1. avatar fastfude
    Well, it's [url="http://www.fastfude.com/nimic_010530.htm"]here[/url]. Read, digest and discuss. Rational debate only please folks, this is still a delicate matter...
  2. avatar Suki Monster
    Well thats the nimic's annual statement.Same time next year people? We dont want a friggin statement we want to see something happen.
  3. avatar feline1
    Well, at least they *did* apologise...
  4. avatar Suki Monster
    Aye but what goods an apology?
  5. avatar fastfude
    Well, it's an acknowledgement of the fact they actually care for one.
  6. avatar Suki Monster
    They shouldnt have done it in the first place.The nimic is a joke, actually its not even funny.
  7. avatar Doo Waa
    If someone basically says that you are crap at what you are suppossed to be doing you will defend yourself.
    Thats what this sounds a bit like.
    I suppose now it will be a case of waiting and seeing.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    That is exactly as it seems it wouldnt probably have happened if we hadnt have been complaining so much. As a great violin playing straight edger ska queen once stated "we dont give a @#%$ about the nimic"

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  9. avatar EPK
    On the face of it, it doesn't look like anything much, but if you sift thru it, you'll find the following points.

    1. An acknowledgement that things weren't done right.
    2. An apology
    3. A pledge to hold a general meeting.
    4. A question and answer session so people can put their

    views and complaints to them publicly.
    5. A statement that membership is still valid.
    6. An intention to keep an information flow to the members

    the general music community involving Fastfude.

    This is a substantial shift from their previous attitude, and I'm prepared to give them a bit of time to see what is delivered. I'm still wary of many things, and still believe that there are elements within the committee with an unhealthy approach to the running of a publicly funded committee, but this opens up the debate and enabled further questions to be asked, and more importantly, answered.
    There's been a huge groundswell of support here for the actions which have lead to the above, and I'd like to thank everyone for that support.
    At present, the ball is now in NIMICs court, and communication with committee members and others also involved is still continuing. Let's see where this goes.
  10. avatar Smeghead02
    My first post!
    But what does NIMIC stand for?
  11. avatar feline1
    A substantial shift?

    Well, not wanting to quibble, but:

    3. A pledge to hold a general meeting.
    4. A question and answer session so people can put their
    views and complaints to them publicly.
    6. An intention to keep an information flow to the members
    the general music community involving Fastfude.

    These 3 pledges have already been made by NIMIC before,
    as early as Feb 2000, and have been pretty much reneged on.
    That's 50% of this "substantial shift" :-/

    However, the statement is certainly better than
    nothing and is Welcome in this member's eyes y'all.
  12. avatar fastfude
    I'd say though that that falls under the apology for lack of communication though. Essentially, I'm hoping the apology taken be taken at face value by the members and NIMIC can now, having taken onboard the concerns aired here and elsewhere, invest time and resources on those three points which were neglected in the past.

    Also, the recent general letter to members arrived this morning (thanks feline1), and a copy can be found on the [url="http://www.fastfude.com/nimic_010530.htm"]NIMIC statement page[/url]
  13. avatar EPK
    Check out the FAQs on the contents page. All is revealed.
  14. avatar EPK
    Point taken, F1...but you'll note that those pledges were made by Shep, and if pressed NIMIC could say he was no longer a committee member, didn't have the authority to say those things at the time. That's what was in my mind.
    I could have argued well against that and probably won the day, but it's better to get solid stuff from the present committee which can be held against them on a bigger stage.
    Which would be my intention if the promises were not honoured.
  15. avatar Laura Anne C
    My first post!
    It was the proliferation of amusing spelling mistakes throughout Susan's statement that made me giggle the most - however I am pedantic like that, so I digress.

  16. avatar gshep
    My first post!
    Just for information .... the contents of the letter I sent out in early 2000 were agreed by the then steering group, and were rooted in some of the recommendations of the Edmond report. It was the last thing I did for the group, and I am not privy to the subsequent decision making process after the committee took the reins.
  17. avatar feline1
    I don't think ANYONE is "privy" to the committee's
    subsequent decision-making process, since they don't
    appear to have publish any minutes...
    (I wonder did they MAKE any minutes!?!)

    PS What happened to "ShepinBelfast"?
  18. avatar fastfude
    publishing the minutes (or at least a summary of the past ones, since there's a helluva lot of meetings passed apparently) was one of the recommendations Eamonn & I made in our meet with Susan and Conor