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    Dear Uncle Eamonn Evangelists,

    If you've ever checked out my IP address you'd have noticed that I use loadsa different computers. This is cause I dont have one at home and just use ones at University, the public library or internet cafes.

    Its just that sometimes i forget to log off before I go thus leaving my account open for any old gezzer to walk in and use it.
    Is there any way I can get my account to log off itself, say if I haven't used it in like an hour or so.
    Maybe theres a FAQ for this on the ezboard page but I couldnt find it after 5 minutes of looking about so I just said 'swréw that' and decided to post this instead.

    Yours most worryingly,

    an Evangelists fan


    Dear 'Evangelists fan',

    The solution to your problem is quite simple.
    Ezboard have now introduced a "High Security" option to make it more difficult for people to *hi-jack* your ezboard account.

    To enable this option you must:
    (a) Log in your user account.

    (b) Click 'edit preferances'

    (c) Go to the bottom left hand corner of
    the page and click the wee box beside
    the 'High Security' option. Then...

    (d) Click 'Save Changes'

    I hope this advice will serve you well and that your love life will prosper as a result.
    Yours sincerely,
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