1. avatar usedcardealer
    Feelinkane are missing that all important frontman.
    Mike has been doing it for over a year and we have collectively decided that we need a separate singer/frontman.

    will need to be up for touring, have experience, f@cked up sense of humour....oh and a good voice.
    A good understanding of vocal harmonies would be a great advantage as we intend to do this a lot.

    Be under no illusions we are looking for a frontman, an entertainer, a crowd raiser!
    we have about 20 songs most with lyrics and a myriad of other unfinished tunes.

    If you think you are that person then give me a shout

    MIKE: feelinkane@hotmail.com
  2. avatar PaulMaks
    I've seen this pop up alot recently...

    What type of music is it - ? Are there any Mp3s - ?

    What type of voice do you need?

    Paul MAKs
  3. avatar usedcardealer
    I always try to think of a description that will accurately describe the music; I s'pose it ranges from rock to rock 'n' roll with a lot of dynamics (build-ups breakdowns etc)
    we want to 'colour in' the sound with me free to do more guitar and also backing vocals.
    It is very upbeat but totally not metal!

    Pardon my ignorance Paul but are you 'interested' or just interested :D

    I will send you an mp3 when I get the final copy of the demo from Komodo (end of this week/start of next)
  4. avatar Komodo Studios
    come on singers, get in touch.
  5. avatar PaulMaks
    Do, send me an mp3 - ok i'm interested. But obviously, id bring a range of probably different infuences and ideas to the table too. I'm not shy.

    I play keyboards too if you need them... ( which you do if I'm there - we are one and the same :)

    Paul MAKs
  6. avatar ryankozzi

    Without being funny mate i am also interested.
    Can you forward the MP3 onto me too mate.
    I have an MP3 of me doing a 3 doors down song if its any good to you???? Just a home job. Or one of me live with my old band doing Van Halens You Really Got Me

    Much appreciated

  7. avatar usedcardealer
    Paul, we are looking for a voice that can be very delicate and emotional one minute and then turn ugly, nasty, agressive
    and f@cking masculine the next.

    Sounds like a lot to ask for but you may as well ask for what you want!!

    Unfortunately we are not looking for keyboards, in the studio maybe but def not live.

    How would you describe your voice?
  8. avatar Fake Ninja
    My first post!
    The singer is a @#%$-talker from shittalk.com and the bass player rocks everyones socks off. But then he is one of the legendary Fake Ninjas.