1. avatar usedcardealer
    Feelin' kane are looking for a dedicated bassist who loves to rock and wants to travel.

    Must: be good (obviously)

    have own gear/transport

    have gsoh

    be reliable

    have pulse/vital signs etc

    contact Mike:07768006594


    No timewasters/jammers/heroin addicts etc
  2. avatar Komodo Studios
    worth joining!!! these guys kick ass.
  3. avatar usedcardealer
  4. avatar Wang-kerr
    Hi all, I am the w@nker (wang-kerr) is the artist formerly known as usedcardealer.]

    Just to let any kick-ass bassists know thaty we are still very much looking for a bassist and are determined to be the same b@llroots we have always been, rockin, talking breathin' etc.

    Seriously tho, no amateurs, kids, heroin addicts need apply.

    This sh1t is ready to go, good feedback from audiences, new demo just recorded, loads of energy....we just need a f@ckin bassist!! :evil:

    Get the f@ck in touch


  5. avatar Tomsthumb
    hi there, names tommy, is there a site i can goto to hear the stuff man :S
    sounds good.
  6. avatar palrub
    indeed i know a lotta bassists that match your ad description but i'd like to pass them on sum tunes.

    pm me bitches
  7. avatar Wang-kerr
    Sorry about taking so long to reply folks. We have just done the final mix with Komodo and are just tying up loose ends. I will get u some tunes asap.

    Cheers for the interest!!

    Keep 'em comin'! :D
  8. avatar Wang-kerr
    Still looking!
  9. avatar Wang-kerr

    *laughs in manic eyetwitching desperation!*

    :evil: :evil:
  10. avatar Wang-kerr
    FUCKIN' BUMP!! :evil: :twisted: :smt099 :smt022 :roll: :oops: :smt100
  11. avatar Wang-kerr