably planning to ANNOUCE what their plans are for the next year.

    ie, they've already decided.

    What if we members don't like what they've decided?

    It could be ahine?

    Who knows...
  44. avatar Rich9
    no doubt those present will have a chance to air their own ideas before anything is set in stone.

    at last, my own personal studio! midi heaven! >coughs<
  45. avatar PC plodd
    My first post!
    it all sounds funny to me. you mark my words.

    i've got my eye on this.
  46. avatar Smack Weasel
    Give them a chance everyone is jumping on their heads, i say give them a chance and check it out. I personally like what their are doing and what they try and do for people. Check it out at least before you release the inquisitors on a witch hunt especially those who live over here and can benefit from it.
  47. avatar feline1
    Well, they've already had about 2 years y'all.

    And *of course* we're all waiting to see what they have to offer before we pass judgement...
  48. avatar Aidor
    smack weazel "I personally like what their are doing and what they try and do for people"

    i still don't know, what are they trying to do, what are their aims and objectives are!

    2 years and no-one has given me a clear answer

  49. avatar EPK
    "I personally like what their are doing and what they try and do for people"
    Interesting, Smack Weasel. You wouldn't like to inform the rest of us what you're talking about, because I certainly haven't a clue about any of the above.
    As most people here will be mildly aware, I've been interested in the NIMIC debate for a considerable length of time, and I've brought pressure to bear with others in the hope that efforts are brought to bear in even beginning to help the music scene here.
    I've awaited the appointments to the two funded posts, and found out some time ago who the appointees are.
    In agreement with Andrew Griswold, I have to say I'm deeply concerned.
  50. avatar Aidor
    i mean, people are interested in what nimic are going to do.
    people are even defending them without knowing what they are about. for all we know, we could be waiting for something that doesn't have anything to do with us.


    see my point!

    (actually the way nimic is moving at the minute, it probably is monkeys)*

    *before you start, i'm not getting a fly dig in at anybody here who's involved with nimic... actually i am, but i'm just kidding!
  51. avatar Meerium
    So who's going to the meeting then? I'm coming back from Liverpool for it - will I have some people to go for beers with afterwards?!! Such priorities I know, but hey, I'm appearing for one week only....
  52. avatar fastfude
    aye, I'll be there, beer sounds like a good plan...
  53. avatar EPK
    Oh aye Meerium...I'll be there for beer afterwards.
    D'you not read your emails, girl?
  54. avatar The Evangelists
    I dont think I can come as i'm not a member and dont have a notion how to become one. But if im in the area Im gonna go to that gig in the Frontpage that BEV is going on about.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]Le Evangelists(we are not French)[/url]
  55. avatar Blind Eye View
    that would be...

    Wednesday 19th September
    Front Page, Belfast - 8.30pm £3


  56. avatar feline1
    You youngsters should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Why not just go and join New Labour right now...?
  57. avatar EPK
    well, Eamonn...email them and ask to join.
    You can go to the meeting and then the gig afterwards...like I am.
  58. avatar Meerium
    Soz Eamonn, your email hasn't arrived so I haven't read it
    But it'll be cool to see ya. Sorry I wasn't in touch during August, I spent my holiday sleeping and eating. And it'll be good to meet Rog too. Oh it's going to be a happy little party!!!
  59. avatar fastfude
    just a reminder that this members' meeting is coming up THIS WEDNESDAY, 19th SEPTEMBER at 6pm
  60. avatar Rich9
    the map:
  61. avatar feline1
    Do you get in free if you wear a whig then?
  62. avatar feline1
    Yes but do tell us ex-pats what happens tonight, won't y'all?
  63. avatar Blind Eye View
    is Bill Guiney going ? Will he be sick in the bin again ?


    Wed 03 Oct - Art College, Belfast (with JPL)
    Tues 23 Oct - Katy Dalys, Belfast (with Rikmandu)
  64. avatar fastfude
    see y'all in an hour then?
  65. avatar Wasp Boy
    I can't go as I am ill in the head.

    Start some fights for me.
  66. avatar Andrew
    I can't go as I am in bed with a minor. Please punch a random stranger for me.
  67. avatar Wasp Boy
    What, is Matthias J about?
  68. avatar fastfude
    The NIMIC activity proposal document distributed at the meeting can be found here:

  69. avatar The Evangelists
    Methinks that last nights meeting was rather constructive.
    Loadsa stuff about to happen so its up to bands to get up off their arses and make sure their in the running.

    Oh yeah, the trade fairs are on 2002 not 2001.

  70. avatar EPK
    Some interesting stuff, but still a lot of stuff I have worries about and problems with, not least the postponement of elections already nine months overdue by another six months.
    I'll be doing a personal response to Tony Talbot.
  71. avatar feline1
    The proposals on that sheet sound broadly fine to me,
    if a little vague.

    (For example, they are proposing a scheme to provide "tour support" for
    bands....the criterea for suitablilty obviously need to be explained
    much more fully, otherwise every student band who've had 5 practices in
    a garage will be applying for NIMIC to send them on a 15 date headlining
    UK tour... ;-)

    What I remain rather flabbergasted by are the constitution issues vis-a-vis
    any NIMIC committee.
    Since the current committee have exceeded thier elected term,
    and had a vote of No Confidence carried against them,
    one wonders on exactly what basis they are running the organisation!?
    It is ahine.
  72. avatar The Evangelists
    I think they're looking for backstage personell rather than bands. Feline1 where do you live? In Belfast, no?
  73. avatar feline1
    No indeed.
    Do try and pay more attention, y'all...
  74. avatar feline1
    Yes but come on y'all -
    what actually "happened" at the meeting?

    I suppose minutes are too much to ask for?!
    (since none have been available for any NIMIC antics thus far...)

    I'd give a guarded welcome to the proposals sheet
    (although did it really take them 18 months to come up with it?),
    but I'd like to know what was said and done at the meeting.
  75. avatar fastfude
    some points from the meeting here:


    made a new thread to cover the postmortem, to save us all having to wade through 3 pages of pre-meeting chat.