1. avatar budbeer
    My first post!




    Must be genuinely seeking a professional Career

    London Management deal - UK Festival Appearances

    Must be committed, Flexible and GSOH essential

    This is a hard working serious band with material worthy of global success. Critically acclaimed and genuine Buzz within the Music Industry.


    Do you think you have what it takes?
    Are you the next Bono? We are looking for that special charismatic, projective vocalist.
    If you are seriously thinking that this is you whilst reading this ad then we need you!

    Contact - DR69Management@aol.com

    Further info Tel - 07887903520
  2. avatar huggy baps
    should try advertising in the classifieds then
  3. avatar The Onset
    Does the "rock band...worthy of global success" already exist or is this a Lous Walsh-esque affair?
  4. avatar Pete
    So you're a band with London management, festival bookings... and you don't have a bass player or singer??
  5. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    yes i found that fascinating too.

    Doesnt the back of the NME provide a place for such ad's?
  6. avatar ryankozzi
    firstly sir,

    for anyone to actually want to change their entire life to play for a rock band they would need to know -

    A) the name of your established rock band
    B) why you have no bass player or indeed frontman ie; why did they leave dude??????????????? :(

    c) what festivals you are playing and when.
    d) the record label interest and cost of the interest ie album deals and how much capital the record co will be investing before the coffin nail is driven home

    Apart from that its a good offer.
    Good luck in finding the frontman, i have a good voice and stage charisma id like to think but i wouldnt pack my life and decent job in for it unless i knew ALL the details.

    I have recently read articles about justin hawkins not being able to buy a drink on his credit card at the award ceremonies because he was broke, the music industry is indeed on its hole.

    Releasing 'Is this the way to farm a dildo' or indeed whatever its called. That song is years years old, releasing old stuff like under the name of a sucessful comedian - that shows just how low the industry has stooped. But then thats just my opinion im sure you all think different
  7. avatar Pete
    thats a bit OTT Ryan.

    If anyone is seriously interested in the information you requested then they can make enquiries via email to the email address above.
  8. avatar David English
    My first post!
    DR69 Management huh.

    I'd take a fair bet that Swurve is the band in question, since last time I checked they're the only band on the books.

    Of course, I may be wrong, but it doesn't happen as often as people wish
  9. avatar ryankozzi

    Perhaps my man. I appreciate what youre saying brother. Really.

    But you know yourself. SOME of these management companies - IN MY OPINION ONLY MAY I ADD - are the 'Gepettos' of the music industry.
    they like to call things like this their 'projects'
    The musicians who put their heart and soul(s) into the music become for a better word - marrionettes that dance for the gold. Listen to Bon Jovis song 'Last man standing' that sums what [i][b]I[/b][/i] thnk of the industry up really.

    'oh look - i sing, i dance - you could say im just like a real boy!' :lol

    Some will agree some wont but thats my opinion. Im not slagging or being harsh but as Rob Thomas said in his song -
    '....If the bright lights dont recieve you, just turn yourself around and come on home.....'
    Many end up in fact just back there and the company that took them there end up with a packet.

    But on the other end of the argument is that you should indeed go and take a chance on it.Why not? Its how many of the best bands ever got there.
    But then the music industry has changed since the 70's hasnt it?

    Yes i checked out their band profile, easily found in a google search. They are in fact looking for a 'local' band position.
    Fair enough that yes we want a vocalist but dont promise fame and fortune you cant garauntee to the person especially in todays music scene!
  10. avatar ryankozzi
    Nah im really only bringing up a debate. But really.
    If someone out there has the time to go for something like this they should. If you have nothing to lose - like a house mortgage or a young family. Its always a laugh and who knows???
  11. avatar budbeer
    i dont think it mentioned anywhere about packing jobs in.
    its quite simple if your interested reply at the email address stated.

  12. avatar ryankozzi
    Oh right ok. So can the applying parties gety away with juggling 'stardom' with a 9 to 5? Think so i dont.
  13. avatar budbeer
    hey!! ryan if your not interested dont post son.
  14. avatar EPK
    That's about right...you'd the same complaint about others when you were selling stuff, Ryan. Leave it.
    A review I did of Swurve...if it is them...can be seen [url="http://www.fastfude.com/reviewDetail.asp?reviewID=580"]here.[/url] Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 9/5/05 12:10 am
  15. avatar budbeer
    cheers eamonn.

    just trying to get an add out to people here.
  16. avatar usedcardealer
    I know the feeling Budbeer!

    Good luck! :)