1. avatar Andrew
    Yes, [i]still[/i]. Rhythm/lead guitarist wanted - no, [i]needed[/i] - for [url="http://www.thedangerfields.com"]The Dangerfields[/url]. Influences: Motörhead, Slayer, Ramones, Zeke, AC/DC, Misfits yada yada yada...

    [url="http://jupiter.burtonhosting.com/~thedange/tunes/voodoo_doll.mp3"]Voodoo Doll[/url]
    [url="http://jupiter.burtonhosting.com/~thedange/tunes/wolfman.mp3"]Wolf Man[/url]

    New album comin' July '05, UK & Irish dates to follow. Come on, there's gotta be someone out there who wants to [i]ROCK[/i]?!
  2. avatar seajay122
    I'd fuckin love to, but gotta finish my A-Levels & all that crap.

    good luck though!