1. avatar Malek988
    as above this sound card and external hub for sale along with a smashing 5.1 surround sound system (creative inspire GD580)

    Together they bring games to life with the outstanding sound quality.
    Imesnse for listening to music on.

    Together new, this lot will cost over £350-£400

    Im selling for £200, as i no longer recording with this, or have the time for gamming.

    Everything works perfect all items in mint condition with all drivers and cables supplied in origional boxes.


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  2. avatar anotheramnesiac
    My first post!
    Most i can offer you for it is £150?
  3. avatar Malek988
    the sound card alone costs £150-60 new
  4. avatar dazcraig
    It's not new though, is it??

    Plus your pricing is way off... check [url="http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/creative_soundcards.html"]here[/url].
  5. avatar PaulMaks
    Yup your really way overpriced.

    Paul MAKs
  6. avatar Malek988
    i think youll find im not.
    thats the card alone, im selling a 5 speaker decoder subwoofer sound system as well, and if u look at overclockers the decoder alone is £80 so i think £200 for the lot, lot being the sound card the hub etc...... and the sound system etc... is very very very reasonable.

    Now before this turns into one of those arguments i dont wana know if u want to buy this then post, if u dont, dont post please

    Now i asked nicly
  7. avatar anotheramnesiac
    I shant argue about what you think is reasonable, but my offer still stands if you're stuck for a sale.
  8. avatar Malek988
    i hate this forum!!

    fine 150 its yers were are you based m8?? im ballynahinch but im in belfast nearly everyday around 5
  9. avatar anotheramnesiac
    Check yer PM's
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