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    My first post!
    I know this has been posted before, but I cant find where.So, where can I get badges done in Northern Ireland? I already know that a place in France is really cheap, but I want them done kinda soon, I think someone mentioned Bangor before?
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    My first post!
    It's not NI but they have a pretty quick postal turnaround. This is where Miuku got their badges done, and where the DF's will be getting ours done...

    [i]>Subject : Re: badges
    >Thanx for your interest!
    >>Here is an Active Badges e-mail info. sheet.
    >>For those of you who want to make up the badge sheets yourselves and
    >>maybe print them out to please read this carefully.
    >>Each badge is 25mm wide but the artwork.
    >>must be in the middle of a 33mm circle.
    >>The actual design needs to be no more than 23mm wide or we can not
    >>guarantee it will be on the front of the badge! (Some designs look
    >>good with the image “going off“ the edge of the badge.)
    >>Its important to print out the 33mmm circle on the master sheet, but
    >>the 23 and 25 mm circles are guides only!)
    >>PRICES for black print designs.
    >>1 - 10 BADGES ARE 25P EACH
    >>11 - 49 ARE 20P EACH,
    >>50 - 99 ARE 15P EACH
    >>AND 100 OR MORE ARE 10P EACH
    >>Prices for Colour designs
    >>1 - 50 badges cost 25p each
    >>50 - 120 badges cost 20p each
    >>120 plus cost 13p each.
    >>= 20 GRAMS.)
    >>As you can see from the attatched Quark Document (or just believe
    >>me!) it's possible to lay out 40 badge designs on a sheet of A4 paper.
    >>We do black print / photocopy on white or coloured paper inc. dayglo
    >>colours !(If you send us all the print outs for the number you want
    >>the cost will be 10p each)!
    >>You can email jpeg us your design (We use a Mac) if you want us to
    >>check it out first and potentially print it out too. If you want us
    >>to “sort out“ your design to suit badge size then just send us the
    >>clearest version of the image you have and we'll sort it out, for an
    >>extra ý1 (this usually means the badges end up looking better, in our
    >>opinion). Contact us first to check it all out;
    >>It usually takes about 10 days to do the badges once we've got the
    >>designs and money, but we're not gonna guarantee that! Oh and by the
    >>way, we'd love to know who we're making these designs for, so tell s
    >>abit about your band, group or campaign!
    >>cheers Jon@ & Marta Active
    >> [url]http://www.activedistribution.org[/url]
    >>is up and running
    >>its not finished
    >>but then again neither are we!
    > >
    > >Postal address (bribes & gifts) to;
    > >Active Distribution, BM ACTIVE, WC1N 3XX, London, England.
    > >
    > >Please don't send large parcels to this address
    > >contact us for details as to parcel delivery.
    > > [/i]
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    That's one for the FAQs, possibly.
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    Good call.