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    So you’ve finally decided to move up a step from CDR’s and get your band’s next CD professionally pressed. As this costs hundreds, and indeed thousands depending on the quantity, you’ll want to get it done right, and at the best price possible. Here’s some points :

    Choose A Reliable Company. There are numerous "fly by night", unreliable companies. Please trust your CD to a reliable one. There are many disaster stories of bands who sent their CD to a company advertising rock-bottom prices in a magazine, and lost everything....master tape, artwork, and money! Don't be one of them, check out your manufacturer carefully.

    Know How It Is Priced. Read the fine print before you make a decision. Some companies include printing, but not design of the artwork, others do a complete package. Still others only include the discs, with printing priced separately. DO NOT base your decision on the lowest price until you have checked all these points

    Visit and Compare. Replicators have different styles and different strengths. Look for someone who is on your wavelength.

    Doing Your Own Artwork. Discuss every detail carefully with your replication company. Full color printing and graphic design processes are complex, and get very expensive if corrections are needed. Talking through it will greatly reduce chances for problems.
    If at all possible try to get your artwork done to ‘read to print’ specifications – extensive details of this can be found here : [url]http://www.sounds-good.co.uk/printf.html[/url] . Remember, that if your artwork isn’t up to the right specifications, the company will charge you by the hour to have their own graphics designer get it up the required standard, the cost of this is on average £20 an hour plus VAT….

    Allow Plenty of Time. Most plants have a turnaround time of 3 weeks. But don't plan an important release party for the 22nd day! If possible, allow about 6 weeks. This gives you time to make sure the graphics are perfect, as well as to promote the release party.

    Some points on Mastering :


    Obviously I haven’t used all these companies personally so I cant comment on their service, if anyone has used any of them, please e-mail me so I can out your positive / negative comments next to their details .

    Name :
    EMS Audio
    Website : [url]http://www.musicshop.to/[/url]
    e-mail :
    phone : (02 8)
    9127 4411
    (02 8)
    9127 4886

    Name : Copytec
    Website : [url]http://www.copytec.net/[/url]
    e-mail : info@copytec.net
    phone : 01494 472266

    Name : Repeat Performance Multimedia
    Website : [url]http://www.repeat-performance.co.uk/[/url]
    e-mail : info@repeat-performance.co.uk
    phone : 020 8960 7222

    Name : Sentimental CD Duplication
    Website : [url]http://homepage.virgin.net/sentinal.music/index.html[/url]
    e-mail : sentinal.music@virgin.net
    phone : 0151 709 6648

    Name : The Compact Disc Duplicating Co
    Website : [url]http://www.the-cddc.co.uk/index.html[/url]
    e-mail : terry@the-cddc.co.uk
    phone : 0800 783 4198

    Name : CPR Studios
    Website : [url]http://www.cprstudios.freeserve.co.uk/[/url]
    e-mail : austen@cprstudios.co.uk
    phone :

    Name : Keynote Audio
    Website : [url]http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/parade/nw75/keynote/[/url]
    e-mail : sales@keynoteaudio.co.uk
    phone : 0800 056 55 44

    Name : Sponge Multimedia
    Website :
    e-mail :
    phone : 0113 234 0004

    Name :
    Direct Duplication Services
    Website :

    e-mail :
    phone : 0800 542 8800

    Name :
    Website :
    e-mail :
    phone : 01424 444 141

    Name :
    ITAL CD Duplication
    Website :
    e-mail :
    phone : 020 8808 1331

    Name :
    Hiltongrove Multimedia
    Website : [url]http://www.hiltongrove.com[/url]
    e-mail :
    phone : 020 8521 2424

    Name :
    Sounds Good
    Website :
    e-mail :
    phone : 0118 930 1700

    Name : Cyclone Music Productions
    Website : [url]http://www.cyclonemusic.co.uk[/url]
    e-mail :
    phone : 01634 714522

    [i]Dupadisc uk and ireland is the newest cd and dvd manufacturers in northern ireland who are based in newry they have done some work for me quite cheap (maybe because he's a good mate?) when compared to mid atlantic so i just want to put a good word in for him

    The website is: www.dupadisc.com

    The E-mail is: sales@dupadisc.com[/i] - submitted by [url=""]DJMADDOGIRELAND[/url]
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    We'll be using http://www.cdsourcing.com for our album. Very efficent, affordable, friendly...
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    As an economical/reliable manufacturer we also supply a higher quality disc print than our competitors. We have many titles that have sold in HMV etc and one of our latest clients is after getting 16,000 albums produced here in Newry - NO DELIVERY CHARGE and a turnaround of 5-10 days. On request we will have it ready for collection on 5th day!!

    Please apply for a clearance licence for audio titles at [url]http://www.mcps.co.uk[/url] , we can do this for you if required

    Ask some of our customers for references

    [url]http://www.dupadisc.com[/url] - [url]http://www.dupadisc.ie[/url]
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    [quote:da996b77fa="dupadisc.ie"]No matter what they say you always have to get a licence from MCPS for any CD-Audiio release no matter if you own the rights to the song or not. [/quote:da996b77fa]

    That's not true at all. Next you'll be telling us we have to send the CD to the Lord Chamberlain's office to get the King's permission to issue it.

    The only sensible way to get royalties in the UK is to use the MCPS, but that's different from saying that you [b:da996b77fa]must[/b:da996b77fa] get a licence. And indeed, the term "licence" they use tends to suggest some official status. They have none. The MCPS is just a club that helps organise payment for radio play etc.
  5. avatar dupadisc.ie
    Sorry but your wrong [b:6dff29477c]PRS[/b:6dff29477c] deals with public performance and radio play royalties with its sister company [b:6dff29477c]MCPS[/b:6dff29477c] dealing with mechanical rights of the songwriter on all audio cd's

    Everyband should register their songs with both companies listed above, although not compulsory!

    OFFICIALLY if you do a cover version ie you sing some elses song on your cd then you have to pay them a royalty.

    OFFICIALLY If you own all the rights to words/music on the cd then MCPS will give you a [b:6dff29477c]NO CLAIMS Licence Number[/b:6dff29477c] - usually issued under [b:6dff29477c]COPYRIGHT CONTROL.[/b:6dff29477c], therefore no royalties are due!

    In our industry, we have fight piracy and Royalty dodgers assisting IRMA worldwide campaign.
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    Surely if you aren't a member of MCPS, and your songs are not registered with them, then you don't have to obtain an MCPS license for copying songs which you own the copyright to?
  7. avatar dupadisc.ie
    Marty, officially you do have to get a licence for all manufactured CD-Audio titles, but we usually sort that out with our clients. We have a direct contact with MCPS in Dublin, Ireland and they process our No Claims Titles even for UK/Northern Ireland Clients.

    This just means that we are covered and you are covered if someone tries to sue you claiming that their song was used. [b:265aea293b]It doesnt matter if your not a member - they just issue it under COPYRIGHT CONTROL and not your personal/band name![/b:265aea293b] This will be posted out to you and will help to prove you own the copyright if somebody uses your song without permission and you want to take it further - the only difference when your not registered is you wont recieve royalties

    Smaller runs of 100 the same thing applies but as its CD-R and studios do the work its most likely the cd's would be sold at gigs and not shops, therefore its harder for IRMA and MCPS to prove how many discs where duplicated, therefore they never be told about them! With all the regulations in manufacturing every audio title we do has to go through MCPS to protect both ourselves and the customer. Maybe other plants do this but dont tell the customer but its essential - have you ever signed an indemity form saying you own the copyrights for the duplicator/replicator so if anyone tries to make a claim against you, that the pressing company are excluded from this as they believed you owned the full rights??

    Im shocked that alot of bands/musicians havent got alot of knowledge oon this! I hope ive cleared a few things up
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    [quote:ef1ecffb48="dupadisc.ie"]Im shocked that alot of bands/musicians havent got alot of knowledge oon this! I hope ive cleared a few things up[/quote:ef1ecffb48]

    No, you're just being confusing by repeating inaccurate information.

    [b:ef1ecffb48]PRS and MCPS have no official status. You do not HAVE to have anything to do with them if you do not want to. That was my point.[/b:ef1ecffb48]

    The notion of needing a "licence" to issue CDs is a bogus one. If I didn't care about royalties or copyright protection, I could record a CD of my own music and sell it anywhere.

    But as you point out, I would have little protection against someone else claiming to own copyright to my songs. I wasn't saying it was a bad idea to use the services of those organisations. I just objected to your false statement that it was compulsory.

    People can read what you've written here and make their own judgement about whether you're a professional and reliable company to work with. Your laughable and pathetic little threats don't do you much credit anyway. Nor your poor English.
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    Has anyone been to any of the PRS/MCPS Meetings in Belfast recently??

    I have stated its not compulsory to be a member with any of the organisations above, what im saying is you still have to get the CD-Audio title/track listing cleared with them! [b:85eece05bf]Please refer back to the NO Claims Licence topic.[/b:85eece05bf]
    The main reason for this is we have no proper proof that the client owns the works and thats why it goes through clearance
    Please visit [url]http://www.mcps.co.uk[/url] for more information
  10. avatar Marty J
    Am I right in thinking, that you are saying that a reputable duplication company will not duplicate CDs until they are satisfied that the copyright is owned by the customer, and part of this process entails clearing the CD's contents with MCPS?
  11. avatar dupadisc.ie
    [quote:e783addd61]a reputable duplication company will not duplicate CDs until they are satisfied that the copyright is owned by the customer, and part of this process entails clearing the CD's contents with MCPS?[/quote:e783addd61]

    Thats Correct! as I said above we can sort the application licence for the client. This is the reason why we can supply disc retail packages at better industry rates.
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    always get a quote from Komodo. 02892 688 285

    yes, they're mostly CDrs but we check them for minute errors in the writing process. (darrell is very precise about these things...)

    50 cds with colour graphics included in £500 3.5 day EP scheme.

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    My first post!
    I AGREE!...
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    Oooh, I just noticed "So you’ve finally decided to move up a step from CDR’s and get your band’s next CD professionally pressed". Well, actually, the masters I burn have fewer errors than most of the glass masters I've checked, and the volume runs are frequently comparable. In any case, it matters not one hoot if there are no C2 errors on the disc as the drive's internal logic can correct most C1 errors.

    Darrell (Komodo geek)