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Eamonn's Wicked Review
  1. avatar New European
    My first post!
    [quote=Eamonn P Keyes][url=/review.php?id=345]Spaniel covered it all in the summing up of the June 13th gig[/url]. And I quote:

    "This band need to go back into rehearsal for six months and work their asses off. Finish writing the songs, work on arrangements, get a singer.
    Or can they be bothered? Is it all a bit of fun? If so then fair enough. Get your mates to attend all your gigs and have a live rehearsal, have a laugh, why not, but don’t ask me for two quid at the door"

    I've nothing to add to the above, except to say that it was four quid.[/quote]

    Really? I thought they were called The Wicked Wicked Cowgirls rather than the Wicked Cowgirls. Plus I also heard they were having serious technical problems on Saturday night. Give them a bloody chance.
  2. avatar THe Great Pebble
    Frankly I prefered the concise version

    Mek !
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    i really strongly disagree with that whole 'don't charge me two pounds' thing. if you go see a band and you don't know what they're like... tough. you didn't think they seemed all that good? someone else may have thought it was 'avant-garde' ( :)
    just don't go and see them next time. simple.

    i like WWCG
  4. avatar THe Great Pebble
    "Avant-garde" and "not all that good" are so frequently synonymous it hardly seems worth drawing the distinction between them.

    Mek !
  5. avatar fhoadam



  6. avatar Smallsquare
    I know,lets argue about it!Everybody wins.
  7. avatar jenl
    Ezboard really need a 'handbag' emitcon ...
  8. avatar New European
    Why? So Eamonn can smack bands with unforseeable technical porblems playing their fist gig with a new line-up with the handbag?
  9. avatar Cormcolash
    I heard they liked it. I also heard they're better than Goth Night.
  10. avatar Barbaroolla
    My first post!
    hey I was there and the sound was pretty atrocious for the first few songs.it rectified itself later.
    unfortunately I noticed that Mr Keyes left about 3 songs in (nice blonde piece BTW).

    shouldn't you sit thru a whole set before posting a review? especially when it's pretty obvious, even to the more inexperienced gig go-err that there are technical problems?
  11. avatar feline1
    Maybe Keysers was just employing the "Oh Yeah" method ;-)

    Pebble - re The Avant Garde..... ewe really *are* a spide, aren't ewe? :-O
  12. avatar fhoadam
    people dont care if there are techincal difficulties. they wanna hear a good band. i personally hate bands who go on stage and say things like, 'we're new so we're a bit rough' or
    'oh my guitar volume knob isnt working'

    when you go to a gig, you dont want to hear excuses for bad performance. you expect the band to be ready. its nice to see a band that puts their all into their performance and to know that they know what they're doing. if its a bit of fun, fair enough, but dont exect people to be amazed at laziness
  13. avatar New European
    I'm eager to see your next gig Adam. I hope you don't experienec any unforseen technical problems, because that would mean you're lazy. Muh.
  14. avatar feline1
    I agree 100% with Adam, that audiences don't care WHY it sounds crap,
    they just think it sounds crap and that's it.

    This is why I am often so MORTIFIED by *some* of the "soundmen" out there,
    who can make a band sound crap no matter how well they play, and how
    well rehearsed they are :-(
  15. avatar Barbaroolla
    where you there?
    answer: no

    no one was saying "ooh me guitar doesn't work, I'm away to cry" or indeed "we're new so squint your ears a bit". there were obvious technical problems which were rectified a few songs in.
    Unfortunately Eamonn had left by then. it wasn't a bad performance. if you're crap, you're crap. fair enuff. but if no-one can hear what they're playing cos of bad sound the overall result is going to be of a very disjointed
    performance. which is what the first few songs were like. in fact i was like "er what's going on". the mid-latter songs weren't like this.

    I think it is a very valid question to ask why someone who is regarded as quite an influential and experienced person on the belfast scene posts such a review when he didn't stay the whole set. or indeed a substantial part.
  16. avatar fhoadam
    coming from a guy in an imaginary band
  17. avatar fhoadam
    doesnt matter if i was there or not, the point i was making is that their excuse doent matter to anyone
  18. avatar Barbaroolla
    as far as i can see they have not made excuses?

    also *i* am not excusing but *explaining* the situation to those who weren't there. and asking question.

    they have no need to excuse themselves.

    especially to "anyone"
  19. avatar fhoadam
    eno*ugh* the'n'
  20. avatar Cormcolash
    Whats the big deal anyway? So they got a bad review. So what? Every band at some point in their existence is gonna get bad reviews, they'd have to be utterly amazing not to. Now if someone writes a bad review, all it means is that the person didn't think the band were any good. That person doesn't have to say why they thought that. Reviews are about what someone thought of a band, and although they often say why the person thought this, they don't have to, do they?
    We've had a good few bad reviews so far, and for the most part I just ignore them, after all only a minority of people like punk to start with. I don't care if someone doesn't like our band, I couldn't give a @#%$ cause its not gonna stop me doing what I do.
    A bad review sure ain't the end of the world.
  21. avatar Barbaroolla
    you're enough to make me cry.
    then i remember why not to
  22. avatar Cormcolash
    Cry, dammit, cry!
  23. avatar feline1
    Yeah, but we just should never have been having this discussion in the first place:

    "initial sound problems" are supposed to crop up in the soundcheck,
    and be fixed there ....
    ....not during the first 3 songs of your set
    (which are the 3 most important ones where your audience either decide
    your brill, or walk out).

    So - who was completely and utterly to blame, that's what I'd like to know!
    Who "did" the "sound", eh?
  24. avatar Blind Eye View
    put away the claws for gods sake !

    Right I was there and without meaning to slag anyone off, despite the technical problems the band did seem a tad under rehearsed, for example there was a few songs where the singer had to turn round and seemed to be guiding the drummer through the song.

    The songs sounded great, and I genuienly think that if that were a bit tighter then they'd have been brilliant.

    And Eamonn was actually at the gig, hows about people who weren't stop criticing Eamon who was a *paying punter* at the gig and hence is perfectly entitled to his opinon. Me and Spaniel on the other hand got in free so we'll shut up

    is that constructive enough ??
  25. avatar Suki Monster
    I dont see what the point of eamonn doing just cutting and pasting spaniels review I dont see the purpose of this.
  26. avatar Blind Eye View
    I think he was trying to say that spaniel had made some points about a gig two months ago that applied to the gig last saturday. Hows about we all leave EPK alone untill he's actually about to defend himself...

    [quote:1ec0c0fda1]I noticed that Mr Keyes left about 3 songs in (nice blonde piece BTW).[/quote:1ec0c0fda1]

    What's that all about ? I think you'll find that was the girlfriend of That man Fanjo, who was drinking with EPK. No need to take it down a level

    I think it is a very valid question to ask why someone who is regarded as quite an influential and experienced person on the belfast scene posts such a review when he didn't stay the whole set. or indeed a substantial part.

    Just because we had moved round the bar doesn't mean we couldn't hear ! We were sat in the seats immediately round from the 'band area' so we could hear fine, we just couldn't see what was going on.
  27. avatar Suki Monster
    No point if you ask me.
  28. avatar THe Great Pebble

    I'm pished, so obviously.....

    The Keyes bloke was there until the end of the evening, not (insert number of songs) in.... In fact he gave several board persons a lift home so FrrrrrrrrT (which is like a big ya-boo sucks)

    The review published was more.....detailed than that originally mooted.
    And EPK is entitled to his opinion.
    If you want to ensure good reviews pay a twat to post sycophantic witterings for you.

    Mek !

    Catflap, yes I really am.
    I wouldn't have said it otherwise.
  29. avatar cosmopolitan
    i thought by saying "nice blonde bit", barbaroolla meant Eammon was wearing a wig !!!
  30. avatar VelvetHaze John
    My first post!
    Well i'm going to the front page tonight to see what all the fuss is about.
    What is it they say - there's no such thing as bad publicity.

    (just to check - are all the bands gonna turn up tonight?)
  31. avatar EPK
    As others have pointed out, I was actually there the entire evening, spending the latter part of the WWC set at the back.
    The reason I left was mostly due to the horrendous noise at very close level...I was sitting right next to the speakers...and had had enough due to huge bassness during Fanjo's set which had swamped the sound.
    The WWC had technical problems a "soundcheck" where no-one actually played a song. An amp went down due to poorly maintained bits falling inside it, and had to be replaced.
    I provided the other amp for the WWC.
    I copied Spaniel's review because he'd made points about the band in June...and they'd obviously been ignored as they were all alarmingly relevant. I remembered his being pilloried about the review by the band.
    They'd have done better to listen instead of talking back to him.
    The set was a shambles, performances were utterly dire,and the material was poor.
    In reviewing stuff, I try to be objective. I don't review people I'm associated with for that reason.
    Hence, unless a review is dealt with in the same objective spirit, I'll give short shift to squealings from band friends....or the usual opportunistic scowlers.
    I watched people leave the bar because of what they were listening to, and in speaking to them it became apparent that they won't be present in future at any "local" music events, as they perceived Saturday night to be.
    Every so often the truth has to be told. Spaniel told it, and was dead on the money.
    Here's a hint,until you learn to play serenade your friends in a garage or at a private party. Don't take it to the public. Fluff like this just hinders any attempts to build a credible scene.
    Mr. Fanjo'll answer any remarks about his "blond piece".
    I'm sure she'll be thrilled to be described as such.
  32. avatar Niall Harden
    i think people assumed from the 'review' that the performance was 'OK' and not 'the next Radiohead'... if they really were that bad then fair enough!
  33. avatar feline1
    They are clearly all very wicked
    and should be spanked and sent to bed.
  34. avatar emo goblin
    I was there, it was good, there was problems at the start - so give them a break. As soon as they came on, even before a note had been played, MR. EPK was already looking less than unenthusiastic. If you agre that at the start of the set there was a booming bassness to it all, why didnt you comment about that in your post? Dont you think that the set there after was good? Both times that they have been criticised has been due to bad sound - so how's about showing a bit of unity in this thing called a scene(which you all hark on about) and give them a @#%$ break. After all, I havent said @#%$ about bands that I dont like; I could easily slate loadsa bands just cuz I dont particularly like their brand; for example: I'm wasnt a greta fan of That Man Fanjo- though they are good at what they do, likewise EPK, I aint a great fan of The Delicious Covered Chocolate Boys- though I'm not gonna sit and say @#%$ about you's. Likewise again; Adam? What the @#%$? All you ever seem to do is criticise other bands - how about you actually get off yer ass and play somewhere. Hmmm, age mellows? I think not.......stop being old farts. :P
  35. avatar feline1
    We have still to be told Who was Doing, as it were, The Sound...
  36. avatar Blind Eye View
    t'was Harbo, who does sound at all the Duke of York gigs.
  37. avatar feline1
    Auch wee Harbo.

    I found it quite hilarious when wee put on "PETS WIN PRIZES" in there,
    and we had our usual ten million fluoerscent cables and stuff, and
    lent Harbo various DI boxes and XLRs...
    then right at the very end he sheepishly asked
    "um, do you have any gaffa tape?"

    Somewhat egregiously, we didn't, and so we had to use PDQ's whips instead, or sthg.
  38. avatar Wasp Boy
    Adam, the first Fragile Human Organs gig had better be nothing short of spectacular.

    Gigs help a band to understand their difficulties, and well-put criticism is something that can be put to good use. Also, bear in mind that a lot of people go to gigs for 'fun', and to support their friends.

    I would infinetely prefer to have a laugh and play some songs to a happy, friendly crowd, than to play in a some cold wee room where my audience is one guy who comments on my 'technical prowess', and some other guy passed out on the floor.

    Sorry, just my opinion.

    I, for one, will be there tonight. I have never seen them, but am glad to offer support to any new bands. If that's a problem, please shoot me.
  39. avatar feline1
    I heard that's not all you'll be 'offering' to the wicked wicked Cowgirls, Waspboy...
  40. avatar Wasp Boy
    Hush Now.

    Example - The Feline Dream gigs I attended were good fun but I could comment on technicalities.

  41. avatar fhoadam
    emo: what do you think i'm doing you goit? we will when we're ready
    wasp: there would be too much thought put into what we're doing for you to like
  42. avatar feline1
    If you look up the word "oxymoron" in the dictionary, you will see it defined
    as "an unfeasable juxtaposition of seemingly incompatable things, used for artistic effect - for example: feline2, and a vast technical array of 150 wires all of which need to work properly"
  43. avatar Wasp Boy
    Adam, I was merely responding to points raised by yourselves and others. Yhe fact I mentioned your name was a relevant to the point that I had noticed a few things you said in your posts.

    As to me not liking Fragile Human Organs because of there being too much thought put into it.....well yeah, I'm sure you've browsed through my record collection.

    I'm off to listen to 4/4 3-chord Punk Rock then. Maybe I'll dribble over myself for good measure.

  44. avatar The Fires of Hell
    I have to agree there, Adam I think that was a shade uncalled for
    because the original point was valid enough.

    As for Eammons / Spaniels review, Epk is dead right. If a band is useless the truth needs to be told and respect should be given to someone BRAVE enough to tell the band exactly what they think of the music and performance. Personalities dont come into it.

    Constructive criticism is the best thing for a band.
  45. avatar EPK
    As Spaniel found out last time, giving someone a poor review can be unpleasant for the reviewer also.
    I do usually try to point out where things could be improved, and emphasise what good points there were.
    Spaniel had already covered the former, and for once I was stumped for the latter.
    Two months after the original review, some progress should have been evident. The band decided themselves that they were ready to play the Duke. No one forced them.
    If they are unable to take on board criticism from two different sources agreeing on the same things, perhaps they need to reassess their position.
  46. avatar Niall Harden
    i still find it humourous that they're getting huge publicity (isjh) and a turnout at their gigs on the back of two bad reviews... i like them though.
  47. avatar Laura Anne C
    As an objective (I think) lurker on this thread I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents...

    The first gig I did was a very poor affair as we hadn't intended to be in the lineup (O'Neills, May 2001), didn't have a drummer yet and frankly weren't ready. That said, we struggled through what was (I think everyone agreed) not the most ideal of sound situations and our first stage performance.

    At the end of the gig, I knew myself that we had a lot of work to do, and was introduced to EPK who very kindly took the time to give me his opinion of where we could improve. I could have been thin-skinned, ran away crying and threw my keyboard in the bin; but instead I said "thank you very much we'll take that on board"...after all, if you're making music for the public, if they aren't liking it then listen to them!

    So we listened.

    We learned.

    We practiced.


    Three months later and we're playing to 30,000 people in Cheltenham this weekend, with a proper album on the way.

    And if it hadn't been for EPK's constructive criticisms that night at O'Neills I would either have continued on oblivious or packed it all in - so don't be disheartened when you get a "bad review". Take the points on board, say 'fair enough' and work towards making the next review a good one.


    **steps down from soapbox**


    [url="http://www.laura-anne.co.uk"]www.laura-anne.co.uk[/url] Edited by: Laura Anne C  at: 8/22/01 6:40:42 pm
  48. avatar vitamin
    My first post!
    want to know if your band are any good?

    2 tests:

    No 1(the toughy): when practicing play one of your songs. Then listen to Kid Rock. Did your band sound as bad ass as his? No? Exactly! Thats why he " goes platinum selling rhymes!" he "went platinum seven times!"

    No 2: invite sukimonster to one of your gigs play your best song then invite him towards the stage. Lift his skirt and check your reading on his 'indicator'.If your band is good he will salute you.
  49. avatar New European
    Funny, although its a pretentious thing to say, I always thought bands that only made music as long as people liked it were called muppets.
  50. avatar EPK
    Thanx, Laura Anne. That's the reason I do reviews and spend so much time attending gigs. I actually do want to see as many people as possible being successful, or at least doing what they do well.

    Playing music is a privilege, and there are many, many talented people who can't get gigs and therefore a chance to show what they can do. So when I see a band on stage they'd better have a good reason to be there. I don't have to like them. I can appreciate that someone is working well within their genre whilst still not being my cuppa tea.

    Bands have a choice in what they do. Audiences have a choice in what they do too. If you're a band, it's not your mates you should be impressing, it's the people who walked in and have never heard of you. That's the people you want on board, and who you should be working for.
    If you aren't prepared to work for them, get off the stage, sell your axe and make room for people who will.
  51. avatar Cormcolash
    When we played the Duke of York on New Year's Eve, the sound was amazing! It was incredibly loud and sounded great! In fact, we usually get good sound there.
  52. avatar feline1
    What, you mean your vocals sounded like that mawn who used to sell the Seacks Leayate Tellllaaaaaaaaaayo instead of Nigel Dodds? :-)
  53. avatar jukeband
    well i just saw them tonight
    yes practise will help but they DO have potential, rather enjoyed the set, mmmmm... keyboard player mmmm..
  54. avatar queneau69
    My first post!
    yes, nice aesthetics do always soften din. ;)

    That's the only raison d'etre I can find for the continued existence of Minty, Veruca Salt and a few others.
  55. avatar Anonymous
    well talking of unpracticed bands. when i was in chickenpox and playing my first gig in the limelight when i was 14. we practiced once 3 days before the gig for 2 hours without a drummer. then brian from watercress just improvised live and we didnt sound all that bad i think. but thats just me.
  56. avatar Cormcolash
    Nigel Dodds is "my MP". Ha. I reckon he actually looks evil, and quite probably is. Course, I'd say the DUP are sectarian too.
  57. avatar That Man Fanjo
    My first post!
    I have been following this discussion with interest since it started, but have kept my gub shut - purely because my own opinion on the matter is at odds with what everyone else has been nattering on about.
    Like, for example, there were two bands playing - mine being one of them - both of whom had a sound that was less than ideal. So what? "Florence bring the onions, let us weep." (c. Covami 1913) A good sound is nice to have, but circumstances often dictate more than a soundman can, especially when times'a pressing and everyone's running late: a cloudy sounding bass amp'll dominate the mix purely because volume is used to compensate for clarity. This affected TMF and WWC equally... and was the reason Mr Keyes shifted round the corner, because his ears were bleeding from sitting inches away from the PA speaker.
    As for the review: a)it might have been lifted from other sources, but surely that was the whole point? The fact that some people have leapt to the Cowgirls' defence in the face of some fairly neutral criticism underlines the fact that they're looking at the band from a wholly different perspective than the reviewer. To dismiss the review(er)is to miss the point: after all, the band itself wasn't dismissed.
    b)the review itself was a mighty toned down version of what it might have been. Constructive? Yes... Objective? Yes... Pleasing to the eye? Not particularly.
    It's all part of the process - bands do not exist in a vaccuum... if yer going to expose yerself (oooer) to the public, then the response of the public is inevitable - Why do it otherwise?
    It's interesting to note that the Cowgirls themselves don't seem to have entered this debate - which is good, because they were all sound people. I heard things I liked in their set, but that doesn't stop me from agreeing with much of what Eamonn/Spaniel said. They could - and will - be more impressive in the future, but like the rest of us, it takes a bit of graft to get where we want to go.
    As for the 'nice blonde piece' - I fear I must agree: Bev is a splendidly attractive lady. And a lucky one too, to have wound up with a crazy cat like me(!)

    Anyway, I think this whole debate has missed the point. The Cowgirls have registered no complaint regarding the review, and I think that's the most telling thing about the thread. Sometimes a harsh (?) word is required to bring things into perspective, and with a little more focus I think WWC could harness what they're after.
    Me? My only complaint is that That Man Fanjo's bass-heavy-but-stirling performance seems to have almost completely overlooked in the discussion.
    ... Just don't mention the solo.
  58. avatar feline1
    [o]A good sound is nice to have, but circumstances often dictate more than a soundman can, especially when times'a pressing and everyone's running late: a cloudy sounding bass amp'll dominate the mix purely because volume is used to compensate for clarity. This affected TMF and WWC equally... and was the reason Mr Keyes shifted round the corner, because his ears were bleeding from sitting inches away from the PA speaker[/i]

    If my sound made someone's ears bleed and forced them to leave the room, I'd be utterly mortified :-O
    A good sound is not merely "nice to have" - in many ways, your sound is *ALL THERE IS*.

    A band with band sound is like a television with a snowy rolling picture, or a book with blurred illegible text: the content is near totally obscured and it matters not one wit how good or bad it is: no-one will ever frikkin' know!
  59. avatar VelvetHaze John
    Most people blame the band for bad sound. I know its not fair and its not right but the amount of times i've heard from non-muso people that "the singer is weak - he/she didn't sing loud enough" just pisses me off. I wouldn't want to go on stage if i knew the sound wasn't right cause most people will just think you're shi1t. In a perfect world we'd all have our own PA and expert soundman who followed us everywhere.....
  60. avatar feline1
    Well, just get Keysers instead :-)
  61. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Fascinating Captain.
  62. avatar Blind Eye View
    its true that many people blame the band for the bad sound, and many blame the soundman, but usually the technical working of a gig is due in part to both, eg at the WWCG gig the bass went a bit mental at times which can be attributed to Harbo, but then a song had to be stopped as the battery in the guitar players pedla ran out.

    And while not relevant to the DoY gig, it amazes how many people in bands don't adequately try to prevent some things from going wrong. I mean, even though I'm a drummer I still know that if you're using a pedal you should put a bit of gaffa to keep the lead in and a couple of bits to hold it down on the floor, you should put your lead round the strap so it won't come out if you stand on it and you should either gaff your strap or use those wee plastic clips to stop your strap falling off......just as drummer should have extra sticks, a spare snare if possible and carpet to stop the kit moving in five different directions.

  63. avatar feline1
    I used to like the Living Carpets at Les's LunchClub
  64. avatar EPK
    Anything that can go wrong at gigs will.
    See the More Analogue than Ever gig, which ground to a halt because of a faulty lead at the moment it started.
    Unless you narrow down the possibilities by ensuring, as Ryan says, that your stuff is working fine, has new batteries, back up leads n'stuff, you may just end up looking Very Stupid.Whilst doing sound, I don't carry a rupture causing bag weighing about 15 kilos around for fun.
    Contained therein is every type of lead you'll need, and several of each, plus gaffer tape, screwdrivers, soldering stuff, batteries and a blow up doll.
  65. avatar feline1
    Aye, that bloody lead! :-O

    It just KNEW it could stop the entire show by failing at that exact moment, having werked perfectly for the past 3 years.

    AHINE :-O
  66. avatar Cormcolash
    The majority of times we've had bad sound has been down to the soundman, although sometimes parts of the equipment mess up and stuff. We usually get decent sound at gigs though, if the soundperson uses the simple method of 'turning everything up'.
  67. avatar Blind Eye View
    true, but things like Jar Jars pedal lead coming out (which seems to happen with alarming regularity !!
    ) has a rather significant effect on the sound, but can't be blamed on the soundman... both the band and the soundman have to ensure that things run smoothly
  68. avatar feline1
    Sometimes I find the audience are all just spides and haven't learnt the songs or *anything* though :-(
  69. avatar VelvetHaze John
    Most of the "bad" sound i have heard in belfast is just from the vocals being too low (or everything else too high).
    There's not much point if you can't hear the melody being sung now is there?
  70. avatar feline1
    Indeed, this happened at "...And Nobody Played Guitar", everyone came and complained about it to us afterwards :-(
  71. avatar emo goblin
    "emo: what do you think i'm doing you goit? we will when we're ready"
    When will this be? Take it then that you'll be perfect? Hope EPK will give you a "fair" and impartial review much like the WWC one.......

    "wasp: there would be too much thought put into what we're doing for you to like"

    The WWC havent got involved cuz I dont think they really care what anyone on Fast Fude said - it's generally ran by little Clics.......also; they played last night and it was a stirling performance - though again stuff could be said about the sound - though let's face it; they were playing the Front Page with
    less than adequate monitors et al.....
  72. avatar feline1
    Ewe mean 'cliques', sigh...
  73. avatar emo goblin
    I blame it on the education system....
  74. avatar feline1
    Yeah, it's all run by cliques too... ;-)
  75. avatar emo goblin
    Damn straight - bloody teachers......
  76. avatar feline1
    I'm pleased to say that many of the nastiest ones from Methodick are dead now.
    A fitting end to a lifetime of bullying children
  77. avatar fhoadam
    Emo, you're perfectly welcome to come to our first gig and write your own review.
  78. avatar emo goblin
    I will.....though my review will probably consist of
    GOOD or BAD. I only argue when someone annoys the hell outta me.
  79. avatar EPK
    Emo. Several points.
    Firstly, explain just what you mean by asking whether I'll give someone a "fair and impartial review".
    Is the insinuation that I'll give a nice wee cosy one just because I know someone involved?
    I'll give the truth to whoever needs it, which is perhaps something friends should do sooner.
    You obviously haven't been around here long enough to know that's never been the case, and that there's been similar debate about my reviews going back years.
    Secondly, if FF is run by "little clics"(sic)b by which I assume you're talking about "little cliques", I'd like to know just who these cliques consist of, and how they endeavour to run the board.
    There's also the possibility that you don't know what you're talking about, which is more probably the case.
    If you count the WWC's performances as "sterling", I'd assume you're talking about the bomber rather than the currency standard.
    The bomber was underpowered, unsuited to it's task, and failed to live up to its expectations, being quickly replaced by better models. That sounds about right.
  80. avatar feline1
    Y'see y'all,
    certain bold bands, like The Feline Dream, the Sexy Samurai, Cecil's Flea Circus, and the Wicked *Wicked* CowGurls,
    they know how to cause a scene y'all...
  81. avatar emo goblin
    Look EPK, I mean that I think your review of WWC was gonna be bad from the start and that all you needed was an excuse - though I could be wrong. I think you just wanted to back up what Spaniel had previously said in order to some how cement your friendship. To be honest if you looked around yourself at the Duke Of York dont you think that most, if not at least a damn lot of people there, were there to see WWC. Dosent this mean that they are doing something right? Not to mention that they got a good reception at the Front Page also last night.
    So were down to the level of slagging cuz I aint the best speller in the world? Oh, I think I'll go shoot myself you prinickey XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. As for clics - see I spelt it wrong again - oh the humanity of it all - I was referring to, I suppose not only Fast Fude, but our wee scene in general. Everyone gets involved with their own little circle of friends or bands to the expence of others. If anything I think you owe a lot to bands like WWC. As Feline said, it's bands like that which keep the scene alive cuz everyone keeps talking about them. I think you should point your energies into being somewhat more helpful and less cynical. Could you not have a least wrote an entire review yourself instead of not being bothered and copying out Spaniels old one? If you are angry that you had to spend money on such a gig, why not go ask Johnny Hero for your money back? After all, the WWC didnt get a penny. How about going and criticing him? If the WWC werent, in your opinion, ready to lay, shouldnt he have researched them better as to avoid such pointless argumensts as are going on now but will none the less not be concluded?

    Construcive criticism and some advice go a long way. Rewritten words and drivel mean nothing and are the bane of OUR scene.
  82. avatar spaniel
    Cement our friendship?
    We don't use cement, we use man cream.

    The trick is to know when to stop digging by the way.
  83. avatar emo goblin
    I digging myself in anywhere. I think, as things are, that I'm perfectly right in my opinion and that I have every right to voice these opinions. Isnt this a forum for caht and discussion? Oh, are we not allowed to dicuss one another's reviews and replies? I dont *think* that I was the one who started this thing off.......
  84. avatar emo goblin
    Cant everyone just get along play like nice children?
    I will if everyone else does.....
  85. avatar spaniel
    . Edited by: spaniel at: 8/23/01 5:38:47 pm
  86. avatar emo goblin
    I already read it......though it wasnt nasty; why'd you edit out?
  87. avatar EPK
    Mr Emo, as Spaniel suggests, it might be time to stop digging. I've known Spaniel for nearly 14 years.
    Every sentence of what you wrote proves that you haven't a clue what you're talking about and who you're talking about.
    I take exception to being accused of deciding a review in advance. Can you supply information to support this, or was this opinion generated by the random collision of a few brain cells?
    Having a crowd of friends come see you doesn't mean that you're doing things right.
    Having a crowd who DON'T know you shows you're doing things right.
    I'll talk to Johnny Hero, and berate him strongly for having driven round the band's houses,kidnapped them, tied them up, dragged them on stage, and forced them to play a set before they were ready. We can't let him get away with such a thing.
    So far it's his fault, my fault, and the soundman's fault.
    I'm sure we'll drag in a few more suspects before this is finished.
    I owe nothing to any band. The only reason that the scene as it currently stands exists is because Roger set this board up, giving equal opportunity of publicity to deserving and undeserving equally.
    If it wasn't for the time and energy spent on a daily basis for years by the people who run this site many of the bands featured would be completely unheard of. So your idea of who owes whom may be slightly askew.
    I think your definition of "clics" applies closer to home for you, if you'd care to look.
    I must try to devote my energies into being more helpful.
    I'd never thought of that.
  88. avatar New European
    "I'll talk to Johnny Hero, and berate him strongly for having driven round the band's houses,kidnapped them, tied them up, dragged them on stage, and forced them to play a set before they were ready. We can't let him get away with such a thing.
    So far it's his fault, my fault, and the soundman's fault."

    What?!?!??!??!?!?! Johnny Hero was on MY street with a car and a rope!!!! Damn, I miss all the good things.
  89. avatar emo goblin
    Yadda yadda yadda. What? Sorry, but 14 years ago I was barely in school. I take it things were better in your day and that I should have respect? Nuuh. I'll speak as I think, if someone says something that I think is true, then I'll change my mind. The scene? Soory, yes, but although this site is useful there are many other more useful things out there - in my opinion Giros is far more deserving than yourself or this site. Likewise so is the Collectives that poeple try and run. Coincidently this isnt the bees knees. I got by quite well without it and have managed to organise gigs without the use of Fast Fude. Tell you what- let's stick to what's this argument is about - your review of WWC. Right? Well I think it wasnt concise and didnt stress anything good about a band which are clearly good. Next time cant you at least do this?
    No publicity's bad publicity- but it sure is a pain in the butt.
  90. avatar emo goblin
    Look, fair enough - you brought an amp down to the DOY and helped out; though if yoy were so unimpressed by the WWC, why didnt you say something to them there? Instead you waited til you got to your computer - constructive criticism? Think not; attention grabbing and the deeming of a band - yes. At least they are trying and anyone who has the balls to stand up and perform their own material is definately worth their salt methinks.
  91. avatar emo goblin
    Oh, I just read your review again. Why'd you not mention anything about That Man Fanjo? Surely because your so involved with the scene you should have at least comended them if they were good or condemned them and complained if they were bad? No?

    I think that all that can be said has been said. Any further questions acan be posted here if you like - I'll check em tomorrow hopefully, if not sure why not email me? I'll reply that way sooner or later....
    By the way....anyone goona support the scene and go to the Warzone Fest then?
  92. avatar jenl
    Last time I saw WWCG's play was in the Front Page, the same night that Spaniel reviewed them.
    I thought that while the tunes were there, WWCG's were hugely underpractised and I really didn't enjoy their set because of this.

    The music struck me as being rooted in improvisation and I felt that with a lot of practise and an understanding of how the other members played they could really start to experiment with this on stage.

    Someone mentioned that the local scene here and Fastfude is run by cliques.
    Yes it's true that a lot of the stuff that goes on here is usually run by small groups of people ... but you have to remember, it's those small groups of people that are genuinely (hopefully) trying to improve the scene here by promoting bands, running clubs, starting their own bands, writing fanzines, running websites etc.
    If it wasn't the small groups of promoters bring over acts like Bonnie Prince Billy (Cresent Arts), Endstand (Warzone) and Fridge (Skibunny) we'd all have to travel to Dublin or further to see our favourite bands.
    So please don't disrespect them by name-calling them cliques just because they disagree with your opinion or promote/endorse acts that you don't like, or generally do something you have no interest in.
    As for Fastfude being run by a clique … well that’s just baffling.
    Fastfude was set up to help local musicians/promoters etc establish some means of communication with each other, a center which people could return to and find out what was going on here.
    And it works really well and has improved so drastically in the past 3 years.
    It’s only when people insist on reducing discussion to nasty name-calling because of a disagreeance of opinion, “off” humour and in jokes that the site becomes a clique.
    Now you can use Fastfude to it’s full potential or simply perpetuate the arguments, bitterness, in jokes, back stabbing, back slapping and general unease.
    It’s up to you.
    If you got along fine without Fastfude that brilliant, but don’t come on the boards and bitch and whine about everything under the NI music scene sun.
    That’s not what this site is for.

    And I truly don't believe that "discussions" like this keep the local scene here ticking over.
    Nor do I believe that the constant bitching surrounding bands keep this scene alive.
    If it does, please buy me a plane ticket out of here.
    It’s great that WWCG’s are thick skinned enough that threads like this don’t bother them but they should be careful about their PR, especially when they aren’t even involved/aware of the way they are being presented.

    Also ya’ll, please remember … REVIEW = OPINION not REVIEW = FACT.
    One persons opinion isn’t going to do any harm … bringing it up endlessly, and reinventing it’s every meaning will.

    Edited by: jenl at: 8/23/01 10:08:35 pm
  93. avatar EPK
    I think you've got the most common internet disease...removal from reality.
    Symptoms consist of people constructing imaginary and illusory ideas of who people are and what they are like without actually knowing them, having met them,or having any insight into what they do.
    You've attacked on total lack of the above on the basis of a review I didn't write.
    Now, how scarily weird is that.
    Just to correct another of your mistakes,I reviewed Fanjo at the DOY on June 4th. Presumably whilst you were still in school.
  94. avatar feline1
    Yes, and furthermore, "EMO" is one of the worst genres in the history of music,
    and goblins are bad, and reek of B.O. and decaying meat, just like Vicos.

    You'd never get all this at a Sexy Samurai gig, I tell ewe!

    Is there actually any *more* helpful that EPK in all of Northern Ireland?

    This not-getting-paid-at-the-Duke-Of-York thing has always struck me as a wee bit dubious...
    It would be better if in these situations, some rough form of accounting could be provided, so bands could better budget how many punters they need to attract to break even.
  95. avatar New European
    "PS.Is there actually any *more* helpful that EPK in all of Northern Ireland?"

    Yes - vagabonds and carriers of disease.
  96. avatar feline1
    There's no such thing as 'vagabonds', they're just a figment of Nick Carlisle's Beachcombing imagination...
  97. avatar Wasp Boy
    There seems to have been some sort of a scuffle here...

    WWCG have great potential, but just need to work on it more, like we ALL do.

    Unless we're some sort of multi-faceted uber-gods. Which I don't think any of us are.

    We have a vagabond in the skip outside our house.
  98. avatar feline1
    Yes, we've all gotta werk it y'all.

    I have been saying this for some time now...

    (PS 'über' is spelt with an ü)
  99. avatar Wasp Boy
    I know. I couldn't work out how to get an umlaut. Whoops.
  100. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Just beat three eggs, some chopped tomatoes, herbs and spices, and chuck the lot into a frying pan. Voila: one umlaut.
  101. avatar Blind Eye View
    fanjo, front page gig is now back to the 19th sept, you'se still okay for it ??
  102. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Yep, the 19th should be sound as a pound: Mickey James, TMF's resident Sideshow Bob/Jonathan Creek lookalike, will be back from his holidays so we'll be ready to do our thang.
  103. avatar Blind Eye View
    great, I'll start printing the flyers then....
  104. avatar emo goblin
    Okay, okay.......I agree that reviews are the personal interpretation of something by someone. But what annoyed the hell outta me is that EPK didnt bother to write his own review and just copied Spaniels. That served no use at all except to perhaps perpetuate the previous disagreements and offered no useful advice at all. Everyone that I know that seen them so far has agreed that they are good - fair enough; the opinion that they could tighter and more well versed has been mentioned - but if you read back yyou'll note that That Man Fanjo also commented on the boomyness of the bass. Now take this into consideration - TMF have been together quite a while and could probably play their set even if they were in different rooms - WWC aint been going that long, and they were performing with Annett who had only previously played with them in practices - hence I think they deserved at least a completely new review and not a rehased old one.
    Futhernore it wasnt exactly me that started the name calling and slagging - look back to Spaniels review of WWC; he was getting somewhat personal, likewise EPK also resorted to mocking in this thread. I never said that EPK has did nothing in the scene as it were - in fact my mate Cormac and several other people have often sang his praise, and I think it was mighty nice of him to lend the bands an amp for the night. But all that I was saying is if all his reviews, and everyone elses, were as crappy and useless as that one then where we would be?
    Oh, and name calling? If you look through most friends it crops up quite a lot and most people take it with a pince of salt. Also, the WWC do know exactly what's going on on this board, but they are either away in Reading or feel that it's not really up to a band to sing their own praises too much.
  105. avatar emo goblin
    The third last line should read threads- instaed of friends.......hmmm, too much too young? Most definately. I'm off to Warzone.
  106. avatar EPK
    Emo,Spaniel's review was actually full of advice, which I just would have repeated almost to the letter anyway.
    I looked up what he'd said in his review as a frame of reference, and discovered his observations still stood.
    That's why I posted it again, being a mite perturbed that despite Spaniel's earlier comments little had changed.
    Just because something's been said once doesn't invalidate it. The restating of it should cause concern because it was done at all.
    Bass boominess was the remit of the sound engineer, and neither band was responsible...nor were they blamed.
    I certainly haven't mocked the band at any stage, as there's nothing there that deserves to be mocked. Just serious work to be done, and a fair bit of it.
    Any band should be able to take that on board, because it'll help them improve in the longer term, and I'd assume that'd be their intention.
  107. avatar G3RARD
    My first post!
    Talking about reviews and Eamonn and all... NOW YOU'VE GOT THE CD EAMONN! - A nice wee Headcheese review, perhaps?
  108. avatar EPK
    Yep. Expect one in the next day or so...along with an Icarus (Biobaby one) which I forgot.
    I listened to the HC one quite a bit last night.
  109. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    I can't believe everyone is still whinging on about this review. I've never seen or heard WWCG, but from what I've read, I understand that there is potential there, and the shapings of a really good band, they just need to rehearse it and tighten it up. This is exactly what every single other band does, practice practice practice. If there's a weak link in the setup, sort it out. What's the problem?

    I hope the band aren't discouraged by all this, cos I trust Spaniel's opinion when he says that he genuinely enjoyed what they were about, how they sounded, it sounded like the vibe and the atmosphere were spot on. But if it sounds under rehearsed then it doesn't matter how good the songs are, they won't shine through. There's nothing more cringeworthy than hearing something slip horribly out of time.

    I would cringe even more if all my mates came on here and started making excuses for a bad performance of mine.

    This is the most childish thread I have seen on FF for a long time. Like a bunch of blo*dy schoolkids the lot of ya.

    Yeah yeah yeah, the sound wasn't right, somebody had a bad night or whatever, it happens, put it down to experience and make the next gig even better, get out there and sell yourself. All your mates coming on here and making up excuses and slagging off the reviewer is pathetic, childish, immature, and isn't going to get anybody anywhere.
  110. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Well said.

    I think we can consider this little debacle officially over.
    Everybody get back to work.
  111. avatar No31online
    My first post!
    Please lock this thread.
    6 pages is enough for anyone!!
  112. avatar EPK
    Are you not better quitting while you're ahead?
  113. avatar Andrew
    You are a cheeky monkey.

    P.S. You coming to see Baron's last Belfast gig tomorrow?
  114. avatar Mad Simon
    My first post!
    You know what you were saying about FF not being run by clics (I spelt it wrong!), I think you would have found if a member of WWCG had done a similarly bad review about one of the bands which the moderators are involved with, it would not have been allowed to be displayed.

    Another thing, about digging, I think emo goblin has said some very sensible and very sound things.
  115. avatar VelvetHaze John
    Aye, but there's no point giving someone a bad review just cause they gave you a bad review.
  116. avatar Andrew
    Mad Simon, you are clearly quite insane, because, if you take a wee look at the reviews forum, you will find several BAD reviews of the band I, a moderator, am in. And I know James & Eamonn would release non-favourable reviews of their bands too. So stop being bold.
  117. avatar zebulon
    Simon, if you think Andrew, Eamonn, Jen, James, Roger or previously Chris or myself would ever stoop to the level of refusing to print a review, then you must be seriously soft in the head.
    This site is about sharing, engaging, exploring, promoting and discussing our local music, not censoring, attacking and maligning it.

    Alternatively change your username to Ridiculous Simon: that's how your statement appears.

    Edited by: zebulon at: 8/28/01 4:14:09 pm
  118. avatar jenl
  119. avatar New European
    So what on earth happened to my review of the Jean Genie????
  120. avatar The Fires of Hell
    And mine of These Charming Men?
  121. avatar New European
    My review of the Jean Genie was up for a few weeks. It was articulate, humourous and informative. Then it disappeared. Maybe a thought-crime was committed by me.
  122. avatar Mad Simon

    It was maybe a silly thing to say, seeing as I have never read a review, having no interest in it.
  123. avatar feline1
    Never mind the Jean Genie, what about JenniferLoveWabsnazm's excellent review of the Apache CD? Eh?


  124. avatar New European
    "if you think Andrew, Eamonn, Jen, James, Roger or previously Chris or myself would ever stoop to the level of refusing to print a review, then you must be seriously soft in the head."

    Ah well.
  125. avatar Mad Simon
    I have a feeling that the brain, which is in the head, is actually quite soft, due to the amount of liquid (blood) which is contained in it.

    It takes up the most room in the head, so I am soft in the head.

    Therefore you (Andrew, Eamonn, Jen, James, Roger or previously Chrisand whoever whoever "myself") do "stoop to the level of refusing to print a review"

    Aren't I childish today?
  126. avatar zebulon
    So we've got the Apache Tribe thing (Andrew's fit of pique at being called a Nazi), and two covers band reviews taken down amid a storm of "we hate covers bands, 'cos they're not local music".

    Perhaps then I should have said: "if you think Andrew, Eamonn, Jen, James, Roger or previously Chris or myself would ever stoop to the level of refusing to print a review because we didn't like what was written about it, then you must be seriously soft in the head."

    "I'm embarrassed when I think about how much @#%$ I used to stir on fastfude"
    Who said that (or thereabouts)?
  127. avatar New European
    ""I'm embarrassed when I think about how much @#%$ I used to stir on fastfude"
    Who said that (or thereabouts)?"

    And what bloody relevance does that have to this post you sad old hippy?
  128. avatar zebulon
    oh you young bucks, so full of spunk and anger.
  129. avatar New European
    I'm not a young buck, I'm a musky stoat. Still no answer to my original question then?
  130. avatar jenl
    The relevance is that instead of bitching and trying to degrade Fastfude and/or it's moderators you could possibly contribute something useful to this thread.

    Why haven't I locked this thread?
    I guess because somewhere amidst the useless lashings there is a point which has been missed.
    £20 to the person who finds it.
  131. avatar New European
    I can't degrade the moderators - they have no shame. I made some harsh remarks on this board about 15 months ago. I've already apologised. I don't see why it has any relevance to this post. I started this discussion as a critical comment on Eamonn's laziness - he did a copy n' paste job and made no effort to expand. I've made plenty of positive suggestions, it's just with the number of child rape jokes/tales of drunken exploits and disappearing reviews, it's hard to take this forum seriously half the time. Edited by: New European at: 8/28/01 7:27:35 pm
  132. avatar jenl
    Speaking for myself I can assure you, I have plenty of shame.
    But there's a difference between a moderator carrying out and action because they believe it to be right/fair, and a moderator carrying out an action because they have no shame.
    There is no conspiracy.

    I understand that this thread was started as a commentary on the review posted by Eamonn and you want everyone to understand that yet it seems to me that a lot of people are failing to see the commentary that Eamonn was trying to make about the WWCG's set in his review, the point being that Eamonn personally felt that any/all the points that Spaniel made in his review were still clearly relevant a few months later.
    By reposting the review Eamonn was deliberately making the statement that (he felt that) no progressions had been made, no attempts to address the problems pointed out in Spaniels review.
    As a point of genuine interest, why should Eamonn write a review which essentially would be a previous review reworded?
    Surely the statement being made is much clearer and much more understandable in the format that Eamonn provided.
    Perhaps another way of going about making your points would have been to write your own review.
    And that's not a challenge, that's a genuine observation that perhaps the point made in this thread would have been better stated in a counter-review.

    @#%$ jokes and pointless stories are something that has been a sore point on Fastfude for a long while.
    It's easy to say that FF is slipping but until people are prepared to not perpetuate these injokes it's hardly a *valid* excuse.
    I'd say 85% of the users on this board are guilty of making sour jokes, drunken rants and off-topic comments or even positively acknowledging them by replying to them.
    The FF moderators can lock and delete as many threads as they like in the hope that people will give up making the jokes but at the end of the day until the USERS decide enough is enough they'll keep going on.

    Everyone on this board is a friend of someone guilty of the above "crimes".
    When their behaviours start to affect your ability to make genuine, *valid* comments and other peoples interpretations of your comments I guess it's time to say to them "Enough is enough".

    As for disappearing reviews.
    I believe there have been 3 events where reviews disappeared into the Bermuda triangle that can be Ezboard.
    I wasn't a moderator at the time.
    I have no idea about NE's review or the other mentioned here, but if I recall correctly Roger posted the moderator logs shortly after the Apache review disappeared and there was no log of the review being deleted.
    What can I say?
  133. avatar Smack Weasel
    My first post!
    Surely theres nothing wrong with the jokes thats are made and posted here. This adds to the CRAIC of the place and in my mind how a group of mates (hopefully) and musical coleagues should act together. Amidst all the raking about and the new weekly story of what Petrina Goatboy did over the weekend (which is always fun) there are wee gems of info and advice which arise to the top. In my mind we have a good mix of banter and topics relative to the music scene in Belfast etc. If it wasn't for the ar$ing around im sure the whole group of fastfude users wouldn't get on as well and there wouldn't be as much fun on this newsboard. And without fun we wouldn't be here (the same with oxygen).

    And with this I end my Speech
  134. avatar Andrew
    If you think fastfude is bad, you should see Inverness' equivalent at the [url="http://www.iubl.co.uk"]IUBL[/url] site. Quite literally every thread is a bunch of wretches gibbering about their weekend and flirting with each other!

    A few pals o' mine from outisde NI checked out fastfude for the first time recently and didn't find it at all cliquey or unwelcoming. They actually found it interesting and informative. Yes, there's a fair amount of gibbering jokery and drunken anecdotery, but it never engulfs the board - at least, not any more!
  135. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Christ on a fukking trike. Have we not covered this discussion from every possible single angle?

    Lets either just agree to disagree or consensually agree to shut the fukk up.

    "But you said..."
    "No, but YOU said..."
    "Maybe I did, but YOUUU said..."

    I'm the tallest, and I reckon it's time everyone got on with their lives... Don't let it eat you up inside.
  136. avatar feline1
    No sign of a review being deleted?!?!?

    Well, obviously we are all lying as well as being stupid.

    Or is your comment just an acidic parody of holocaust-denial? :-)
  137. avatar Mad Simon
    I think this topic being closed before it reaches the magic 300 posts would be a form of censorship.

    I know what the point is, and I don't believe it has been lost, but that the goal posts have been moved slightly.
  138. avatar fastfude
    ya, k, shaddup, etc

    the WWCG element of the thread is long finished, and you're just digging up already-done conversations which don't belong in this thread.

    the end.
  139. avatar Samuel Solomon
    HAHAHA!!!! :twisted:
    Being a sad old duffer, of a lonesome, reclusive turn, when I'm not cutting a rug at the public house I spend some of my time these days going through old fastfude threads. Just encountered this little cracker!!! Excellent!!! :twisted:
    There was me thinking fastfude was going down hill, with reams of nasty, bitchy, put-you-down-and-yer-ma-with-ye posts. And then an old cracker like this comes along and reminds me that fastfude always [i:3be03248bb]was[/i:3be03248bb] this far down hill! :twisted:
    Hopefully re-opening this thread will remind the usual suspects - just as present and high-and-mighty here as ever they were - that the ideas raised here have never really been resolved on fastfude. And they probably never will be resolved until you young monkeys start to...
  140. avatar T Entertainment
    Well, it's certainly still the case that people's mates will hype bland, inconsequential rubbish and turn like a pack of small, shrill dogs on anyone pointing out that the emperor is stark bollocked naked. And even the most constructive sort of criticism can provoke this response. More so of late, indeed.
    Last edited on , 1 times in total.
  141. avatar T Entertainment
    BUT: "So what on earth happened to my review of the Jean Genie????"

    Four years on, still no answer. It's like the search for the bodies of The Disappeared. End our collective torment!

  142. avatar Handsome Gaz

    How wierd that this thread should make me feel nostalgic. Takes me right back to the heady days of 01.

    Ahhhhh it was all bottles of rose wine, copious amounts of speed, handin out icarus demo tapes in the limelight and fuck you lists on for me back Then. How things can change in four short years.

    ive drank one bottle of rose wine in the past four months, i havent taken speed in years, ive had another band, a potential libel case, relaunched myself as a not very punk at all singer songwriter type, lost about 6 stone and put on about five again since this thread started. The Limelight has turned into a truly horrid place and Noooo one does demo tapes anymore.

    Back then people on occasion used yahoo clubs! but not myspace. I dont remember as many people using msn messenger. It took me about half an hour to download a song then and it was perfectly acceptable to tell paedo jokes on fastfude.

    im going to have a wee cry now..
  143. avatar T Entertainment
    I know what you mean. I had more hair, less weight and a tiny remaining shred of belief in the fundamental nobility of man.
    Still, FF put four years in for us between then and now and will surely see us to the sweet release of death. And for that I will curse Roger Herbert throughout the bowels of hell for all eternity.
  144. avatar EPK
    Even from way back then , it illustrates my previous points exactly, and I'd be "interested" in discovering just what was supposed to be sorted out, Sammy.
    That thread is a perfect example of what Fastfude is, and always has been....a hotbed of discourse and all the rich gravy of human interactions.
    I mean...it'd be really boring if everybody was nice, lying through their teeth whilst doing so......a constant incontinence of how great people were, how marvellous the nights were, how incredible the bands were in a bizarre musical Pleasantville, and i hope that never happens.............

    oh, hold on.....
  145. avatar spanielwoof
    Dear Sir, please put your time to better use. It's Monday morning, I have a hangover and the last thing I needed was to wake up to this.

    Why not collect stamps or smthg.
  146. avatar feline1
    How completely ahine!
    I liked the way convicted sex-offender Laura-Anne had posted on this thread :lol:

    I still listen to "FAB! is Dead" by the Wicked Wicked Cowgirls, it is good.
  147. avatar stevenf
    My first post!
    My name is steven
    i played the guitar in wwcg
    i've only recently started visiting fastfude and have been blissfully unaware of this thread
    i don't know whether to be ashamed, embarassed or proud

    i'm away to listen to the 2001 belfest cd

    vive 2001
  148. avatar Osama Bin Rockin'
    The perfect response to a pointless thread...

    That guy wins!
  149. avatar tinpot anto
    My dog died in 2001.

    Thanks for bringing that up you heartless b@stards.
  150. avatar EPK
    The dog isn't really dead.
    It's just on the other side of the twilight veil in doggy heaven, wagging its tail and waiting for you.
    Unless it has any sense, of course.
  151. avatar spanielwoof
    Be proud. You're a part of pop history.

    Yes, good old 2001, how shit was that?

    And indeed, Joe Cole scoring a menatl goal against the gunners.
    Not that I'm a Chelsea supporter. My mate is. And we had beer. Which was nice.

    But yes again, sometimes it's hard to see the point. There you sit, in the dark, in complete silence, just you and your desolation, and you just have to ask yourself, "What the fuk is the point"?
    And back comes the answer (no, not the band) "Have you seen the remote control for the TV"?
    Well, that's the way it happened to me.
    And I did wear long trousers yesterday. What of it?

    So, the point might be that there is no point, I can never decide, so I just get on with it. And that would be my advice. Just get on with it and dry your eyes. Or kill yourself. It's your choice.

    But that was a very special goal.
    And I hit this really amazing pass to Ruby Murray one day (he used to play for Linfield) and he hit a volley to this other guy, one touch football, you had to be there.
    Now I'm waiting on a knee operation and I miss playing very much.
    But hope to be back this time next year. I also plan to start running again.
    But that song ---Oh Ruby, don't take your love to town, I should have sang that to him, then run away dead fast, just to see what would happen........
  152. avatar spanielwoof
  153. avatar tenrabbits
    That is possibly the best picture I've ever seen. I nearly swallowed my tongue laughin at that. It's just so [i:752d908543]random[/i:752d908543]!
  154. avatar spanielwoof
    Yeah well, I've started doing my catoons in black and white theses days.
    If you want to see anymore I can email them to you. I have lots.
  155. avatar EPK
    I can confirm that Spaniel's cartoons are random, hilarious and brilliant.
    He needs to get them all published in a book. In colour.
  156. avatar T Entertainment
    Aye, go on there. chris@raapmanagement.com
  157. avatar Handsome Gaz
    i want some cartoons :-(

    biokisses@hotmail.com if you can be arsed.
  158. avatar EPK
    The ones where the sun, the trees and a box talk to each other.
  159. avatar spanielwoof
    It will prob be easier if I burn you guys a cd of them, send me your adresses and I'll pop em in the post

    And it was so funny last week when I deleted five new toons by accident, how I laughed.
    One last one then...
  160. avatar spanielwoof
    Shit, that didn't work...oh well.
  161. avatar Samuel Solomon
    [quote:eebc7a2d04="EPK"]I mean...it'd be really boring if everybody was nice, lying through their teeth whilst doing so......a constant incontinence of how great people were, how marvellous the nights were, how incredible the bands were in a bizarre musical Pleasantville, and i hope that never happens............[/quote:eebc7a2d04]
    :smt077 Keyster (or "Keysmeister" as Yanks probably call you), you're clearly one of life's great characters, a sort of Woody Allen with a fire-cracker up his keyster (to borrow a Yank word for a*se).
    Yes, the lying and false smiles you mention would be a bit draining I guess. But fer Gawd sake, you're surely missing the point in this as with many of your other posts: EVERY night of the week in B'fast right now there IS, somewhere, someplace, a pretty "marvellous" night on, Flying its Flag of Fun in the Face of other more dodgy nights around. That IS a great thing. HOORAY!!! And, despite a lot of the cack, we DO have a quare heap of "incredible" bands, and that's bloody "marvellous" too!
    I've travelled more than a bit in this long life of mine my young friend, and I can tell you for nothing that most cities on our little planet can NOT boast a vibrant music scene the like of which we have going on over here. Kinda makes a guy feel GOOD to be here and be part of it! Kinda makes ya HAPPY!
    I'm just not convinced that the scene benefits from a tough-talking, world-weary cynical voice vetting it; but it surely DOES cry out for a strong positive voice not unlike yours focusing on some of the brilliant things happening around the place. Anyone reading fastfude posts'd think the scene was BOLLOCKS, but to my mind this is very, very far from the reality of it.

    *throws a fraternal arm around the shoulders of EPK*
    *heads down the pub to buy him a pint*
    *gets all sentimental with him about Belfast's imperfect but "marvellous" scene*
  162. avatar spanielwoof
    You're a loon.
  163. avatar Handsome Gaz
    Mr Solomon, EPK is probably the last person you need to tell all that to, though I agree sort of with most of your sentiments.
  164. avatar Handsome Gaz
    and if your of an age to justifiably refer to epk as "young man" then you must be the oldest person I know. Which would make epk the second oldest.
  165. avatar Samuel Solomon
    I've a feeling that if placed beside me old Eamonn would look like he just got out of nappies...
  166. avatar Handsome Gaz
    im 24 but probably look older than both of you so dont feel to bad about it.
  167. avatar Samuel Solomon
    :lol: Somehow the name "Handsome" Gaz gives you a young sound.

    *throws another fraternal arm around the shoulders of EPK*
    *heads down the pub to buy him a second pint*
    *arranges to have names changed to "Studly" Solomon and "Stunner" Keyes*
  168. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Is Samuel Solomon a wind up from one of the regulars?

    someone though it was me for feck sake.
  169. avatar EPK
    I'd a much longer reply here, but I realised I just couldn't be @rsed.
  170. avatar gtm
    New European is an abomination. And I was only fucking 20 when I started this thread. I'm 25 now. Says it fucking all really.
  171. avatar swaneeriver
    [quote:962a9ec1d2]How wierd that this thread should make me feel nostalgic.[/quote:962a9ec1d2]

    how it makes makes feel wick! i just read the whole thing :(

    [quote:962a9ec1d2]My dog died in 2001.[/quote:962a9ec1d2]

    lmao :)

    fcuck speed mdma is the TICKET.
    and trips have just came back into derry :)

  172. avatar T Entertainment
    Reading old FF threads while on drugs is the new drugs. :P
  173. avatar swaneeriver
    too right

    give me a score bag of 2003 ff!

  174. avatar ssmcmullan
    [quote:bd11c23dc9]As an objective (I think) lurker on this thread I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents...

    The first gig I did was a very poor affair as we hadn't intended to be in the lineup (O'Neills, May 2001), didn't have a drummer yet and frankly weren't ready. That said, we struggled through what was (I think everyone agreed) not the most ideal of sound situations and our first stage performance.

    At the end of the gig, I knew myself that we had a lot of work to do, and was introduced to EPK who very kindly took the time to give me his opinion of where we could improve. I could have been thin-skinned, ran away crying and threw my keyboard in the bin; but instead I said "thank you very much we'll take that on board"...after all, if you're making music for the public, if they aren't liking it then listen to them!

    So we listened.

    We learned.

    We practiced.


    Three months later and we're playing to 30,000 people in Cheltenham this weekend, with a proper album on the way.

    And if it hadn't been for EPK's constructive criticisms that night at O'Neills I would either have continued on oblivious or packed it all in - so don't be disheartened when you get a "bad review". Take the points on board, say 'fair enough' and work towards making the next review a good one.


    **steps down from soapbox**

    Tnen I passed go, didn't collect £200 etc...