1. avatar eskimos

    Zildjian A 14" thin crash. Bought in New York about a year ago, but almost never used. Certainly never gigged. Perfect condition.

    £100 ono

    Also, Avedis Zildjian 12" splash, same condition as the crash.

    £60 ono

    We also have a set of Paiste Alpha Sound Edge 13" hi-hats and a couple of other things we want to sell, or maybe exchange. We're looking for a set of 15" hi-hats and an 18" crash...

    contact sixtyminutesilence at hotmail dot com, or reply here. Edited by: eskimos at: 5/5/05 12:45 pm
  2. avatar Markfromgiveway
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  3. avatar martyrocks
    you still have this