1. avatar Drumschool
    My first post!
    Over the past couple of months Drumschool has been contacted by a number of bands/artists looking for drummers and so far a couple have found gigs as a result. Drumschool recommends that all its pupils either get OR further their playing experience out in musicland. We have drummers at all stages including good players with as yet limited experience and looking for more - as well as experienced players seeking pastures new! Hope is that this posting would widen the net a little further for those looking for drummers and for drummers looking for bands.
    Any enquiries to Drumschool will be stuck on a noticeboard and discussed with any suitable pupils who will then be left to make contact with the band/artist.
    Therefore, if this could be of help to you or your band
    e-mail your profile to:-
  2. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Sounds class.Where are you based?What do you charge for lessons?I'm interested in learning the likes of ratamaques,polyrythems & ostinatoes,if you can teach that & know of any drummerless bands/musos of that style in the south down area?
  3. avatar Drumschool
    Details sent to your e-mail.
  4. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Cheers Alan.I sent you one back with my mobile number & hope to be with you soon
  5. avatar Montywithnail
    Im trying to get a musical project thing up and running and im looking for a solid drummer who can keep it steady and has a bit of creativity themselves. You dont have to be an expert or anything, just be able to hold down the beats and not afraid to improvise. It will be a hard rock, grungy affair no doubt so anyone interested give us a bell. Email is para_coma@yahoo.co.uk