1. avatar s00z
    My first post!
    anyone know any contacts for venues in dublin?

    www.ballroomofromance.com - contact@ballroomofromance.com
    www.blast.ie - robert@treasureisland.ie

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  2. avatar miju
    best place to go to ask this question is a site called www.cpu.ie i could start listing em here but i dont think the venue managers would appreciate their numbers been given out over the net

    alternatively if anyone is up for gigging down here in dublin in return for a gig up north have a listen to the music in the links below and if you think they'd suit your band send me a PM
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    If you look around this site you'll maybe notice that the folks from metal ireland have put up a list of contacts for venues that do metal.

    That'll have a few numbers of use.

    It's all metal friendly venues, that I assume will deal with most styles of promoter.

    You may want to chat at www.thumped.com too...?