1. avatar Achey
    Hey Im selling my bass effects pedal in excellent condition, boxed with original instruction manual e.t.c. without a power cable for £65.
    I bought it for £100 a while ago but Im not that big an effects guy and havent been using it often enough.
    I'll be honest with you it served my needs very well and is a great wee piece of kit for bassists with a lower budget (like myself).
    It has a wah pedal, amp simulators, various overdrive settings, volume pedal e.t.c. all included.
    There are plenty of patches you can fully customize to suit your needs.

    It retails at £100 and this one is in great condition.
    Any offers text me on 07742694969 or email me at diewithyourbootson@hotmail.com

    Cheers, hope someone needs some effects

  2. avatar Achey
    No takers then?
  3. avatar playennui
    You might need to bring your price down I'm sure I've seen them on ebay for around £40.
    Great distortion effect on them btw.
    Even the older zoom models are worth picking up just for that.
  4. avatar Achey
    WEll I might bring it down to £50 then but mine is in excellent condition, no scrapes e.t.c.
    Yeah the overdrive is nice and you can get many different sounds off it.
    Yeah I have the newest one.
    You know anyone interested?