1. avatar ensemblemaniac
    For newly established band.Our last one retired because of uni so,we need someone who is prepared to committ.Also if they can devote them selves to jamming this thurs (22/04/05).We have 2 options of practice areas that are "FREE" yes "FREE OF CHARGE" 20~45 minutes drive from Belfast city centre but,fear not as we're offering "FREE" :)
    transport to anyone in or near Belfast to & from the city centre.

    Bassist also required of similar criteria as I've just got word that she's had to kick the bucket due to college
    We have a wide range of influences.Such as}rock/metal,prog,experiemental,psychedelica.List goes on.A couple of tunes already written but,none recorded.We just want to do something diverse.Helps if you can ad an input.

    That's me Dave,the drummer.Ring/text me on:07708617168


    That's Malek the rythem guitarist Edited by: ensemblemaniac at: 21/4/05 12:52 pm
  2. avatar iamshameless

    Might be interested...
  3. avatar theprogfather
    We're still looking.For more info,see the beautifully sick thread