1. avatar Idontwannagotochelsea
    Guitarist & Bass Player currently looking for

    Guitarist (or poss Keyboards, or both)

    for a Rock/Pop covers band in the aforementioned areas.
    Ideally have your own gear, transport, must be commited to rehearsal, be flexible both in time and material considered.
    Any questions please email or call


    07989 953 508

    028 3833 1285

    And ask for Mark
  2. avatar DAvEyStRiNgS
    i know some talentless members and people that arn't flexible and have no cars or transport?? wud they do?? in fact do you have transport??
    i hear u like any sort of member...well as long as its upright
  3. avatar Idontwannagotochelsea

    That's great, as long as they're not Ginger. Once auditioned this ginger guitarist, and to be honest we had to tell him which way round the plug went into the socket in the wall. Lovely lad...... but very confused.
  4. avatar DAvEyStRiNgS
    i know wat u mean!! i have that same trouble! if only we lived in spain or america...then theres 2 different ways the plug goes!!

    watch out for yorkshire bassists tho...if u drop a plectrum on the floor, leave it wer it is...or u cud find urself singin some very high notes!!
  5. avatar Idontwannagotochelsea
    Well then, you'd need a butt plug for that then I guess
  6. avatar DAvEyStRiNgS
    hmmm butt plug...any ideas who cud fill that position??
  7. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    What was the ginger guy called? Was he called Steve?
  8. avatar DAvEyStRiNgS
    lmao!! nah we had the same prob with him....sumthin tells me he was called dave maybe... do u kno a ginger steve with the same prob??
  9. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    Yeh I do and he's from Craigavon
  10. avatar Idontwannagotochelsea
    Wow, Crikey it's a real problem being Ginger seemingly...it's like Birth of a Nation all over again, 'cept it's freckly this time.
    Is there anyone else I should be aware of in the area 'cept the carrot & mincemeat brigade.
  11. avatar gary gates
    whats wrong with being ginger? I lost my phone last night, i feel lost! 0]