1. avatar roachodemilo
    My first post!
    hey i am looking for a band at the minute and its been pissing the hell outta me not being able to find some decent musicians to play with!

    well anyways i can play guitar or bass to a very good level and i also write my own songs(i have about 10 cracking songs and hundreds of ideas, riffs etc)

    im in the belfast area i have all my own equipment both bass and guitar including huge amps! may as well list some influences too:- beatles,led zep,clash,rancid,coral,SOAD

    and lots more too!!

    if anyones interested e-mail me - tonymccabe8@hotmail.com

    *please no soft rock bon jovi,goo goo dolls bands
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  2. avatar usedcardealer
    We are looking for a bassist and a singer and if someone was totally @#%$ hot we might have them doing both!

    Email me on:feelinkane@hotmail.com


    We are into a sort of heavy rock 'n' roll definitely tinges off Zep in there with RATM. chillis, and loads of other influences.
    We are really tight as a band and the drummer kicks ass.

    Interested? :)
  3. avatar roachodemilo
    hey man check ur e-mail