1. avatar ryankozzi
    Carrickfergus based vocalist. 25 yrs old. played in many rock bands over the years. Have all own equipment. fairly competant on acoustic guitar also.

    Band must be fairly established and preferable have a decent PA to work through.

    Contact Ryan -


    Cheers folks
  2. avatar ryankozzi
    Oh yes also today i recorded a version of 3 Doors Down's track 'Here Without You' its done on a fostex 8 track but sounds half decent for the 20 mins it took to record and mix the track. II can email this mp3 file if required.


  3. avatar PaulMaks
    Did you not audiiton for Myosin then?

    Paul MAKs
  4. avatar ryankozzi
    nah dude. not at present. what about you did you get a suitable keyboard position yet?
  5. avatar PaulMaks
    Got quite a few emails - decided to work on my solo stuff for now, working on a new cd with some local musicans which i'll be hosting on www.paulmaks.co.uk very soon.

    I'll think about a new band in the summer friend.

    Good luck with it.

    Paul MAKs
  6. avatar ryankozzi
    surely there must be some good bands/tribute bands out there needing a new (or decent!) singer?
    I would have quite a good range - similar to that of Steve Perry of Journey (if you have ever heard any of their stuff like Don't stop Believin') or i have also been compared heavily to Joe Elliot from Def Leppard. Just an idea, but i can handle ALL styles of music.

  7. avatar PaulMaks
    I've noticed your fairly confident, (UNDERSTATEMENT) of your vocal abilities - which is great. You'd be amazed how many more would be interested if you post a wee mp3 of your talents...

    ok i admit it - im just intrigued to hear what you sound like after all this bumming and blowing...

    Paul MAKs
  8. avatar ryankozzi
    i have no idea how to post an mp3 here i can only send one. whats your email. confident of vocal ability? well yes as i have been in the game for 8 years and ive never sang a song live thats not 100% suited to my voice so therefore joe public see me as a good singer - they tell me and my head gets bigger and bigger........ :lol
    jesus - im only kidding but i can hold a tune or thirty.
  9. avatar PaulMaks

    Go on - make my day!!

    Paul MAKs
  10. avatar PaulMaks
    oh and to post an mp3 - just hit the link button to the left as your typing a message, and input the link where the mp3 is hosted...

    i.e [url]http://www.ryansmusicisgreat/song1.mp3[/url] then hit ok... the link will appear.

    Paul MAKs
  11. avatar ryankozzi
    ah but its the hosting thing thats out of my depth dude i can sing but im no web monkey
  12. avatar PaulMaks
    [quote] im no web monkey

    you would have fitted into myosin perfectly

    Paul MAKs
  13. avatar ryankozzi
    oooooooooooh. low blow. :lol

    I have had some enquiries but to say upfront -

    Im also not intending to leave my day job or "tour" around the UK. The music industry is on its @#%$, and to be realistic im looking a local band that preferably gigs 3-4 times a month.
    Thats all.... :lol
  14. avatar DanCorbett

    You sound like you are exactly what we were looking for, Sir!

    Email lostallhope@hotmail.co.uk and we'll send you an email containg a sample MP3 that could can put lyrics to/record a vocal track, and then you can come to an audition soon after.

    If you're up for it, please email your address to the email address above.



    PS Check your EZ Inbox.
  15. avatar ryankozzi
    Bump* still looking
  16. avatar battleofbelfast
    Sign up there and you can host mp3s for free. I think it would help your cause a lot.
  17. avatar ryankozzi
    excellent man, good help you are.
    thats decent of you matey