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    Good condition, few small scuffs.

    Laney Blurb: "Three full channels with separate three band EQ for both Clean and Drive 1/Drive 2. The TF200 features a clean channel that gives you everything you want, including a BRIGHT switch. Use Drive 1 to set up your rib-cracking rhythm tone, whilst Drive 2 will take care of your monster lead tones. Drive 2 also features an ENHANCE function that allows you to suck the middle out of your tone and go from smooth, singing leads to nasty thrash or everything in between, any time you want. The TF200 features a hot running ECC83 tube in the drive circuit for those full on awesome, tube drive tone. Additionally there is a VIBE switch: which allows you to get that full on tone without destroying your neighbourhood ! The TF200 features an Custom Designed 12" Vintage speaker delivering 65 watts of
    true British power."

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