1. avatar jackryan
    [u:4f87375a16][b:4f87375a16]TOKAI STRAT FOR SALE[/b:4f87375a16][/u:4f87375a16]



    PM ME! or email me on

  2. avatar jackryan
    For those who have expressed an interest

    The guitar has a maple neck
    The guitar is 1 year old and has never really been played, Im a drummer who thought owning a guitar may be a good idea!!
    It is a Japanese model. And from what I understand TOKAI did a deal with FENDER agreeing they would no longer produce TOKAI Strats. In return they now make Japanese Strats for FENDER.
    Body Colour - Classic Three-color Sunburst (same as this strat http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0116000700 only with maple neck)
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    the link is dead m8,is it a strat goldstar?
  4. avatar jackryan
    Not for sale ne more