1. avatar Komodo Studios
    The bass is a Hohner active 5 string headless, dark red.
    Its tuning system is quick and intonation is perfect up to 24th fret every time.

    The amp is an SWR Redhead Bass amp[url="http://www.swrsound.com/products/proseries/superredhead.html"]www.swrsound.com/products/proseries/superredhead.html[/url] older version of this one (nearly identical)


    If you wanna come see them, you can visit the studio, unless you're from another studio in which case i'll assault you. (notable exceptions are mr keyes and willz from onezerozero...)
  2. avatar Pete
    Begone satan, do not tempt me with your earthly pleasures!!!!

    But seriously, how much for the Redhead??? Edited by: morphsville at: 10/5/05 9:46 am
  3. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Is this a hijack?? If so, sorry but what would you pay for an SWR Silverado
    with 4x8" cones.(not the classic)...
  4. avatar Paulw0t
    Is the bass one of those futuristic Silver coloured ones or is it the standard wood colour one.
    Any price on it to.
  5. avatar MalekB-Sick
    how much for them together n seperate??