1. avatar Achey

    Musicians Wanted

    Looking to start or join progressive rock/metal band with other players. Main influences for my playing and bands I listen to frequently include:

    Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
    John Myung (Dream Theater)
    Victor Wooten (Vic Wooten band, Bela Fleck)
    Chris Squire (YES)
    Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted (Metallica)
    Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report)
    Tony Levin (Tony Levin Band)
    Geddy Lee (Rush)
    Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan (Joe satriani, Solo Albums, Steve Vai)
    Other bands: Queensryche, Edguy, AC/DC, Rage against the Machine.

    I am 16 and live in the Holywod area. Looking at getting together around here, Bangor, Ards, Dundonald or Belfast.

    Fairly high level of musicianship required, and basic understanding of time signatures, keys, scales, music theory and that sort of thing. If you are interested, call or text me on 07742694969 or send me an email or add me on MSN at diewithyourbootson@hotmail.com. Looking for keys, guitarists, drummers, singers.

    Also, no oversized egos please..........they dont agree with me.

    Cheers, Dan.
  2. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Yo dude.We're in search of a bass player,rest of us complete.We've a broad range of influences,I'm the closest to your influences,I'm the prog head.We've kinda got our own sound,a tune or 2 written & lots more in the pipe~line.We'll be jaming @ the Ballybean Cellars this thurs,if you can make it.What ya recon?
  3. avatar w00fie
    we need a bassist.

    we're a little more poprock though than your infulences also bass parts of simple (written already.)