1. avatar byrnet
    Im having a bit of a clear out of my gear so here goes;

    [b:db2a49d921]Epi SG[/b:db2a49d921]
    This is four years old and has never been gigged so is in good condition. Heritage cherry finish. It has the standard Epiphone prob with pickup selector [sometimes doesnt change to neck p'up]. This is a relatively easy / cheap repair if it bothers you - i use the bridge pickup most of the time so i never bothered. I have upgraded this with two DiMarzio PAFs which sound much better than the standard Epi pickups. Really is a good sounding rock guitar. All in all this cost around £400 with the new pickups but i'd sell for around £210/215. I'll throw in a guitar stand too!

    [b:db2a49d921]Epi Supernova[/b:db2a49d921]
    Bought Stop the Clocks? Now get the guitar :) Three and a half yrs old and never gigged so in good condition. This is the signature guitar based on Noel G's famous Union Jack guitar circa 95-96. I believe these are discontinued now and are pretty rare. I have upgraded this with two Gibson '57 Classic humbuckers which are used in the Gibson ES335; much better pickups than the standard Epi ones used in all their semi's and it gives a great Beatles / Oasis sound. This cost around £700 in all as genuine Gibson pickups are expensive, but will sell for around £425. Comes with hard case and i will throw in a guitar stand.

    [b:db2a49d921]Marshall B30[/b:db2a49d921]
    This is a bass amp I bought last xmas with best intentions of learning bass guitar, however I never got round to buying the bass and as such this has never been used. Cost £199, but i will sell for £100. Would make a good practice amp or if you're wanting to learn bass - just remember to buy the guitar!

    If you're interested in anything and would like pics or any questions answered feel free to send me an email at tompb9hotmail.com

    Im based in Bangor.

  2. avatar pauldoherty
    pmed ya
  3. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:11321d4ea0="pauldoherty"]pmed ya[/quote:11321d4ea0]You're going to buy the Union Jack one, aren't you? :shock:
  4. avatar pauldoherty
    how did you guess?
  5. avatar tinpot anto
    If you play it in the St.Gall's I'll give you a fiver.
  6. avatar pauldoherty
    ill play it but cant be held responsible for what i do with it after :-D
  7. avatar byrnet