1. avatar ConorKane
    My first post!
    whens the main site gonna be fixed

    When it appears. There's a huge database to be coded and repeatedly tested to ensure it doesn't place too much strain on the hosting server.
    That's a full time job for anyone, let alone someone who has a job already. [i]- EPK[/i]

    It's nearly ready to go back up now. It was never actually broken, but a lot of under-the-hood tuning had to be done to appease the server hosts, who didn't like the strain FF was putting their machines under. Anyway, fingers crossed, it'll be back in the coming days weeks - although usual programming disclaimer: "it'll be done when it's done!" [i] - rog [/i]

    It's back up in a condensed format now. Much of the editing functionality has yet to be reactivated, but you can at least browse the contents that already exist. The rest shall follow as quickly as I can knock it out! [i] - rog [/i] Edited by: fastfude at: 30/6/03 7:38 am