1. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Looking for competent musicians to join an electronic based live act.

    Alot of material already written and currently rehearsing for live shows. Current style is deep house/breaks although more down tempo/beats stuff is being written.

    Am initially looking for a guitarist, who can lead, but i'm also interested in Brass players too...or if you can play something that may be of interest to this project gimme a shout.

    If you are interested, or would like more information
    please message my ezinbox.

  2. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    I might actually be interested in this affair.

    Dont know how that ezinbox thing works so if you send me a mail to john.farry@gmail.com with any information or whatever.


  3. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Have a look to the top right where it says you are logged in...should say you have a new message....

    I emailed ya too
  4. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Just to add, as a couple have asked...

    I'm not looking to form a Full Time band, just looking to get musicians in to help out with/perform on my material...especially live.

    Any input is certainly welcome, but i wont be asking for any major commitment, just an interest in playing some good music. Anyone who helps out will obviously "taken care of" for their trouble.

    What i'll be doing is sending the material out to those involved, you can then work on it in their own time, then we can hook up and finalise arrangements. Little or no pressure really!
  5. avatar Pete
    If it was to be on that kind of casual collaboration type basis I'd love to see what I could add to it bass wise. I've been wanting to do more with my electric upright for a while now...
  6. avatar Jesus Knieval
    sent ya message mate