1. avatar w00fie
    I've been looking for a bassist but I'd be glad to drum or bass for someone since its such a headache finding a bassist. (I play piano2.)

  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    "I play piano2"

    haha, understatement of the year, this man is an amazing
    drummer and pianist..
  3. avatar Masteranto1234
    Im a guitar player lookin for a band, if you need 1 give me a shout. My email is anthony.mallon@ntlworld.com Edited by: Masteranto1234 at: 5/12/04 7:20 pm
  4. avatar kingbowski
    Mailed ya Nathan.

  5. avatar DanCorbett
    You have an email Nathan

  6. avatar w00fie
    oh & yeah I'm so amazing.
    (but still waiting for a band)
  7. avatar Lenny GC
    My first post!
    We're looking for a singer, with guitar skills being a big plus. We've got a few songs online that you can check out and see if you like. If you're interested send an e-mail to Iain at imd21@hotmail.com
    The demos are at :
  8. avatar w00fie
    I've decided to bass for a band but if any1 is interested in bassing for me on a side project let me know.
    an old song: [url="http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=1889153&q=Lo"]low-fi[/url]

    (I'm still waiting to record vocals for those tunes)
    but anyway... Edited by: w00fie at: 26/12/04 10:58 pm
  9. avatar w00fie

  10. avatar DarkOver Adam

    Look if you're still wanting to drum for a band we'd be eternally grateful if you got in touch with us...

    Heres the story: we've recently booked a load of gigs for the summer (mid july to mid august) and the drummer we had lined up to play has recently gone MIA so we're up shite creek without a paddle if you will.

    Anyways if you're interested, or even know anyone who would be, check out our site at www.darkover.tk or email us at darkover_contact@hotmail.com

  11. avatar MalekB-Sick
    we need a bassist, checkout the Beautifully Sick thread below

  12. avatar w00fie
    think I have to stick with my own music.
    I have bassist to try out soon anyways.

    as far as drumming or whatever for someone else, it probably won't work since I have my own views on good music is. (it would be different if i did'nt write stuff myself i guess.)
    but basically I'd probably find something in the song writing to disagree with and I'd not be able to change it since it's not "my" band. this would suck. so yeah I'm gonna (hopefully) get my own tunes/band up and running live... soon.

    ...like when I played for tom mcshane. his tunes were great but after hearing them alot I realised they were'nt "me". I was hoping to help out a song writing (since i know how bad it feels not to have musical staff), plus being able to blend into the background of a band and fulfill my creative needs without having to think or organise anything.
    but um yeah I want my own band.

    I'm thinking about the name hateparade, if anyones interested.
    (or woofie)
  13. avatar DarkOver Adam
    ahh mate, thats totally understandable.

    good luck with the project anyways!!
  14. avatar w00fie
    it'll probably be hard to find people with my tastes though.
    I like popy lowfi stuff but sumtimes go all metal thrash like in this little gem.

    but its all in good fun and I'm not a serious thrash metal fan. I swear. honest. no seriously I'm not.

    I like my chemical romance to weezer and ben folds to the foofighters/electric6. but anyways.

    *I still need a bassist

    I used to play drums in a hardcore band but I'd always half the beats in my head and groove like a girl when I played with them. but yeah I guess my stuffs pop/metal if there is such a thing. I'm guitaring thse days. my good friend baryy can play anything on drums so I've got him to help me out.
    *sigh* I wana play live. grh.